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Gathering information on sightings of UFOs

Dear Editor:

Among the many subjects that I've seen mentioned in most Northern Ontario newspapers, there is one topic in particular that seems to be for newspapers what garlic is to vampires: a deadly poison. The subject is that of flying saucers and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

I have been involved in UFO research for 16 years and have been a member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network Inc) for almost four years. MUFON is a non-profit organization, composed of people seriously interested in researching the UFO phenomenon on a worldwide scale.

Since the age of nine, I've had three UFO sightings and one flying saucer sighting, which prompted me to research the matter further, despite the curtain of ridicule that surrounds UFOs in general. I know how difficult it is for some people to report their UFO experience, especially when they don't know where to report their sightings!

As MUFON's provincial section director for Sudbury, it is my responsibility to collect UFO sighting reports from those who wish to tell their experiences (names withheld upon request) and to forward them to the head office of MUFON in Toronto.

Those seeking more information on UFOs, crop circles, animal mutilations, physical landing traces, UFO crash retrievals or abductions can contact me at the address below or call 969-3389. To report a UFO sighting, call 416-249-0933.

Michel Deschamps
4360 Pharand Street
Hanmer, Ont. P3P 1M3

The Northern Times - Kapuskasing, Ontario
April 27, 1994

Note: this letter to the Editor also appeared, with slight variations, in the following newspapers:

The Enterprise - Iroquois Falls, Ontario..................April 27, 1994
The North Bay Nugget - North Bay, Ontario............April 27, 1994
The Mid-North Monitor - Espanola, Ontario...............May 4, 1994
The Sudbury Star - Sudbury, Ontario.....................May 22, 1994
The Temiskaming Speaker - New Liskeard, Ontario....May 25, 1994

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