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Letter of the day

Every Canadian recognizes Nov. 11th as a day set aside to remember those who fought and died in past wars, giving their lives for freedom. For those of us who are involved in UFO research, this date has special significance in the annals of the unexplained. This year, Nov. 11 marks the 25th anniversary of the CFS Falconbridge UFO Incident.

On the morning of Nov. 11, 1975, four unidentified targets were picked up on radar by military personnel at the Canadian Forces Station Falconbridge and witnessed by several observers, including OPP and regional police officers. Some folks reported they were followed down the highway by one of these objects.

Authorities offered two explanations for the sightings: first the now infamous Venus/Jupiter explanation; then, in 1979, they changed that to ice crystals in the clouds that somehow reflected sunlight and created images in the sky. When viewed in the light of the evidence and the testimony of the witnesses, the explanations simply don't stand up.

This event is known throughout the world, having been mentioned in numerous books; it is considered to be one of the best radar/visual UFO cases on record. But it is not the only one. I've heard many reports where a local resident would call the radar base to report unusual lights in the sky and in turn, were told by base personnel that the objects were already being tracked on radar for the past half-hour! The witnesses would then be told that they would be contacted at a later date. No one ever got in touch with them again.

Today, the abandoned buildings that make up the radar installation stand as a silent reminder of the military activity that took place there on a daily basis, and more specifically, on Nov. 11, 1975.

On another note, 1999 has been a bumper crop year for UFO sightings, with 34 individual reports made by highly credible people; some of these folks were absolutely skeptical of UFOs until their encounter. My best advice to you all: Watch the skies!

If you or anyone you know has any information about this or any other cases, please contact me by dialing (705) 670-2759 or e-mailing me at: ufoman@ican.net. Confidentiality is assured.

Michel M. Deschamps
MUFON Provincial Section Director

The Toronto Sun - November 13, 1999
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