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The unexplained UFO reports from the files
of the U.S. Air Force's Project
Blue Book UFO investigations.

Compiled by Don Berliner,
for the Fund for UFO Research

The conclusions or views expressed in this publication are the views of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Fund for UFO Research, Inc.


In January, 1974, I visited the U.S. Air Force Archives at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama, to review the files of Project Blue Book as the first step toward writing a book on the subject.

In a full week, I read all the "unexplained" cases in the original files and made extensive notes, including the names and other identifying information on all witnesses where given. The cooperation of the staff of the Archives was excellent, and no restrictions were placed on my work.

A few months later, the files were withdrawn from public view so they could be prepared for transfer to the National Archives in Washington, D.C. This process involved making a Xerox copy of almost 30 file drawers of material, blacking out the names and other identifiers of all witnesses, and then microfilming the censored Xerox copy. The microfilm has been available to the public at the National Archives since 1976. The original Project Blue Book files remain under lock and key at the Archives.

On almost every page of the 12,000+ case files, there are big black marks where information that could be used to cross check Project Blue Book's controversial work has been censored. This includes the names of witnesses to widely publicized cases, and even names in newspaper clippings!

As it was perfectly legal for me to copy witness' names when I visited the Air Force Archives, those names can be found in this report of 585 (less 13 missing) unexplained cases. And since the Privacy Act, which motivated the Air Force to censor the files in the first place, does not apply to reporters or anyone else outside the Government, they can be used as the reader pleases.

Inasmuch as the book I planned to write has never progressed beyond the manuscript stage, I see no reason to keep this information under wraps any longer. Perhaps it will encourage others to re investigate cases and make the results known. "Unidentified" says a great deal...and it says almost nothing.

Probably the most controversial aspect of the entire Air Force investigation of UFOs was its handling of individual cases.

The means by which one case was determined to be "identified" and another "unidentified" has no doubt fuelled more arguments about Project Blue Book than anything else it did.

For many years, Blue Book's most vocal opponents have insisted that the standards by which cases were allegedly explained were grossly unscientific. Blue Book's goal, according to those who held it low esteem, was to attach some explanation to every case, regardless of logic or common sense.

Examples of Blue Book saying a violently maneuvering disc was an aircraft, or of blaming a puzzling radar tracking on a supposedly malfunctioning radar set which it never bothered to check out, are numerous in the popular UFO literature.

And they are even more numerous in the files of Project Blue Book. The urgency with which Blue Book officials tagged answers onto cases without having done the proper investigation is obvious, though not proven. But if the Air Force was so eager to label cases "identified", despite the lack of supporting evidence, then those few cases which it labelled "unidentified" presumably withstood every attempt to apply every other kind of label. And so it may be that those cases are truly unidentifiable in familiar terms.

Indeed, the Air Force defines "unidentifiable" cases as those which "apparently contain all pertinent data necessary to suggest a valid hypothesis concerning the lack of explanation of the report, but the description of the object or its motion cannot be correlated with any known object or phenomenon."

To meet such criteria, a report must obviously come from a reputable source, and it must not bear any resemblance to airplanes, balloons, helicopters, spacecraft, birds, clouds, stars, planets, meteors, comets, electrical phenomena, or anything else known to frequent the air, the sky, or nearby space.

Unfortunately, the Air Force failed to stick to its own rules. Some of the "unidentifiable" cases most certainly can be correlated with known objects or phenomena. But most of them cannot. Moreover, many of the so called "identified" cases cannot honestly be so correlated. But we are primarily concerned here with those cases which Project Blue Book openly admits it tried to explain and failed.

The amount of detail in these cases varies enormously. Some cases - frequently those which were well publicized at the time of the event - contain considerable information, while others are vague and seriously incomplete. Project Blue Book generally placed the blame for such incompleteness on the witnesses, but it should take its own share of the responsibility. In thousands of cases, there is no completed questionnaire in the Project files, nor even any indication that one was sent to the witness. And in most of the instances where a questionnaire was filled out, it was never followed up to get more complete answers to questions which the witnesses failed to deal with properly. For much of the life of Project Blue Book and its predecessors, there was no satisfactory questionnaire at all. And one of those used for a lengthy period was so badly organized that a witness should not be held to blame for giving incomplete answers.

