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UFOLOGY: A Primer In Audio
1947-1964 - Volume 2

34: CONTACT with Bob Kennedy

Date of Broadcast: 05.18.1964

Running Time: 01:15:59

Synopsis: Bob Kennedy’s guests are: Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Streeter Stuart, newsman and NICAP member and Walter Webb, amateur astronomer and NICAP member. On the phone is Mrs. Lyle Boyd, co-author of The World of Flying Saucers with Dr. Donald Menzel. Two clips. Officer Lonnie Zamora, police officer who observed a UFO with occupants in Socorro, NM and Gary Wilcox, a Newark, New York dairy farmer, who met with aliens. This is an extremely important historical recording of early NICAP members and the head to head by Walter Webb and Stuart Streeter with Mrs. Lyle Boyd over the books omissions and conclusions. It must also be stated that NICAP, since early 1964, had been using appearances on the radio as a vehicle to promote their upcoming research book entitled, The UFO Evidence.


Date of Broadcast: 05.28.1964

Running Time: 01:18:03

Synopsis: One of the few shows with guests from both the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO). Walter Webb, an amateur astronomer and John Hoft, professional photographer, join Host Jim Westover on a serious discussion regarding government and USAF secrecy and several prominent cases (Socorro, NM, Trindade Island and Ubatuba). One of the most balanced UFO programs during the mid-1960s. Both guests take calls from listeners.


Date of Broadcast: 12.21.1964

Running Time: 00:29:28

Synopsis: From St. Petersburg, FL, Bob talks on the telephone with Dr. Ernest H. Gehman and Major Donald E. Keyhoe. Topics include the Fisherville, VA UFO Radiation Case of Horace Burns and the Wallops Island UFO sighting by the Chief of Satellite Tracking.

37: LES CRANE Show

Date of Broadcast: 01.27.1965

Running Time: 00:19:15

Synopsis: Guests were Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Ret. and Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Col. James Bryant, former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the USAF and Editor of the Saturday Evening Post and Dr. I. M. Levitt, Director of the Thell Planetarium. Les Crane treated the program as a joke, making fun of Major Keyhoe and surprising him with the appearance of Dr. Levitt. Because of this, Les Crane was fired. This recording is known as the Keyhoe/Levitt Debate.


Date of Broadcast: 03.07.1965

Running Time: 00:30:00

Synopsis: At this juncture in the building of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) by Major Donald E. Keyhoe, his Assistant Director, Richard Hall and NICAP member, Paul Dickey, did an in-house interview to explain what NICAP involved and its goals. Hosted by Fred Patrick, Impact Close-up program came out of Richmond, VA and was one of the prime vehicles totally positive and aligned with the concept of NICAP’s Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH). This program brought Richard Hall out of the shadows to be one of the prime forces of NICAP’s growth and influence.

39: COMMENT with Fred Gale

Date of Broadcast: 11.25.1965

Running Time: 00:36:02

Synopsis: Beginning and ending of show is missing. Guests were Steve Putnam and Edwin Fogg of the New England UFO Study Group (NEUFOSG). They discuss general issues in Ufology on WNDC as well as the Gary Wilcox encounter in Newark Valley, NY earlier in the year, Barney & Betty Hill case and a call about an object observed near Exeter, NH.

40: FRED B. COLE Show

Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1965

Running Time: 00:13:47

Synopsis: Guest is John Luttrell, author, who wrote an article for the Boston Traveler magazine, detailing to the public the Barney & Betty Hill Alien Abduction in 1961. He was the first to bring to the public this new chapter in the ongoing strangeness of the UFO phenomena and caused a massive shift in how Ufology would be studied. The Hill Case was the first of its kind publicly reported at the time. John Fuller, noted writer, would bring out the book, The Interrupted Journey.

41: FORUM 850

Date of Broadcast: 0.08.1965

Running Time: 00:44:06

Synopsis: Host Joe Dannery, with Guests Earl J. Neff and Elmer Schutt of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP), discuss basic Ufology on WJW radio in Cleveland, OH.

42: ALAN DERY Show

Date of Broadcast: 10.09.1965

Running Time: 00:44:40

Synopsis: Ray Fowler, Chairman of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena’s Massachusetts Subcommittee (NICAP-MA), is a guest on WHDH-AM in Boston, MA. Topics include: Exeter, NH Case, USAF secrecy and the Brookings Institute Report.

