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Vincent F. DiPietro

Vincent DiPietro, a senior systems engineer, was employed as a contractor at Goddard Space Flight Center. Although without a formal college degree, he has attained a level of Engineering Associate by participating in an engineering course curricula at Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland.

Mr. DiPietro has designed, built, and delivered several electronic hardware packages for use in image processing equipment at Goddard Space Center. These packages have been used in support of the Landsat - MSS and RBV programs and the Nimbus - CZCS programs. His knowledge of image processing has been useful in performing the analysis of the VIKING-MARS data. His image processing technique on the famous Face on Mars photos, provides new information on The Search for Life on Mars.

Vince's research includes:

• The latest findings on fossils in meteorites from Mars radio active Xenon, a by-product of nuclear activity, on Mars a photo that shows a blue sky on Mars more believable than the official red sky photo that was released

• An examination of the time line extinction's on Mars and Earth.

• The eye cavity found by Vincent and teeth found by Mark Carlotto in the mouth of the famous Face on Mars.

• An examination of the validity of the spit processing that allows the human eye to see the data, such as the water spout in Solis Planum, photographed by 1976 Viking probe.



MUFON 1996 International UFO Symposium Proceedings
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