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Rolf-Dieter Klein, M.S.

Rolf-Dieter Klein, born in Tettnang, Germany in 1957, has been a member of MUFON-CES since 1992. He is working as a computer science specialist in the field of computer-aided image analysis and 3D reconstruction. MUFON-CES is an elite and select group of engineers, scientists, academicians and professionals of about 100 members.

Rolf-Dieter Klein received his Dipl. Ing. (M.S. in Electrical Engineering) in 1981 from the Technische Universitat, in Munich. Courses included computer science, compiler construction, data processing, and computer design.

Since 1977, he has worked for several companies with developments for multi-user systems (ADCOMP, 1977), Parallel Computer System (PARNELL, 1987), design of graphics engines (Meterquest Lts, England), interface design for Kodak film recorder (Jonrel Assoc., 1989 in California), SPC 860 Parallel-Computer (DMS, 1990), i860 server design for multiprocessing with LYNX OS (Siemans, 1993/1994). image capture system for the European Microwave Sense Laboratory (ISPRA-JRC Joint Research Centre, 1993), image processing (CEWE color, photo finisher, 1994/1995), and CDROM mastering projects (Otto-Versand Hamburg, 1994/1995.

Herr Klein prepared the script and co-hosted a 26-part series on computer science (NDR-1983). He has given regular lectures in computer science for students at the University of Augsburg in modern computer architectures and lectures on computer science at the Mathematical Institute.

Rolf has authored fourteen books on computer science. His last books included Computergrafik (Springer Verlag, 1994) and Linux (Franzis Verlag, 1995). Since 1985, he has produced a series on computer science and technique, Computer Meeting, on public TV channels. In 1994, he presented a segment on image analysis for MUFON-CES in a feature on UFOs titled UFOs Exist Really for the North German Television, shown on ARD with eight million viewers. This program received the highest rating for this prime time slot.


Source: MUFON 1995 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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