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Sault Ste Marie Abduction Case
Michel M. Deschamps

On August 11, 1993, I was a guest on a local television morning show and we were discussing the UFO phenomenon, at great length. As soon as I got home, I walked over to my phone and I was delighted to see that I had three messages on my answering machine. Two of the callers simply wanted some information regarding UFOs. But the second caller had left a message saying that she was calling from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, and that she had seen UFOs on several occasions. I could feel the uneasiness in her voice. She sounded like she really wanted to talk to somebody about something. Later, that evening, I called her and I asked her to tell me what she had witnessed. The more I listened to her story, the more I realized that this was not just a simple case of UFO sightings. We were talking about a possible abduction case involving a Registered Nurse (Ret.) (Rosemary, 53), mother of three and her two daughters ("Kay", 36 and "Ali", 23).

A window of opportunity finally presented itself and I decided to go and spend the weekend in Sault Ste Marie. The drive took three hours and once I got to the city, I located Rosemary's apartment block where she lived and I stayed there, at her request. The following are excerpts taken from audio-taped recordings that were done on October 16 and 17, 1993. It is important to note that these personal accounts are all conscious recalls and that they are not in any chronological order.

Early that evening, Kay came over. And after she had collected her thoughts, she began telling me about some of the strange events that had occurred since 1987:

"One morning, my husband and I were late for work. And I looked out the passenger-side door and, hovering above an apartment building was this massive disk! It was a dull grey. And it was just huge! I couldn't get over it! The first thing that I thought of was that we're being invaded! That morning, it was light out! And here it was...real as life, right there before me! And I asked my husband to stop, but we were in a hurry and he says: 'No! No! I'm not stopping! We've got to get to work...we're late!' So, I just kept looking back! I just couldn't get over it...I was in awe! And, all that day, I felt very excited about something! I can't figure out what I was excited about. It was like it was out of the anticipation of something. And that's all I can say about that incident!"

The following is a condensed version of Kay's recollection concerning a strange dream she had, back in 1991:

"One night, my husband and I went to bed about eleven o'clock. And I started to have a dream! And, all of a sudden, I was in this white room! And I couldn't see...out the sides...the side vision of my eyes! It was like I had tunnel vision. And just all of a sudden, I'm on this table and I'm strapped down! I keep struggling and I keep on saying: 'Why are you doing this?' And I just keep on crying and struggling! And I guess I was told, in my dream, to look over! So, I looked over to the left of me and there was this little girl...behind a window! And she was looking at me! And her head was moving slowly to each side. And I said: 'You can't take her away from me!? You can't do this!? I can't have it! You can't do this to me!?' And I really started to get angry and started to fight! And I seem to believe, in the dream, somebody said to me: 'Well, she's yours...and you can name her', almost like they said this to me to…comfort me. And I also seem to think somebody told me that 'I would see her again and that she'll be okay.' And, I named her Abby. This dream is just so real to me! I will never forget it! And I don't know what to believe about it!? I can't get the dream out of my head! And whenever I talk about it, I get annoyed! I should say that the little girl was very thin. She looked like a two-year old little girl. Her hair was pearly white! And it looked as if it was all at different length. It also looked like somebody just grabbed chunks of her hair in the palms of their hands, in different spots and it stood up from that position. It almost seemed to me that if I had touched her hair, it would fall out...it would just all fall out! She was wearing an opalescent outfit, just draped over her body. Her arms and her legs were thin. Her features on her face were very tiny, except for her eyes. Her eyes were big and they were blue in color! I just remember saying: 'Can I hold her?' And I don't remember the answer. But then, all of a sudden, I woke up! And I'm struggling as I'm waking up. I could feel my body lashing out! And me crying! I'm crying so much! And my husband's laying right beside me and he can't hear nothing. And I don't know what I'm lashing out at!? And I don't know what I'm crying about...so pathetically about!"

In the end, Kay had this to say: "For me to remember this dream, it's so clear and yet, I have feeling about the dream when I talk about it. To have feeling about the little girl and not to forget her! And just keep on thinking about her...it just boggles my mind!"

As soon as Kay was finished, I turned my attention to her younger sister. Ali sat down and began telling me about her childhood:

"During my childhood, I've always been rather artistic. I'd draw these people! And they'd have big heads and large, dark almond-shaped eyes! Very sad-looking eyes! And I just remembered recently, that I kept doing that!?"

Later, her mother told me that she couldn't understand why Ali was drawing elfin features. She thought her daughter had some sort of a disability because she was making the heads and the eyes bigger than they should have been.

