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Eight UFOs Seen over Florida

Pilot Reports UFOs over Florida

It is commonly accepted that the validity of UFO reports are often gauged by the character and profession of the reporter. This can be true, but it is not a good idea to rule out reports from uneducated individuals, or those who are not professionals.

That being said, it is always refreshing to get reports from airplane pilots. They have much experience in seeing what is flying in the skies, and immediately know when they see something out of the ordinary.

We have a report from a retired pilot with approximately 12,000 flying hours in the air. He has flown planes ranging from the simple Cessna to Boeing 727s, and still has 20/10 vision. His sighting took place in Aventura, Florida, on May 14, 2011.

The state of Florida has always had more than its share of UFO reports. The most notable is that of the Gulf Breeze UFOs, when contractor Ed Walters made headlines with his UFO photographs. The 1987 case is controversial, and still being discussed by Ufologists today.

There was also a recent wave of sightings in the state. See Florida Mini-Wave, which occurred in late 2010.

You might also be interested in a very compelling UFO account that occurred in early 2011. See UFO Sighting Reported by Florida Policeman.

Pilot Spots UFOs

When our pilot looked out into the day time sky, it appeared to be a pale yellow in color, with a smoky, overcast background, as there had been large brush fires in the Everglades the past several days. He was surprised to see eight unknown objects due west of his location. The objects appeared to be moving to the North.

Because his view was unobstructed, he could not be certain how large the objects were. There were no buildings, trees, anything that he could compare the size with. There were three groups of objects; two groups of three, and one group of two.

He judged the unknown objects to be between 1-2 miles away, and flying at an altitude of 3 - 5,000 feet. Because of the hazy sky, the objects appeared a dark gray or black. He fixed his eyes on the objects, which were moving at speeds much faster than any aircraft would move at that altitude.

Eight UFOs, No Sound

As hard as he tried, he could not hear a sound from the objects. He is certain that if they had been powered by any type of air-breathing engine, he could have heard sound from the unknowns, especially since there were eight of them.

They did not follow a standard flight pattern. While almost all aircraft move in straight lines, the UFOs moved more in a zigzag pattern, which changed their relative group position. Although the individual positions of the objects would change, the groups seemed to remain intact. He got a good view of the objects for about 20 seconds.

About half way through the sighting, the background of the sky changed from its yellow haze to more of a dark blue color, which made the objects more difficult to see clearly. After the objects moved out of view, he made notes of what he had seen and made a report to a UFO reporting agency.

Included in his report was the following statement:

"I am absolutely certain that the objects I witnessed were not helicopters, balloons, blimps, birds, floating debris carried by the wind, or any type of fixed-wing aircraft."

What else could the experienced pilot and observer have seen that day other than UFOs?


Source: http://ufos.about.com/od/ufosdec2011/a/eightufosflorida.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.