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The Alien Dissection
(Formerly known as The Alien Autopsy)

In 1995, the FOX network aired Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? hosted by Jonathan Frakes.

Subsequently, FOX had two more airings of the film, each time showing a little bit more of the "autopsy" footage as well as crash debris footage.

After having been around the media circuit for a while and the subject of controversy, the Alien Dissection [my emphasis] film was eventually discarded by most researchers when someone recently claimed to have faked it.

Personally, I still believe the film to be 200% genuine and I have not seen any proof at all to the contrary.

BUT I will remove the information contained herein if I'm shown convincing evidence of its hoaxing.

To help illustrate the reasons why I believe the film is real, I've provided the reader with video excerpts from the film itself which contain scenes that raised a lot of questions for me...which I attempted to answer in my 2006 review (included below).

Alien Autopsy Film Review
Michel M. Deschamps

Copyright 2006

Michel M. Deschamps

Because of the slow speed of my processor, I was unable to run the avi clips smoothly. Despite this, I'm still able to give an adequate review of the footage because I happen to have in my possession copies of all 3 FOX airings of the "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction" program, as well as the commercial version and an excerpt from Entertainment Tonight, showing an unobstructed view of the being's crotch area.

When I first saw the footage, I was speechless. I looked at it very carefully, and the more I watched, the more convinced I became of its authenticity. In my review, I will bring up points which may or may not have been covered in previous discussions. And when possible, I will include references to information which may help to understand why this could be the real thing.


I was fascinated by the fact that when the "surgeon" was tugging away at some parts he was about to cut in the foreground, other parts in the background were moving also, as if everything in the body cavity was connected together...just like it would be in a real "flesh-and-bone" body.


The most obvious public response to the "Alien Autopsy" footage was: "It's a hoax of unparalleled quality perpetrated by someone, for whatever reason."

I have a problem with this "conclusion." Nowhere in the history of UFOs and their occupants had there been any mention of a six-fingered, six-toed alien creature.

So my question is....why would a hoaxer include additional digits on this creature if his intentions were to perpetrate "the perfect hoax" while keeping in mind his attention to detail. Had he really paid attention to detail, he would have known that those closely involved with the event have clearly indicated that the Roswell creatures only had four fingers and no opposable thumbs?

Since the creature on the footage has six fingers and six toes on its hands and feet, and does not match the descriptions given by the Roswell witnesses, it cannot be the so-called "Roswell alien". This leads me to believe that it may have been recovered at a separate crash site. Contrary to popular belief, the "Roswell Incident" isn't the only crash/retrieval case to have taken place in the south-western states...or anywhere else, for that matter. In one particular account, as many as 16 small bodies were found inside a single 100-foot diameter disc. Roswell's popularity has grown greatly over the years and so much focus has been put on it that all other incidents have been either forgotten or ignored.


The way the pieces were being handled gave me the impression that they were very light-weight. Especially when the "soldier" lifted the large pad off the table with one hand. That really got my attention!

When I saw the six-finger handprints, I was blown away even more. Again, there had been no specific descriptions given in the literature anywhere about these pads. All that was said was: "One of the creatures found at the crash site was holding on to a box." No one had ever mentioned hand prints embedded within pieces of metal. So how would a hoaxer know what the so-called "box" would look like? And why go through all that trouble to create accessories meant for a six-fingered alien when hoaxing the body alone would have been sufficient?

Additional information which may lend support for the existence of six-fingered alien beings comes in the form of an eyewitness account. Linda Moulton Howe interviewed Kathryn (K.T.) Frankovich, great niece of Mike Frankovich Sr., famous Hollywood producer and President of Columbia Pictures. In May 1992, she had a face-to-face encounter with a six-fingered alien being while walking her dog near her residence in Florida. Her story can be heard on Real Audio.1


I doubt it very much. That kind of reaction I would expect if the creature in the footage had been a Nordic-type being resting on that table. Based on what Travis Walton had seen during his encounter, as well as other folks around the world who have reported similar beings, the Nordic types closely resemble us humans in almost every detail - so much so, that they could pass in a crowd and you'd never know it. But THEY ARE EXTRATERRESTRIAL, regardless of their appearance.

