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Since we built it, they will come

In the next few months, the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory will become operational. Thanks to this world-class neutrino detector, Sudbury will be a focal point of interest for scientists around the world.

I find it very interesting for two reasons: 1) the Creighton Mine site was chosen to build the observatory, and 2) one of the components vital to the Neutrino observatory's functioning is deuterium oxide (the hydrogen isotopes Deuterium and Tritium are commonly used in the production of hydrogen bombs). Because of these factors, I believe humans won't be the only ones interested in the project.

Flying saucers were spotted over Creighton in broad daylight, back in Sept. 15, 1961, according to newspaper reports, and a few more times since then.

It is also a well-known fact that, throughout the last 50 or more years, unidentified flying objects, or their occupants, have been spotted in close proximity to American and Canadian installations (military or otherwise) related to nuclear power.

The following is a brief look at those recorded sightings.

In July 1945, at the Trinity site, where the first atomic bomb was tested, UFOs were spotted by military personnel.

In mid-October 1950, unidentified objects were detected by radar in the air space area over Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where nuclear developments were being made.

In the early 1950s, the aircraft carrier USS F.D.R. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) was paced by UFOs and seen by several crewmen, at different times and in different years. In September 1952, three photographs were taken of a disc-shaped object by personnel on the flight deck of th ship. The F.D.R. was the only aircraft carrier at the time that had thermonuclear capability, the only one that was allowed to carry H-bombs.

In April 1952 and August 1954, UFOs were reported by military personnel at the North Bay base. Unknown to the public, the North Bay base was equiped with American-owned nuclear missiles.

Feb. 9, 1967, a UFO was reported over a farm, three miles south of Deep River, on the other side of the Des Joachims Hydro-electric Plant.

The Nuclear Power Demonstration Plant, the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories and the Des Joachims complex (the fourth largest hydro-electric plant in Ontario) are located within a 20-mile radius.

On Sept. 11 and 17, 1967, UFOs were reported over the Douglas Point Nuclear Plant, just a few weeks after its first day of operation.

On New Year's Eve 1974 and Feb. 5, 1975, UFOs were reported over the Pickering nuclear plant by several people.

Between Oct. 28 and Nov. 10, 1975, UFOs were reported by U.S. military personnel near restricted nuclear weapons storage areas and military installations in Maine, Michigan, North Dakota and Montana. Some of the nuclear missile sites in Montana were previously visited by UFOs March 16, 1967.

It wouldn't be surprising to me if people started reporting UFOs at Creighton, site of the Neutrino Observatory. All I'm saying is, keep your eyes to the skies.

Michel M. Deschamps
UFO Researcher/Historian
Pharand Street

The Northern Life - April 3, 1998
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