Yet, despite all the roadblocks, many reports are sufficiently complete to tell a pretty clear story of a puzzling experience. With this data now available, anyone can look at Project Blue Book's "unidentified" UFO reports and make up their own mind.


July 3, 1947: Harborside, Maine. 2:30 p.m. EDT. Witness: astronomer John Cole of South Brooksville, Me. Watched 10-15 seconds while ten very light objects, with two dark forms to their left, moved like a swarm of bees to the northwest. A loud roar was heard.

July 4, 1947: over Emmet, Idaho. 8:17 p.m. PDT. Witnesses: United Air Lines Capt. E. J. Smith, First Officer Ralph Stevens, Stewardess Marty Morrow. Watched for 12-15 minutes while four objects with flat bottoms and rough tops moved at varying speeds, with one high and to the right of the others.

July 6, 1947: Fairfield Suisan Air Base, California. Daytime. Witnesses: Army Air Forces Capt. and Mrs. James Burniston. Watched for 1 minute while one object having no wings or tail rolled from side to side three times and then flew away very fast to the southeast.

July 8, 1947: Muroc Air Base, California. 9:30 a.m. PDT. Witnesses: 1st Lt. Joseph McHenry, T/Sgt Ruvolo, S/Sgt Nauman, Miss Janette Scotte. Watched for an unstated length of time while two disc-shaped or spherical objects, silver and apparently metallic, flew a wide circular pattern, and then one of them later flew a tighter circle.

July 9, 1947: Meridian, Idaho. 12:17 p.m. PDT. Witness: Idaho statesman aviation editor and former (AAF) B-29 pilot Dave Johnson. Watched for more than 10 seconds from an Idaho Air National Guard AT-6 while a black disc, which stood out against the clouds, made a half roll and then a stair step climb.

July 10, 1947*: Harmon Field, Newfoundland, Canada. Between 3 and 5 p.m. local time. Witnesses: three ground crewmen, including Mr. Leidy, for Pan American Airways. Watched briefly while one translucent disc or wheel-shaped object flew very fast, leaving a dark blue trail and then ascended and cut a path through the clouds.

July 29, 1947: Hamilton Air Base, California. 2:50 p.m. PDT. Witnesses: Assistant Base Operations Officer Capt. William Rhyerd, ex AAF B-29 pilot Ward Stewart. Watched for unknown length of time while two round, shiny, white objects with estimated 15-25' diameters, flew 3-4 times the apparent speed of a P-80, also in sight. One object flew straight and level; the other weaved from side to side like an escort fighter.

September 3, 1947: Oswego, Oregon. 12:15 p.m. PDT. Witness: housewife Mrs. Raymond Dupui. Watched for unknown length of time as 12-15 round, silver objects flew an unstated pattern.

October, 1947: Dodgeville, Wisconsin. 11 unnamed civilian men. Watched for 1 hour while an undescribed object flew counter-clockwise circles.

October 14, 1947: 11 mi. NNE of Cave Creek, Arizona. Noon MDT. Witnesses: ex-AAF fighter pilot J. L. Clark, civilian pilot Anderson, third man. Watched 45-60 seconds while one 3' "flying wing"-shaped object, which looked black against the white clouds and red against the blue sky, flew straight at an estimated 380 m.p.h., at 8-10,000 feet, from NW to SE.

April 5, 1948: Holloman AFB, New Mexico. Afternoon. Witnesses: Geophysics Lab balloon observers Alsen, Johnson, Chance. Two irregular, round, white or golden objects. One made three loops, then rose and disappeared rapidly; the other flew in a fast arc to the west during the 30-second sighting.

July 29, 1948: Indianapolis, Indiana. 9:88 a.m. Witnesses: James Toney, Robert Huggins, both employees of a rug cleaning firm. One shiny aluminum object, shaped something like an airplane's propeller, with 10-12 small cups protruding from either blade. Estimated size 6-8' long, 1.5-2' wide. The object glided across the road a few hundred feet in front of their vehicle and apparently went down in a wooded area. Sighting lasted a few seconds.

