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Artificial Structures on Mars and the Moon
Since the very first missions to Mars, there have been rumours about artifacts or structures on the surface of Mars which seem to be artificial in nature. One of the most prominent ones was the famous 'Face on Mars'. During the Viking mission, some intriguing photographs were taken of the Cydonia region located in the northern hemisphere of the red planet.

The Face on Mars

This is the famous 'Face on Mars', photggraphed by the Viking
space probe in 1976. The face appears to be manufactured, and
not natural.

The Face on Mars in color.

The Face on Mars and surrounding structures

Huge pyramid near The Face on Mars

Is it possible that erosion on the surface of Mars caused such a change
in the way the Face looks today compared to what it looked like back in 1976
as shown in the first photo on the left?

Another unusual structure found on Mars look like a tunnel system that seems
to be transparent with "ribbed" supports that run its entire length.


The following scientific papers written by Mark J. Carlotto and Richard C. Hoagland support the hypothesis that the Face on Mars and other structures on the red planet are artificial in origin.

Applied Optics Article on Face on Mars - 05151988.pdf

Digital Imagery Analysis of Unusual Martian Surface Features.pdf

Symmetry and Geometry of the Face on Mars Revealed.pdf

The Martian Enigmas - A Closer Look.pdf

Analysis of Mars Odyssey THEMIS Imagery of the D&M Pyramid.pdf

Journal of Scientific Exploration - 1997.pdf



Liquid water evidence sourced from 25-year old Viking satellite imaging science data


Structures on the Far Side of the Moon

Donna Hare, former NASA contractor

What the general public may not be aware of is the fact that there is a special team at NASA whose job it is to screen every incoming photograph and look for anything unusual or suspicious - including UFOs - and airbrush them out before releasing the prints to the public.

Click here for the video about NASA and the "airbrushing" of UFOs and Artifacts

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the photos pertaining to the Face on Mars and the other structures located on the red planet weren't "touched up" by that same team that airbrushes UFOs from satellite photos of the Moon and other sources! An omission of the Truth is still a lie!

No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.