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Keeping an eye on the sky

Michel Deschamps, a UFO researcher/historian, has spent several years compiling data on UFO sightings in Sudbury and Northern Ontario.

He has investigated abductions, UFO crash sites and obtained "official" UFO documents.

Deschamps has witnessed 17 sightings since the age of nine.

He encourages people to contact him with their experiences and is currently writing a book on the history of flying objects, abductions, crop circles and other paranormal activities across Northern Ontario.

Deschamps shared his findings at a workshop during the weekend at Rayvin's Eclectic Enchantments. It was the first one he has presented in six years.

Only a handful of people attended, but one could tell by the binders of documents he hauled in with him that Deschamps takes his work very seriously.

He stood behind a podium and said when it comes to the subject of UFOs, people are more "close-minded" than they were 15 years ago.

Today, people are reluctant to admit they've seen something unusual hovering in the skies overhead and are even more reluctant to leave their name with him.

Glancing at Sudbury Star newspaper clippings, it's surprising the amount of space that was dedicated to reports of flying objects.

The Sudbury Star - May 26, 2006
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