July 31, 1948: Indianapolis, Indiana. 8:25 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Swigert; he was an electrician. Object was shaped like a cymbal, or domed disc; about 20' across and 6-8' thick, and was white without any shine. It flew straight and level from horizon to horizon in about 10 seconds, shimmering in the sun as if spinning.

July or August, 1948: vicinity of Marion, Virginia. Shortly after sunset. Witness: Max Abbott, flying a Bellanca Cruisair four passenger private airplane. A single bright white light accelerated and turned up a valley.

September 23, 1948: San Pablo, California. 12:00 noon. Witnesses: Sylvester Bentham and retired U.S. Army Col. Horace Eakins. Two objects: one, a buff or grey rectangle with vertical lines; the other a translucent "amoeba" with a dark spot near the center. The arms of the "amoeba" undulated. Both objects travelled very fast.

October 15, 1948: Fusuoka, Japan. 11:05 p.m. Witnesses: pilot Halter and radar operator Hemphill of a P-61 "Black Widow" night fighter. Up to six objects tracked on radar, only one seen visually. Dull or dark object shaped like a dirigible with a flat bottom and clipped tail end. Six seen on radar separately. Pilot attempted to close on visual object, but it dove away fast.

December 3, 1948: Fairfield Suisan AFB, California. 8:15 p.m. Witness: USAF Sgt., control tower operator. One round, white light flew for 25 seconds with varying speed, bouncing motion, and finally a rapid erratic climb.

January 4, 1949: Hickam Field, Hawaii. 2:00 p.m. Witness: USAF pilot Capt. Paul Storey, on ground. One flat white, elliptical object with a matte top circled while oscillating to the right and left, and then sped away.

January 27, 1949: Cortez Bradenton, Florida. 10:20 p.m. Witnesses: Capt. Sames, acting chief of the Aircraft Branch, Eglin AFB, and Mrs. Sames. They watched for 25 minutes while a cigar shaped object as long as two Pullman cars and having seven lighted square windows and throwing sparks, descended and then climbed with a bouncing motion at an estimated 400 m.p.h.

March 17, 1949: Camp Hood, Texas. 7:52 p.m. Witnesses: guards of the 2nd Armored Division. While awaiting the start of a flare firing, they watched for an hour while eight large, green, red and white flare-like objects flew in generally straight lines.

April 3, 1949: Dillon, Montana. 11:55 a.m. Witnesses: construction company owner Gosta Miller and three other unnamed persons. One object shaped like two plates attached face to face; matte bottom, bright aluminum top; 20' diameter, 4-5' thickness. It rocked or rotated in six cycles, descended, rocked, flew, rocked; all this was very fast.

April 4, 1949: Merced, California. 10:20 p.m. Witness: William Parrott, former Air Force pilot and major. One generally round object with a curved bottom and dull coloring. The object gave off a clicking sound until overhead. Parrott's dog reacted. 35 seconds.

April 24, 1949: Arrey, New Mexico. 10:30 a.m. Witnesses: General Mills meteorologist and balloon expert C. B. Moore and others on a balloon launch crew. One white, round ellipsoid, about 2.5 times as long as wide.

April 28, 1949: Tucson, Arizona. 5:45 p.m. Witnesses: Howard Hann, Mr. Hubert, Tex Keahey. One bright, sausage shaped object was observed for 40 minutes while it rolled and flew fast.

May 5, 1949: Ft. Bliss, Texas. 11:40 a.m. Witnesses: Army officers Maj. Day, Maj. Olhausen, Capt. Vaughn. Two oblong white discs, flying at an estimated 200-250 m.p.h., made a shallow turn during the 30-50 second observation.

May 6, 1949: Livermore, California. 9:35 a.m. Witness: C. G. Green. Two shiny, disc-like objects rotated around each other and banked. Then one shot upwards with a grey trail and rejoined the other. The sighting lasted 5 minutes.

May 9, 1949: Tucson, Arizona. 2:30 p.m. Witness: M/Sgt. Troy Putnam. Two round, flat silvery objects, estimated to be 25' in diameter, flew 750-1,000 m.p.h. in a banked, but steady manner.

