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UFOLOGY: A Primer In Audio


The UK and Australian Experience

1946 - 1989

01: Sven Ahman gives an overview of the Ghost Rocket phenomena observed over the Baltic in 1946 on the Long John Nebel radio program. 1958. 02:08

02: Professor A. M. Lowe gives his opinion on the flying discs to an American radio reporter. July 7, 1947. 02:08

03: Medical File: UFO. A rare Australian radio show dramatizing an actual event. This is the earliest known recording using the acronym UFO, coined by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt. 1952. 24:30

04: BOAC Captain James Howard and Stewardess Daphne Webster comment on their encounter of a UFO while in flight on July 2, 1954. 01:40

05: BOAC Captain James Howard interviewed on televison. July 2, 1954. 02:30

06: Desmond Leslie interviews George Adamski in 1954. Poor recording and ends abruptly. 23:15

07: Brinsley le Pouer Trench is interviewed in 1955. 07:06

08: Desmond Leslie gives an account of the current status regarding flying saucers in the UK. Poor recording. 1955. 08:00

09: Wigan Flying Saucer Group. Harold Hill on the group’s activities. 1957. 22:28

10: George Adamski is interviewed prior to his lecture at Caxton Hall on September 14, 1958. 05:18

11: George Adamski lectures at Caxton Hall, London. September 14, 1958. 01:25:08

12: Waveney Girvan comments on Flying Saucers and Common Sense. 1959. 16:55

13: Fr. William Gill lectures in the United Kingdom regarding his UFO encounter in Papua, New Guinea. Ends abruptly. June 26, 1959. 44:00

14: Air Chief Marshal, Lord Hugh Dowding comments regarding flying saucers to Herb Clark of the Vancouver, BC Flying Saucer Club. 1960. 01:09

15: George King lectures at a private residence in London on the Cosmic Masters and the Space People. 1960. 01:08:30

16: Charles H. G. Smith, UK Aero Historian, comments on UFOs. 1963. 03:09

17: P. F. Norris, Australian researcher, audio letter of January 14, 1965 to Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). 06:09

18: Warminster Mystery news report from Warminster Council meeting. August 27, 1965. 02:06

19: Warminster Mystery news report. 1965. 11:30

20: Chicksands USAF/RAF Communications Base, Bedforshire, UK UFO Case. Witness to a UFO appearing over the base causing a cone of silence and affecting the communications operations there, as well as seven other bases in the area and around the world. This is from the National UFO Reporting Center under Robert Gribble. 1965. 08:18

21: Pie in the Sky. Witness statements regarding the Warminister Mystery. Broadcast on April 1, 1966. 32:50

22: John Michell lectures on Alien Infiltration. May 21, 1966. 60:00

23: Colin McCarthy lectures on the UFO in Australia from the early 1950s to the early 1960s. January 7, 1967. 01:09:25

24: Andrew Tobias gives a short talk on Ufology in Australia. January 7, 1967. 15:20

25: Dr. James E. McDonald comments regarding his tour on Australian radio. February, 1967. 16:39

26: Charles Bowen lectures on UFO Developments, March 4, 1967. Poor recording. 57:02

27: Brinsley le Poer Trench lectures on the Sky People. June 3, 1967. 01:13:25

28: Arthur Shuttlewood Interview. Interviewer unknown at this time. 1968. 35:02

29: C. Maxwell Cade lectures on, A Long, Cool Look at Alien Intelligence. February 3, 1968. 01:28:20

30: Tony Dunkin Wedd, founder of the Star Fellowship, lectures on UFOs and Landmarks. Poor recording in parts. May 4, 1968. 01:08:38

31: Flying Saucers and the People Who See Them. UK television documentary. UK and US witnesses. May 9, 1968. 01:04:30

32: Arthur Shuttlewood lectures on the Continuing Story of the Warminster Thing and his involvement in the investigation. October 5, 1968. 57:06

33: Gordon Creighton lectures on UFO Occupants: Methods and Motives. February 1, 1969. 55:45

34: Arthur Shuttlewood lectures on UFOs and Modern Thought. September 13, 1969. 49:40

35: Philip Rodgers lectures on his tape recordings of space people. An extremely rare recording of his only known lecture. I believe only one of his space people recordings still exist. Ends abruptly. January 3, 1970. 47:10

36: Norman Oliver lectures on, Are There Men in Black? Introduced by Capt. Ivar MacKay. February 2, 1970. 45:00

37: Rex Dutta lectures on Flying Saucer Viewpoint. Poor Recording. February 15, 1970. 01:08:04

38: Arthur Shuttlewood lectures on the 1964 Warminster case. February 28, 1970. 01:04:35

39: Norman Oliver lectures on, The Hoaxers. March 21, 1970 51:06

40: Capt. Ivar MacKay lectures on the Hypothetical Relationship between Categories of UFO Phenomena. April 4, 1970. 39:30

41: Raymond Drake lectures on Spacemen from the Past. April 25, 1970. 01:01:30

42: Gordon Creighton lectures on Teleportation. September 5, 1970. 55:30

43: Charles Bowen lectures on UFO Hypotheses: Ten Years of Change. March 6, 1971. 01:06:30

44: Lionel Beer is interviewed on August 20, 1971. 04:23

45: Speak Easy. Rex Dutta, Jimmy Saville, Dr. Kit Pedler, Keith Robertson and Keith Palmer, discuss the subject of UFOs. December 12, 1971. 01:12:48

46: C. Maxwell Cade lectures on UFOs, Communications and Semantics. April 8, 1972. 01:37:23

47: Maureen Puddy of Frankston, Victoria, Australia is interviewed regarding her abduction. July 27, 1972. 19:00

48: It’s a Free Country. Guests debate the UFO subject. June 22, 1976. 33:45

49: Bentwaters-Woodridge AB Case: Lt. Col. Charles Halt recording made during initial investigation of the Rendelsham forest area by himself and his men.
December 29-30, 1980. 17:16

50: Paul Norman of the Victoria UFO Research Society (VUFORS) is interviewed on radio October 20 and 24, 1988. 40:40

51: Jenny Randles lectures on Abductions: A European Viewpoint. 1989. 55:45

52: Bonus Track: Inside GEPAN (Group for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena – France). Speaker is unknown at this time. February, 1979. 50:36


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