Obviously, this creature is humanoid in appearance, which means that it has a head, a torso, two arms and two legs. From all the sketches of UFO occupants that I have seen which were made by those who have observed them, 97% are humanoid in appearance while the remaining 3% have very exotic shapes. Those ratios would seem to indicate that the humanoid form is more prevalent in outer space than our scientists would like to believe. Perhaps there is some kind of link between us humans and these beings from elsewhere.


As far as saying that it is a female, I find this statement absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who knows anything about these UFO occupants will tell you that most of them don't seem to have any visible sex organs. The crotch area of this particular creature is rounded off, and there is no indication of a vaginal opening. Wrinkled skin, perhaps. Or a bruise like those seen on its legs, but no sexual organs. There was no reason for FOX to blur out the area since there was nothing there to blur out. Some people have too much sex on their brains. Get your minds out of the gutter!


The lack of a naval indicates to me that these beings may be grown artificially, or by some other means not known to man. Also, their feeding habits may be totally different from what we are accustomed to, based on what I've heard in some reports. Some abductees are reported to have rubbed nutrients on the skin of small alien babies. Then a purple light is shone on them and the nutrients are absorbed through the pores of the skin.2


One intriguing detail is that the ears are set lower on the sides of the head in comparison to those of humans.


Another intriguing part of the dissection was the removal of the eye coverings - black membrane-like layers that covered the eyeballs of the being. Again, a fact that was not well-known at that time, as far as anyone was concerned. In her 1993 book, "Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume 1: Facts and Eyewitnesses" Linda Moulton Howe wrote: "Some abductees also feel the big, black eyes are artificial coverings as we might wear sunglasses to screen out sunlight and that underneath are 'cat eyes' or 'snake eyes' with vertical pupils."3

Apart from Col. Philip Corso's book "The Day After Roswell", this was the only other place where the term "eye lenses" or "coverings" had been written about.

On closer examination, you can almost make out the dark iris in each eye once the coverings have been removed. Whether or not they are like cat eyes, I cannot tell due to the poor quality of the image.

Also, the eye sockets are larger than those of humans. I personally know someone who has had two close encounters of the third kind - he has seen alien beings at close range. And he told me how their eyes, oval in appearance, are much larger than human eyes. Even the small creatures that Travis Walton saw had human-looking eyes, but were much bigger.

I am still 200% positive that the footage is genuine, based on the points that I have brought up. I have yet to see ANY proof or evidence that would convince me that it is a man-made fabrication.

I believe that what might have caused most people to be suspicious of the film's authenticity was the way it was badly handled by Santilli. His ignorance of the UFO subject made it easy for him to underestimate the importance of identifying, cataloguing and validating the footage and its origin. In essence, he helped to discredit the whole thing by being secretive about its origin, and not allowing the film to be properly tested by competent analysts. Let this be a lesson if anything like this should surface again in the future.


1 See Lime Grove Incident.
2 See Linda Moulton Howe's 1990 documentary, "Earth Mysteries: Alien Life Forms".
3 See Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume 1: Facts and Eyewitnesses by Linda Moulton Howe, page 274.


Michel M. Deschamps


April 25, 2014
Part 1 “Anonymous” Kewper Stein, Former Army and CIA UFO Analyst On Tape in 1998

“The whole craft was like an electronic circuit and the aliens had to be inside the craft with headbands on and their fingertips in control panels in order to complete the electronic circuit to make it fly.”
- “Anonymous” Kewper Stein, Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst

Panels with depressions of six-fingered handprints allegedly found with six-fingered humanoids in May 31 to June 2, 1947, recovery operation at crash site southwest of Socorro, New Mexico. Linda Moulton Howe was given the date of May 31, 1947, between Aragon, New Mexico, and Elk Mountain at the western end of the Plains of San Agustin, as the disc crash site where 6-fingered and 6-toed extraterrestrial biological entities were retrieved and autopsied at either Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, or the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Photograph from 16mm film © 1996 by Orbital Media Ltd.



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