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Article taken from the Journal de Montréal, dated Saturday, August 21, 1999
Translation by Michel M. Deschamps

Someone believes they saw "entities" at Grand-Mère
by Robert Leblond

Two small beings in white that were surveying a garden

The central office of the AQU (Association Québecoise d'Ufologie) recently pondered on a rather uncommon case.

"The call concerned a sighting report made by a woman residing in Grand-Mère of which the description of the events remain one of the most mysterious ones to have been given to us since the creation of the AQU," said chairman Gilles Milot.

On site

Three AQU representatives, along with representative Pauline Mongrain, who crossed the St. Maurice (river) in order to verify the authenticity of certain facts observed by the witness, went over to see this information for themselves.

"It was therefore 8:30 p.m. on the night of October 24th, 1998 when Mrs. H., coming out of the shower, saw two biological entities completely covered in white from head to toe, who seemed to be very interested in the neighbour's garden, in this case her sister," related Milot.

These two entities were described by the witness as being dressed like astronauts, wearing some kind of helmet on their heads. "One of the creatures was leaning over and seemed to be picking something up off the ground. The other stood nearby. According to the witness, when they walked, they seemed to float; their walk was unnatural. Their size and physical appearance were similar to that of humans."

Behind these two mysterious beings, the witness saw a thick fog made up of different bright colour nuances, of which the predominant colour was brown.


"The glow had a diameter of approximately 25 to 30 feet and was located 75 feet from the witness' house. Nowhere else was the fog present. After about three minutes of observation, realizing what she was seeing, the witness pulled away from the window and, a few moments later, when she returned, the entities had disappeared and the fog was moving away in the opposite direction."

"When visited by our representative, ground traces were noted and photographed. There were four of them; two measuring 12 inches in diameter and two, 10 inches. Soil samples were taken and will be analysed as soon as possible. We have also visited Mrs. H.'s sister and we have noticed that where the entities were seen, there was a garden consisting of a variety of vegetables. The main witness is 72-years-old, an independent and intelligent person who does not want any publicity. She saw something real, but what was its origin, that's what we are attempting to find out," admits Milot, faced with this puzzle.

Last Spring, after the thaw set in, we discovered holes 2 inches in diameter and
8 inches deep of which the dirt was different than the rest of the garden.

The witness drew a sketch of what she saw that night.

Who dug these small holes?

Last May 5th, the representatives of the AQU went to the observation site along with the eyewitness in the hopes of finding other clues.

- Robert Leblond

"We have recreated the setting by asking Mrs. H. to show us where the entities were. With precision, she showed us the spot," explains Gilles Milot.

That's when five identical holes of 2 inches in diameter by 8 inches deep were discovered. Photos were taken. Some footprints which seem to correspond to club-feet were also noted.

Soil samples were collected and the members of the AQU noticed a great difference in the texture of the dirt. "The dirt found inside the holes seemed to have been completely sieved and was brown in colour, while the dirt outside the holes (from 1 to 20 feet away) was of a thick consistency and rich like normal garden black earth," said Milot.

"We are very perplexed about this report. This observation is very mysterious and brings together, in one event, most of the elements that we encounter in many other reports."

"We're continuing our research, but we seek the help of your readers so that they can tell us of other similar cases elsewhere in the province of Quebec."


In the United States, many reports make mention of such entities that have been seen collecting soil samples at different locations.

The AQU is a non-profit association which is made up of volunteers who investigate events with paranormal characteristics.

They can be contacted at (514) 865-0546.
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.