During the '80s, about the same time her mother had been observing lights in the sky, Ali started experiencing things. She, too, had seen the lights in the sky on several occasions, including the sighting of an orange ball of light, while in the presence of a girlfriend, in May or June '87. Soon after that, she and her mother decided to move to Maple Ridge, B.C. One night, while driving home, they both experienced a period of missing time. Here is Ali's recollection, verbatim, of that event:

"I was working for an agency that hired out extras to companies that produced television series such as Twenty-One Jumpstreet and Wiseguy. And I was an extra. I was working odd hours like...from 8 in the morning to 3 in the morning, the next day! And it was during one of these times, I was waiting off-set. My mom had to come pick me up from Maple Ridge, B.C., which is just outside of Vancouver. I was on UBC (University of British Columbia) campus. And...I was waiting for my mother to pick me up. And I noticed her car driving up and there was this light up above it! This really bright, white light! And when I went to bend down and go into the car, I saw the object! It was quite high in the sky, but close enough for me to see! It was quite large!..as a matter of fact. And it had like what we would call maybe portholes, where the light was coming out of! But the light was really...bright, white light! Hum..I don't know if you've ever been in a nursery in a hospital?! But, when a baby has jaundice, they shine the ultra-violet light on the baby to get rid of the jaundice. And that's the color of the light this was, but intensified! My mother took one look at my face and she said I'd gone completely white! And I just got in the car and said: "Mom, drive!" Now, the drive from UBC campus to our home in Maple Ridge would have taken maybe an hour and a half, at most. During that whole time, we kept looking out of our windows and it was following us! It was right up above us! And we noticed that the guy in the car in back, kept looking out his window and wondering what in the world this was...and we could see the expression on his face! And then, nothing! The next moment, I was sitting beside my mom, in the car, and we're driving into our driveway, at our home in Maple Ridge! We got inside and my stepfather at that time, said: "Where in the world have you been? I've been worried sick about you!" And she picked me up at maybe..2:30 in the morning. And as I said, the drive should have only taken about an hour and a half! We didn't arrive home 'til maybe around 5! Where those extra hours went, I don't know!"

During one of our conversations, Rosemary had mentioned something about Ali having had multiple miscarriages. I really didn't know what to expect until I went to see them and listened to what Ali had to say:

"All through my life, I've had multiple miscarriages. But no fetus, as far as we could tell. I've had it confirmed by doctors that I have had miscarriages but they're still wondering where is the fetus? There is none! And during those times I've had those miscarriages, only twice in my life, did I have boyfriends. And during that time, I did not have sex with anybody else, in between those times. And that's when a couple of the miscarriages occurred. So, I'm sitting here myself, wondering how in the world I got pregnant when I was near nobody of the opposite sex?! This does bother me, to some extent. Because all this time, I thought I was having miscarriages. I've got two confirmations from two doctors saying that because of my tilted womb, my lower cervix, that if I ever conceived, I would never be able to conceive full term or that it would be hard for me to conceive. I have less than 50 percent chance of conceiving. I just know that I have children that are half-human and half-alien. It's not a figment of my imagination. I just know! I'm not apprehensive about UFOs. Well, I am apprehensive but I'm not scared of it. It's just that if they wanted to have children with human kind, I would like consent, first. I would like to know my children. It really hurts to know that you've had a child in you and you've miscarried it and you've lost it. It hurts physically and emotionally. It reacted just like a miscarriage. You know, I'd have the pains of the miscarry and then, I'd have the rush of blood but there'd be no fetus! Nothing to take to the doctor except blood!"

One time, Rosemary told me that whenever she gets a flashback, she remembers things in greater detail. And she would usually put down on paper whatever came to mind. And the next time I would call, she'd tell me what she had written down. One night, she mentioned that she once found a tiny object that had fallen out of her nose and she wanted to know if I knew anything about that! At the time, I didn't know what to tell her except to keep writing down every little detail that she could remember. She also told me that her daughter was present, when this took place. Ali describes the event as follow:

"When I was around twelve or thirteen, my mother had been having trouble with colds, migraine headaches, bloody nosebleeds, all through her life! Since I can remember...since I was born, anyway. This one time, she blew her nose and out came this object. It was sort of six-sided but very, very tiny. Maybe about the width a little bigger than a needle. But it was just as long. And the colour of it was sort of translucent amber. Now, you'd figure she'd feel something like this that was shoved up her nose and she'd blow it out!?"

The following is a condensed version of Ali's description of the alien types that she sees, each time she has a flashback:

"I get flashes of an alien. And every time I get these flashes, I get these emotions. I feel them very strongly. He looks very old, very wise...and very sad. I feel the sadness...there's a great sadness in the eyes. Also a curiosity...I feel that he's curious about me. And I keep getting this buzzing noise or humming noise in my head, as if he is trying to communicate to me. The little people are maybe about four foot, at the most. But then, the elfin people tend to be a little taller, skinny, almost anorexic-looking…but very pretty. It's their eyes that get you! You feel the emotion coming from them!"