43: BOSTON FORUM with Heywood Vincent

Date of Broadcast: 11.12.1965

Running Time: 01:07:06

Synopsis: Heywood Vincent interviews Ray Fowler, early UFO researcher and member of the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), who covers the general topics of Ufology on WNAC radio, Boston, MA. Fowler is a meticulous researcher. In 2000, I asked him why he hadn’t done his autobiography and he took my advice and did write of his time as a UFO researcher in UFO Testament. Author of 11 books, Fowler was the Director of the Massachusetts NICAP Subcommittee. One of his hobbies was astronomy and he built his own observatory in his backyard. Fowler’s work in Ufology is legendary.

44: NOTE PAD with Paul Benzaquin

Date of Broadcast: 11.16.1965

Running Time: 00:35:14

Synopsis: Benzaquin, a confirmed skeptic of the UFO subject, perpetrated a UFO hoax on the previous night’s show. He had a friend call in to report a UFO (the moon), causing listeners to call into the program claiming to have seen the UFO. On this program, Benzaquin reveals the hoax and talks to Major Derry Barrie, Public Information Officer at Hanscom AFB. They discuss Air Force Regulation 200-2 and JANAP 146-D (how UFO reports are handled by the Air Force and by all pilots, military and civilian). Edwin Fogg of the New England UFO Study Group (NEUFOSG) calls into the program.

45: GROTTO with Bruce Morrow

Date of Broadcast: 02.19.1966

Running Time: 00:37:11

Synopsis: William D. Donovan, Chairman of the New York City National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena’s Subcommittee, is interviewed regarding NICAP and its role as a public organization dedicated to the investigation of UFOs and their effect on public security. Bruce Morrow takes over the Grotto Show with Rafael in order to present this program as a public affairs issue for WEOK radio.

46: CONTACT with Harve Morgan

Date of Broadcast: 03.03.1966

Running Time: 01:42:30

Synopsis: Topic is Sightings of UFOs. Guests: Rick Hilberg, member of the American UFO Committee and editor of UFO magazine, Alan Manak, director of the UFO Report Center for the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP), noted Ufologist, George Fawcett, Ken Goodman and the venerable Ufologist, Earl J. Neff. Discussion centers around the 1965 UFO Flap and important cases that were under investigation. CUP dominated the Ohio region during the 1960s and was one of the most active research groups in the United States.


Date of Broadcast: 03.17.1966

Running Time: 00:25:32

Synopsis: USAF consultant on UFOs, Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, is interviewed regarding his marsh gas explanation during the Michigan UFO flap. Dr. Hynek would come to rue the day he allowed his scientific integrity to suffer because of the pressure the USAF was putting on him during the investigations he conducted. This is an historically important recording because it gives insight into Hynek and his connection to the USAF. Hynek would later renounce the USAF investigations following the Condon Committee Report and begin the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago.

48: CONTACT with Bob Kennedy

Date of Broadcast: 03.22.1966

Running Time: 00:55:04

Synopsis: Covering the Michigan UFO Flap with guests: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, consultant to the USAF Project Blue Book, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Richard Hall, Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Streeter Stuart, journalist and member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and Bud Van Horne, Civil Defense Director who investigated the area behind Hillsdale College for an alleged UFO.


Date of Broadcast: 03.28.1966

Running Time: 00:46:08

Synopsis: Due to the uproar over the claim of marsh gas by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, consultant to the USAF Project Blue Book, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director, National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Richard Hall, Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and Col. Joseph B. Hartranft, Jr., Director of the Aircraft & Pilot Owners Association and Board of Governors for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), hold a press conference at the Commodore Hotel in Washington, DC to bring public awareness of the incompetence shown by the USAF regarding UFOs and their investigation.

50: SPECTRUM The Flying Saucer Flap with Al Moffett

Date of Broadcast: 04.00.1966

Running Time: 01:11:24

Synopsis: Presents a review of the Michigan Flying Saucer Flap with guests: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, consultant to the USAF Project Blue Book, Albert Chop, Board of Governors of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and former Public Information Officer on UFOs at the Pentagon, Dr. Bruce Rogers, Dr. Tom Hudson, Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Don Berliner of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Dr. Arman Eramonagay, Major William Coleman and witnesses from McMinnville, OR, Hillsdale, MI and Dexter, MI. This is a historically important overview program of Ufological history.

