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Foreign Technology Division/Wright-Patterson AFB
Alien Evidence


The Foreign Technology Division/Wright Patterson AFB,
"Alien Graphics?"

The graphic images came from a series of approximately 20. These illustrations and/or graphics of an "alien" autopsy where originally broadcast in October 1988 on a 2-hour show called "UFO Cover-up - Live" by Seligman Productions. After seven+ years of checking on the authenticity of these illustrations, here is what has been found:

1. The reader I believe will note the symbol in the upper left hand corner of one image as "FTD-WP." This means the "Foreign Technology Division, Wright Patterson Air Force Base." Since it is a scan of the original, it may be difficult to read. Note: FTD is now NAIC or the National Air Intelligence Center.

2. It can also be noted in the same image, the serial number in the upper right hand corner. A large part of it is missing due to the image transfer process. From examining the 19 graphic photos/slides before they were scanned, we were able find five graphics out of 19 that appear to have serial numbers in the upper right hand corner. The numbers were; 194 294300, 342 89300, 374 001209, 394 00129 and, 89201 9811.

3. Other information gathered from the remaining graphics is as follows:

A. Date of illustrations: 10/01-66 [presumably Oct 1, 1966].
B. Symbols "FTD-SYD;" where SYD is the three-letter office symbol that was responsible for graphics. This office was reported to be under the Directorate of Systems at the Space Systems Division within FTD. Note: Back in 1966, the Directorate of Systems was called the "Technology and Sub Systems Directorate."
C. Exact height: 3' 4" to 3' 8."
D. There appears to be a letter group of NIRE/SIRHC in the upper right corner on some of the graphics.

Discussion: The graphics were supplied by a man named Curtis Brubaker to Seligman Productions in 10/88 for a show called ["UFO Coverup - Live"]. Brubaker made the claim that he placed the logos on the graphics. But, when Brubaker was asked the question as to why practically nobody saw them he had no answer. Brubaker later said that he received them from a source at Wright-Patterson AFB. Checking with two other sources, they both said that the "Alien" shown in the graphics was of the type kept at WPAFB up until 1982-83, at which point they were moved to "other locations" because of the publicity. This type "Alien" is the same type that was recovered at Roswell in July of 1947. The one depicted in the Santilli film does not match anything described here and may very well be human. The reader must be aware that there was an extensive effort to try and trace the serial numbers on the graphics but that effort failed. Most readers are aware that the GAO (General Accounting Office), in the fall of 1995, finished its report on Roswell looking at both classified and unclassified documents. And, the GAO couldn't prove anything except to say there existed missing documents. If the reader can understand that then, proving anything in this area is extremely tough.

The graphics are a mixture of what appears to a model in some cases and artist illustrations in others. Most of them have serial numbers on them and the FTD etc logo. These graphics have been very carefully checked over seven years. The information ie "Anatomy" has been confirmed by a number of intelligence sources who, as you would expect, don't want to be named but are in a "need to know" basis at a high level.

The urgency is in the timing and the time is now. High-level "intel" sources don't want to see congressional [action] on this and are really jumpy about GAO report. Santilli film is a good smoke screen whether the body is real or not.

Reported information on an alleged "alien mandible" came from an interview with an ex-VA (Veterans Administration) dental specialist in Dayton, OH, conducted in February 1995 by news reporter Carl Day of television station WDTN-Channel 2. CNI News subsequently interviewed both Carl Day and the VA dental technician, identified as John Mosgrove, who provided the following information:

Air Force personnel visited VA hospital in Dayton during last week of October 1979, bringing with them a dental impression of an unusual mandible. On request, dental technician John Mosgrove made a "quick-set" casting from the mandible for the Air Force officer, then observed the officer crush the original impression and throw it into a waste basket.

Before leaving with the casting, the officer told Mosgrove that there would be no paperwork on this assignment and that he was to forget everything he had seen.

Mosgrove recovered the fragments of the crushed impression and reconstructed them over a period of days, then made several castings. One casting remains in his possession. Another was given to news reporter Carl Day. A third is in an unnamed safe location. Based on his study of the "mandible" and inquiries to several other specialists, Mosgrove speculates:

"Alien" With Overlay Mandible

Age of person or "being": late twenties to early thirties
Age of mandible: goes back 40 to 45+ years
Mandible underwent traumatic impact; i.e. tooth knocked out
Mandible not human or [known] animal
Person or "being" not a meat eater; teeth completely flat

Comment: Graphic picture above shows mandible overlaid on "alien" face. As the reader will note, it's a close fit. And, the images below were televised as mentioned previously on the show "UFO Cover-up-Live."
Wire Frame View of Head
Modeled View of Head
Erected full Body view
Wire Frame view of Feet/Legs
Wire Frame view of Hands. Note the web-like structure between the fingers
Side view of face: Notice that there is no extended structures to the Ear and the frontal structure of face. This differs in significant ways from the "Santilli Alien."
Side view of "Alien Brain: "Larger than the average human brain with reported average IQ of two hundred or that of one of our "Albert Einsteins".
In this graphic you will note the label "ELP .02" which is assumed in this case to be the eccentricity of the eye or the minor/major axis of an ellipse, ie 1/5 in this case.
Frontal chest view showing the Lungs/Heart reported to be one organ. The heart is shaped in significant ways which differ from the human heart.
Showing frontal part of "alien" brain that controls their eyesight. In humans, it's the aft rear part of the brain that controls eyesight. Also shown is the Ear Drum structure. They are said to have the hearing capability of one of our dogs.
Digestive system is reported to be simple in comparison to humans. It has been reported in contacts with these "grey" aliens that there is a "burnt rubber" smell around them: This "burnt rubber" smell may mean that most of the waste is excreted through the skin?
Note date of 10/01-66 in upper left corner and FTD-SYD (where SYD is the three letter office responsible for graphics at FTD) at bottom left: Also, what appears to be NIRE/SIRHC in upper right corner. The kidney and bladder are one organ. The other organ shown, as reported in Oct. 1988, has not been designated as to its function. But, it has been speculated that it is used to transfer the solid and liquid waste.  


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