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Seeking information on UFOs

I need to make a point about one of the last letters I sent in Northern Life. In it, I mentioned the reported sightings and radar tracking of a large object sighted at Inco during the summer of 1967. It was an attempt on my part to convince any former Inco employees to come out of the woodwork and report to me what thay had seen that night, so long ago. However, four vital pieces of information about the sighting that could have jogged someone's memory were omitted, making it impossible for any potential witness to recognize the incident I was describing.

• The UFO performed a double-circle around the middle stack, which was witnessed by an employee in the plate shop.

• There were approximately 30 or more witnesses to the event.

• As the UFO left the area at a 45 degree angle above the CIL building, it was picked up on radar and clocked at speeds in excess of 22,000 miles an hour.

• During its manoeuver, the object flew over the transformer station, causing a 15-minute power blackout throughout the complex. The power outage and the UFO sighting were recorded in the superintendent's log book.

Obviously, this power interruption cost the company a tremendous amount of money and was also reported to the head office in New York because of the loss of production. Back in those days, no one would have reported this type of thing publicly.

But despite these omissions, I still received plenty of UFO reports, including a phone call from a man who said that he and 10 other people had seen UFOs over Inco in 1954, adding that 1967 was not the first year UFOs were reported at Copper Cliff.

If you or someone you know has any information about UFO sightings, contact me at (705) 670-2759 or email me at: ufoman@ican.net. Confidentiality is assured.

Michel M. Deschamps
UFO researcher/historian

The Northern Life - September 3, 1999
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