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Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
Born in Valencia, Spain, on December 27, 1948. Educated formally until pre-university, with a further diploma on programming language in 1973, V.J. Ballester Olmos is basically a self-taught student of many scientific disciplines. He has had a professional career in Ford Motor Company from 1976 to 2005. He has elected to early-retire in December 2005. From 1983, he has held the position of Manager, Insurance, Benefits and Pensions. During his career, he received many courses, technical training, and professional studies in Spain and England on Finance, Risk Management, and Pensions.

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos has been investigating UFO phenomena since 1966. He is an active promoter of scientific-oriented ufology and he is proactively focused to team work. A correspondent, collaborator and personal friend to the most noted figures of the field in the last 35+ years.

Mr Ballester Olmos is the author of over 300 publications, essays, articles, case inquiries, bibliographies, book reviews, technical reports, etc since 1965. His bibliography can be consulted on-line in the following url: http://www.anomalia.org/bibliog1.pdf

Mr Ballester Olmos has given frequent speeches in many UFO congresses held in Spain, France, England, Germany, and the United States of America.

Awards and grants

• 1982: Fund for UFO Research (Washington, D.C.) scholarship for the study of UFO close encounter cases reported in Spain and Portugal
• 1983: Co-awarded with John Schuessler (NASA) the Alvin Lawson Award, "for his advances in the scientific comprehension of the UFO phenomenon"
• 1998: Nominated to the Isabel L. Davies Memorial Award, MUFON Inc.
• 1998: Premio Anaparéstesis, Anomaly Foundation

Major duties

• 1968-1973: Founder and President, Círculo de Estudios sobre Objetos No Identificados (CEONI), Valencia, Spain
• 1969-1970: Founder of Equipo Nacional de Investigadores (ENI), Spain
• 1978-1982: Coordinator of Consejo de Consultores de Stendek, Spain
• 1983-1985: Journal editor-in-chief, UPIAR Research in Progress, Milano, Italy
• 1992-1999: Director of Investigations, Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios (CEI), Barcelona, Spain
• 1997-2004: Cofounder, Vice-president and Research Director, Anomaly Foundation, Santander (Spain)
• 2005: member, Steering Committee, Euro UFO Network

Mr. Ballester Olmos is a member, representative, adviser, consultant to a number of the most important UFO societies and journals in the world: Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), Society for the Scientific Exploration (SSE), National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies, Cuadernos de Ufología, amongst others.

From 1992 to 1999, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos played a fundamental role in promoting and supervising the start and development of the process of declassification of UFO archives from the Spanish Air Force, through an active cooperation with the Intelligence Section of the Air Operative Command (now Combat Air Command).

From year 2001, Mr. Ballester Olmos is managing the FOTOCAT Project, an in-progress project from the Spanish not-for-profit Anomaly Foundation, aimed to create the largest worldwide catalogue of UFO cases where photographs, films or videos have been achieved. Over 6,000 cases are recorded now.


OVNIS: El fenómeno aterrizaje, Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1978,1979, and 1984. Foreword by Dr. Jacques Vallée.
Los OVNIS y la Ciencia (with Miguel Guasp), Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1981, and 1989. Foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
Investigación OVNI, Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1984. Foreword by Dr. Richard Haines.
Enciclopedia de los encuentros cercanos con OVNIS (with Juan Antonio Fernández), Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1987
Expedientes insólitos, Temas de Hoy (Madrid), 1995. Foreword by Javier Sierra. Epilogue by Dr. Jacques Vallée.


• 1998: Biographical quotation in Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
• 2001: Unique civil ufologist interviewed by the Revista Española de Defensa (official publication of the Spanish Ministry of Defense): http://www.anomalia.org/redef.htm

Sample of papers published:
"Type-1 Phenomena in Spain and Portugal" (with Dr. Jacques Vallée), Flying Saucer Review Special Issue 4, August 1971
"Sociology of Iberian Landings" (with Dr. Jacques Vallée), Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 17:4, July-August 1971
"Record and Analysis of the Spanish Negative Landings", Flying Saucer Review, Vol, 18:4, July-August 1972
"Quantification of the Law of the Times", Data-Net Report, June 1972
"Biometric Data in 19 UFO Occupant Cases", Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 19:3, May-June 1973
"A Catalogue of 200 Type-I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal", Center for UFO Studies, April 1976
"Are UFO Sightings Related to Population?", in Proceedings of the 1976 CUFOS Conference, Center for UFO Studies, May 1976
"Dramatic Chase in Spain", in The Encyclopedia of UFOs, Ronald Story, 1980
"The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis" (with M. Guasp), The APRO Bulletin, Vol. 32:5, 7, and 8, August, September, and December 1984
"Investigating the UFO", in UFOs 1947-1987. The 40-Year Search for an Explanation, H. Evans and J. Spencer (eds), Fortean Times, 1987
"Characteristics of Close Encounters in Spain" (with J.,A. Fernández), Fund for UFO Research, June 1987
"Standards in the Evaluation of UFO Reports" (with Miguel Guasp), in The Spectrum of UFO Research, Mimi Hynek (ed), Center for UFO Studies, 1988
"The Spanish Air Force UFO Files", International UFO Reporter, January-February 1993
"Spanish Air Force UFO Files: The Secret´s End", in MUFON 1993 International UFO Symposium Proceedings, MUFON, July 1993
"Alleged Experiences Inside UFOs", Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 8:1, 1994.
"Ballester-Guasp Evaluation of Completed Reports" (Jerold Johnson) in MUFON Field Investigator´s Manual, MUFON, February 1995.
"UFO Declassification in Spain", in UFOs: Examining the Evidence, Mike Wootten (ed), BUFORA, August 1995
"Declassification! Military UFO Records Released: The Spanish Experience", in UFO 1947-1997. Fifty Years of Flying Saucers, H. Evans and D. Stacy (eds), John Brown, May 1997
"Monitoring Air Force Intelligence", in MUFON 1997 International UFO Symposium Proceedings, MUFON, July 1997
"UFO Declassification - The Spanish Model", European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies, launch volume, September 1999.



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