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Study shows increase in UFO sightings

Local UFO expert Michel M. Deschamps reports a new study by an independent research group has found more people are seeing UFOs in Canada.

In a letter to the editor, he quotes Chris Rutkowski, a research co-ordinator as saying, "UFO sightings continue to be reported in significant numbers each year.

Many witnesses are pilots, police and other individuals with reasonably good observing capabilities and good judgement."

Although most reported UFOs are simply lights in the night sky, a significant number are objects with definite shape observed within the witnesses frame of reference.

Findings of the study:

• There were 483 reported sightings of UFOs in Canada in 2002 - at least one sighting a day.

• There were about 29 per cent more UFO reports in 2002 than 2001. The number of UFO reports per year in Canada has increased almost 250 per cent since 1998.

• In 2002, more UFOs were reported in the late summer than any other time of the year, but February also had an unexpectedly large peak in UFO report numbers.

• In 2002, about 18 per cent of all UFO reports were unexplained. This percentage of unknowns falls to about 7 per cent when only high quality cases are considered.

• Most UFO sightings have two witnesses.

• The typical UFO sighting lasted approximately 15 minutes in 2002.

For further information, contact: Chris Rutkowski e-mail: rutkows@cc.umanitoba.ca A toll-free telephone number to report UFO sightings in Canada has recently become operational: 1-866-262-1989.

The study is available online at www.geocities.com/aristotl.geo

The Northern Life - February 16, 2003
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