It was now Rosemary's turn to speak. She began by telling me of the numerous UFO sightings that she had witnessed during the '80s. I was really looking forward to hear her side of the story concerning that missing time episode that Ali had related to me, earlier. After a few more minutes of discussion, she went on to describe, in her own words, what she saw, the night she and her daughter experienced the missing time:

"It was very late. I thought it was around 10 o'clock at night but Ali tells me it was later. Anyway, as I was going there, something was following me. I got into a line of cars on the direct road to UBC, in Vancouver. And all these cars, mine included, we were just all stopped, all of a sudden! And there was light beaming down on us. And flashes...red, green and very bright, bright light! And I saw the guy ahead of me trying to look out of his car up at this thing, so I thought: 'Well, I'll try!' But I didn't want to stick my head out too far. And I couldn't hear any noise like a helicopter, you know, a traffic helicopter. So, I knew it wasn't that! But what could it be? All of a sudden, we started to move again. And I got into the UBC grounds and got to the building, where my daughter said she'd be waiting for me. And she was standing underneath the lamp post. And her face was chalk-white! I…I couldn't believe it! I've never seen a look like this on my daughter. She was looking up at the sky, she got in the car and she says: 'Drive! Quick, mom! Get out of here!' So I started heading back and I never said much. We were both so upset. We knew they were following us! And three blocks from where we lived, there was a three-way intersection, where we stopped. And from that moment right up to when we were pulling in my driveway where we lived, I don't remember anything! I don't remember driving the rest of the way. We got in the house and my boyfriend said: 'Where the hell have you been?' I said: 'What do you mean? We've just been driving on the road!' He says: 'No, you haven't been driving on the road all this time! Do you know what time it is?' When he told us, we both looked at the clock and we couldn't believe it!"

After she had finished relating this story, Rosemary made a comment regarding her daughter Ali and the period of missing time they both shared:

"Apparently, when we had that missing time in B.C., they took something away from her. A baby. Now, that's very upsetting! She talks about seeing them, at times…seeing other children. And...I now believe that my family has been interfered with, all of our lives. It's very frightening to think that someone could just come into your house and do what they want with you...without your permission. If they need help, why don't they just ask!"

Then, she goes on to talk about a strange episode that took place at home, sometime, after that experience:

"I backed the car out and we're just about ready to go out onto the highway and something happened! I got really panicky and I couldn't remember how to drive the car; how to do anything with it!? It just completely blocked everything right out! I told my daughter: 'I can't drive! I can't do nothing! I just can't! Bring me back into the house!' I just seem to get worse and she was scared. She phoned a friend and they took me in to see my doctor. Apparently, I was babbling about little people, little men. The doctor sent us to the hospital. It was the Royal Columbian in New Westminster, B.C. And this psychiatrist talked to me, and then proceeded to throw me in a "rubber room", as they call it. And wouldn't let me out 'til I deny these little men and wouldn't talk about them, anymore. It was some experience, I'll tell you! I think it was just some sort of a panic attack I had and I was really traumatized with whatever had happened that night that we had that missing time and that thing following us".

Rosemary felt relieved when she finally told me about this experience. From her facial expression, I could tell that this one had been an exceptionally traumatic event. For her to be put in a "rubber room" like that, she said, it was a very humiliating and embarrassing situation. Then, she went on to talk about the so-called implant:

"I was living in Queensborough, which is not far from Westminster, B.C. And I had a cold. My family was all there except for my eldest daughter. I was rubbing my nose and I sneezed. Then, I blew my nose and this thing came out! It was six-sided and it was very minute...but long. Like a sliver of glass but perfectly formed. Now, you would think that something like this would have bothered me. It would have fell out. It would have showed up in x-rays because I've had cat-scans; I've had EKGs, EEGs. I've had normal x-rays. Well, I took it and I cleaned it up and I fold it in tissue paper. I put it in my jewellery box and put it away for further knowledge, if I ever found someone to show it to. I have a lot of witnesses that know that this happened to me. I've always had trouble with my nose...I've had nosebleeds as a child. I've had nosebleeds all my adult life. Trouble with my ears. I've had headaches most of my life. And I'm now starting to think: "Well, it could have a lot to do with what's going on!"

Rosemary also told me that something similar had happened to her son, including the recovery of an object identical to the one she had retrieved. Like her, he also suffered nosebleeds as a child. And terrible headaches...for no reason at all! She went on to describe another one of her missing time episodes:

"I was questioned by my family where I had been and I couldn't remember. All I could remember was leaving my doctor's office because I'd had an appointment with him. I think it was 1:30 or 2:00. And I never got home 'til about 5:00. That night, I ended up in the hospital where my husband took me to emergency, to pump my stomach. My husband told them I had tried to commit suicide by taking pills. All they took out of me was my regular medication!"

Here is Rosemary's final consensus on this entire situation:

"I know what I saw. I'm not crazy. I'm sane. And I know my family are. We just want a few things explained. And maybe, us talking about this will help somebody else...who is afraid to talk. Maybe it will help people realize that these things have to be talked about. Something has to be done. And the Government has to stop interfering with everyone. It's too bad that more people can't come forward and speak without being afraid..that something's going to happen to them from our own government, never mind the aliens. I don't know which is worse".

In conclusion, I'd like to say that there is a lot more to this case than what is being presented here. And Rosemary, the principal witness in this case, has assured me that she is going to try her best to get a copy of the medical report from her doctor in B.C., as well as a copy of the psychiatric evaluation. And as soon as I receive these confirmatory documents, I will do a follow up on this story. As for the recovery of the implant, we aren't as fortunate. Just recently, Rosemary had an opportunity to go back to B.C. and during that time, she looked for the jewellery box in which she had placed the tiny object, but when she opened it, there was no trace of the so-called implant! We hope to have better luck, next time!
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