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Ice Circles

Another strange new phenomena that may be related to UFOs are the ice circles. They vary in size, measuring anywhere from six feet to fifty feet across. These perfectly round formations appear on icy surfaces which, in most cases, is so thin that it would be impossible for anyone to create them by walking on it. From looking at the photos, it looks as if the circles were gouged in the ice, using a hammer and a chisel, or were made with a large cookie cutter.

Some of the ice circles are seen rotating as the water currents continue their flow downstream. If it is a natural phenomena, then it is most amazing and perplexing, all at the same time.

Some skeptics have stated that the circles are created by eddies that form at the bends in the streams or creeks, but what about the circles that are found on the surface of frozen ponds, where there is no moving current?

My personal belief is that UFOs have hovered over these areas - for whatever purpose - and somehow, the energy emanating from the bottom of the objects created these circles...or the UFOs themselves actually touched down low enough to gouge the ice.

Click on images to enlarge
Wells Gray Park, British Columbia
St. Polycarpe, Quebec
November 22, 1996


Norwalk, Connecticut
March 11, 2003
Azilda, Ontario
December 9, 2005
Hemlock River located near Amasa, Michigan
Salmon River, Idaho
Sheridan Creek, Rattray Marsh near
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Russia, winter 2007/08
Otter River, Devon, Britain
Churchville, Maryland

Piteälven south of Älvsbyn in northern Sweden

North Dakota's Sheyenne River, north of Fargo
Lake Baikal in Russia (Spotted by ISS astronauts)
Lake Sannavagen at Sanna in Halsingland, Sweden
Råneälven in Norrbotten, Sweden

Other locations in Russia



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