51: ISSUES in the AIR with Lou Corbin

Date of Broadcast: 04.10.1966

Running Time: 00:31:31

Synopsis: Guests are Assistant Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Richard Hall and National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) member, Don Berliner. Discussions center on Baltimore, MD area UFO sightings, Central Intelligence Agency’s Robertson Panel, President Lyndon Johnson’s interest in UFOs during his U.S. Senate years.


Date of Broadcast: 04.17 & 24.1966

Running Time: 01:12:09

Synopsis: A two-part presentation of WDRC radio. Program is one of the finest and well-balanced radio programs on the subject of UFOs, including the recent Michigan UFO Flap and the USAF Project Blue Book involvement in the marsh gas controversy.


Date of Broadcast: 05.25.1966

Running Time: 01:33:31

Synopsis: Douglas talks with Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP). On the phone are guests Barney and Betty Hill, who relate their encounter and alien abduction in 1961. The Betty and Barney Hill UFO encounter was not the first case involving alien abduction, but is important historically because it was the first public acknowledgment of this change beginning to gain prominence in the field of Ufological research.


Date of Broadcast: 09.12.1966

Running Time: 01:38:15

Synopsis: Broadcast newsman Frank Edwards and Earl J. Neff of the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP) are guests. Topics include the Hamilton Field case and the Caracas, Venezuela case where an alien attacked a truck. Frank Edwards was one the first broadcasters to give his listeners reports of UFOs sightings during his regular news reports a decade earlier.


Date of Broadcast: 10.21.1966

Running Time: 00.59:42

Synopsis: Television documentary based upon Walter Sullivan’s book of the same name. Sullivan proposes the question, are we are alone in the universe? This is the audio portion of the program.


Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1966

Running Time: 00:25:33

Synopsis: Two years before Frank Edwards died, he produced a vinyl recording (LP) posing the answer to the title’s statement. It, like his numerous books, was highly popular with the public.


Date of Broadcast: 01.22.1967

Running Time: 01:06:55

Synopsis: When Long John Nebel’s Party Line broadcasts at WOR ended, he moved to WNBC and continued his late night talk format. This is a rare and historical recording covering a discussion of the effectiveness of Project Blue Book and what the new Condon Committee may or may not accomplish. Guests: Paris
Flammonde, author of The Age of Flying Saucers and UFO Exist! Lloyd Mallan, science writer and L. Jerome Stanton. Recording is incomplete.


Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1967

Running Time: 00:38:56

Synopsis: Following on the success of Frank Edwards LP, Flying Saucers: Serious Business, Talk show host, Long John Nebel, self-produced an LP with recordings taken from his Party Line shows at WOR. During the serious early years of UFO research, Nebel’s penchant for having the Contactees on the program was legendary and put a serious onus on legitimate research into unidentified flying objects by the silliness of the Space Brother Movement.


Date of Broadcast: 02.26.1967

Running Time: 00:23:17

Synopsis: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University and consultant to the USAF Projects SIGN, Grudge and Blue Book, is interviewed regarding unidentified flying objects. Initially a skeptic of UFOs, Hynek would later change his mind and become an advocate of the reality of the phenomena being observed. Following the Condon Committee report, Hynek began the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Evanston, IL. He later moved CUFOS to Chicago, IL. Hynek died in 1986.

60: SCIENCE PANEL: Captured by a UFO with David Schumberg

Date of Broadcast: 03.17.1967

Running Time: 00:44:47

Synopsis: A panel composed of Dr. James E. McDonald, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Arizona, Dr. Carl Sagan, Professor of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Leon Jerriff, Science Editor of Time magazine and Edward Eddleston, Editor of World Science Tribune, question Barney and Betty Hill regarding their abduction and comment on the current state of Ufology.

61: OPEN MIND: Are Flying Saucers Only Science Fiction?

Date of Broadcast: 00.00.1967

Running Time: 00:54:25

Synopsis: Public affairs program from WNBC. Moderated by Professor Eric F. Goldman of Princeton University. Guests on the program include: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Donald H. Menzel, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Dr. Frank B. Salisbury and author, John G. Fuller. Program gives a good view of Ufological matters of the time and the personalities involved.


Date of Broadcast: 06.11.1967

Running Time: 00:28:20

Synopsis: Bob Wright interviews Sister Ann Jude, Professor of Chemistry, regarding her interest in UFOs and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). This is a very rare promotional recording for Immaculate Heart College. Program is noteworthy in the amount of publicity and acceptance given to NICAP and the acceptance of UFOs from a religious standpoint.


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