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More unexplained sightings over Sudbury
May 10, 2000

Recently, I witnessed two separate sightings of UFOs over Sudbury, possibly the first reports of the new year. Thursday, March 16, 2000, at around 9:45 p.m., my two friends and I were driving in the Four Corners area when I looked out the right rear passenger-side window and noticed a light up in the eastern sky above Ramsey Lake.

It was pinkish red in color and pulsated at the same rate (like a heartbeat) as those found on some of the communication towers located around the city. But unlike the tower lights, it did not completely go out as it pulsated on and off.

As we went past St. Joseph's Health Centre, I kept looking in the sky and could no longer see the light, which was odd since it was at a fair height and would have been easily noticeable from Paris Street.

I later called a colleague to tell him about it, and he said he'd check for flights of the air ambulance and see if there were any communication towers in the area. He called back a few days later and said that he couldn't find out if the helicopter had flown that night (helicopters also have white lights, which this thing didn't), but he did say there was a tower located at the far end of Lake Ramsey.

Thursday, March 23, as I was coming back from a lecture at Science North with two other friends, I took the opportunity to look over to the east and did notice a tower in the distance, but the light on it was very small and very low to the horizon compared to the one I had seen in the sky.

At arm's length, I would say the tower looked to be three-quarters of an inch high. But the red pulsating light I saw earlier was about seven inches high at arm's length. After I made sure it couldn't have been a tower, I decided to report the sighting during my appearance on my radio show on CKLU (96.7 FM).

Sunday, March 26, 2000, at around 8:30 p.m. my friend Todd Fraser decided to cut his visit short and go home. We went outside and as we both stood there talking, I happened to look up in the sky (approx. 90 degrees) and spotted something strange. I saw what looked like a single bright flash, then barely noticed a second one from the corner of my eye. As Todd looked on, I told him I was going upstairs to get my binoculars. When I came down, he said he'd seen two more flashes and told me to point my binoculars in the direction of the Big Dipper. Todd said the flashes seemed to be heading that way in a straight line (south to north). As we both looked up, a man in a pickup truck stopped next to me and asked what we were looking at. Todd was reluctant to say anything, but I told him what we saw and he stood there for a second or two then, before driving off, suggested I call the paper to report this because he reads the paper a lot and would like to read about it! I kept looking up but never saw them again. In total, we estimate we saw four flashes at different points in the sky. These looked similar, but brighter than those I had seen during the summer of 1991.

These lights are called "Jumpers" because they seem to flash once in one spot, then flash again somewhere else, sometimes a third or fourth time, then disappear for good. These are not the lights of a high-flying aircraft, helicopter or satellite. Jumpers have been videotaped in Mexico and elsewhere.

If you or anyone you know has any information about this or any other cases, please phone me at 670-2759 or e-mail to ufoman_1@hotmail.com. Confidentiality is assured.

Michael M. Deschamps is MUFON provincial section director for Sudbury and a UFO researcher and historian.

The Northern Life - May 10, 2000
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