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Crop circles and physical traces

Crop circle! What are they? The question should really be "What aren't they?" For one thing, they are not actual physical traces left behind by flying saucers. And most important, they occur only at night and only in crop fields and such, never on hard surfaces like rock, sand, gravel, etc. I think there should be a distinction made between crop circles and flying saucer landing sites. A physical landing trace case usually includes the sighting of an object (flying saucer) on or near the ground. After it leaves, there is visible evidence of interaction with the environment, such as burnt patches of grass, scorching of the soil, sand that's been blown away, pod marks, etc.

Three years ago, in mid-September 1990, a physical landing trace was discovered on Manitoulin Island. It is located ¼ mile from the main road, in an area consisting of gravel and limestone, that is surrounded by trees. There were two donut-shaped indentations, each measuring 9 feet in diameter and both were 16 feet apart. from center to center. The people who took the first photographs described them as having a sand-blasted effect on the spot where the gravel was blown away, revealing the limestone underneath. Although they were reported to a radio station as being crop circles, they were not part of the same phenomena. One of the four photos appeared in last month's issue.

Crop circles are a different matter. British researchers are baffled at the fact that bent-over crops keep growing and show no signs of any physical contact. They say their evidence does indicate the circles are formed in about 5 to 10 seconds and are caused by some tugging force, though the roots are not pulled from the soil. If the crop circle makers are really hoaxers, then they would have to be faster than a speeding bullet to accomplish their task! Personally, I feel that there is an extraterrestrial intelligence at work here. There is sufficient evidence to indicate that this is so: complex patterns, enormous size and striking biological and radiological anomalies in the plants and soil. There are videotapes showing unidentified lights descending into the crops! And eyewitness reports of strange objects shining beams of light into the fields!

Still...no one was willing to look at the facts. People jumped on the bandwagon, spreading rumors and "far out" explanations: hoaxers, electro-magnetic forces from within the earth, atmospheric conditions, and so on. Soon after, a couple of self-proclaimed hoaxers came forward and "admitted" to the world that they were the ones creating "wheat patterns." As soon as the word HOAX was put forth, the media dropped the story and left researchers holding the bag! But why the emphasis on British crop circles when this is a worldwide occurrence? Countries such as Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the United States and Canada are also hosts to the crop circle phenomena. And last year, a new twist to the phenomenon was revealed. Dead, crushed and strangely desiccated porcupines have been found in two crop formations on the Canadian prairies. If hoaxers were involved in creating these formations, hod did they convince the poor animals to simply stay there and take the abuse while they walked over them with their ropes and boards? Maybe they had help from Dr. Doolittle, the only man I know that can talk to the animals! Or perhaps, they are frequent flyers who have collected enough free air miles to fly to these countries in order to create their masterpieces! Some of the crop formations are so enormous that it would take hundreds of hoaxers to create them. For instance, in the last five months, two crop formations appeared in Northern Spain, one of which measured 1 mile in length! Quite an undertaking, wouldn't you say?

Just one more thing. During my research at the local Reference Library, I came across a newspaper article dated July 24th/63. The headline reads as follow: Says Crater Shows Landing Craft From Another Planet? It mentions the discovery of a 10-foot crater in a farmer's potato field (possibly made by a flying saucer) and a 50-foot circle of flattened barley in another field, in Wiltshire, England. This indicates to me that the crop circle phenomena began long before 1978, the year that the hoaxers claimed as the starting point for their crop circle-making careers. (Maybe we should give the hoaxers some of those giant peanut butter cups. They could use the help.)

Michel M. Deschamps
Provincial Section Director for Sudbury, Ontario
MUFON (Mutual UFO Network, Inc.)

The South Side Story - October 8, 1993
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