May 27, 1949: South central Oregon. 2:25 p.m. Witness: Joseph Shell, ferrying SNJ trainer for North American Aviation, from Red Bluff, California, to Burns, Oregon. Five to eight oval objects, twice as long as wide, and 1/5 as thick. They flew in trail formation, with an interval equal to 3-4 times their length, except that the second and third were closer together.

July 24, 1949: Mountain Home, Idaho. 12:00 noon. Witness: Henry Clark, manager of a flying service, flying a Piper Clipper. Seven delta-shaped objects, 35-55' in span, 20-30' long, 2-5' thick; light colored except for a 12' diameter dark circle at the rear of each. They flew in a tight formation of twos with one behind, and made a perfect, but unbanked, turn. During the 10-minute sighting, they displayed decreasing smooth oscillations. Clark's engine ran rough during the sighting, and upon landing was found to have all its spark plugs burned out.

July 30, 1949: Mt. Hood, Oregon. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: Northwest Airlines Capt. Thrush, two Portland control tower operators, and one flying instructor. One object with one white light and two red lights, maneuvered and hovered.

February 5, 1950: Teaticket, Massachusetts. 5:10 p.m. Witnesses: Marvin Odom, former U.S. Navy fighter pilot, USAF Lt. Philip Foushee, pilot from Otis AFB, and two others. Two thin, illuminated cylinders, one of which dropped a fireball, maneuvered together and then disappeared high and fast after 5 minutes.

February 24, 1950: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1:55 p.m. Witnesses: Municipal Airport Weather Observers Luther McDonald, Harrison Manson. One white, slightly elongated oval was watched for 1.5 minutes through a theodolite while it flew straight and level.

February 25, 1950: Los Alamos, New Mexico. 3:55 p.m. Witnesses: Twelve Atomic Energy Commission security inspectors. One cylinder with tapered ends, silver and flashing, flew slow and then fast, fluttered and oscillated, and changed course. Observations by individuals varied from 3 seconds to 2 minutes.

March 3, 1950: Selfridge AFB, Michigan. 11:05 p.m. Witness: 1st Lt Frank Mattson. One intense, dull yellowish light descended vertically, then flew straight and level very fast for 4 minutes.

March 20, 1950: Stuggart, Arkansas. 9:26 p.m. Witnesses: Chicago and Southern Airlines Capt. Jack Adams, First Officer G. W. Anderson, Jr. One 100' circular disc with 9-12 portholes along the lower side emitting a soft purple light, and a light at the top which flashed 3 times in 9 seconds, flew at not less than 1,000 m.p.h. It was seen for 25 35 seconds.

March 27, 1950: Motobo, Okinawa. 10:30 a.m. Witness: USAF radar operator Cpl. Bolfango. Tracked on radar for 2 minutes while it was stationary and then moved at 500 m.p.h. Visual observation not detailed, only mentioned in summary.

March 28, 1950: Santiago, Chile. 3:15 p.m. Witness: M/Sgt. Patterson, of the office of the U.S. Air Attache. One white object observed for 5-10 seconds through binoculars, while it flew high and fast, crossing 30° of sky.

March 29, 1950: Marrowbore Lake, Tennessee. 7:00 a.m. Witnesses: real estate salesmen Whiteside and Williams. 6-12 dark objects shaped like 300 lb. bombs, estimated 5 feet long. Flew 500 m.p.h. and descended, making a noise like wind blowing through the trees.

April 8, 1950: Kokomo, Indiana. 2:00 a.m. Witness: Earl Baker. One grey metallic disc, 50' in diameter, 15' thick; top shaped with a "conning tower" at the top and three ports on the rim giving off a blue light. It hovered for 2 minutes, then flew away. Baker aroused from sleep by his dog.

April 14, 1950: Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey. 2:30 p.m. Witness: Army M/Sgt. James. Four rectangular, amber objects, about 3' x 4'. changed speed and direction rapidly; the group of objects rose and fell during the 3-4 minute sighting.

May 7, 1950: Nine miles south of Ely, Nevada. 6:45 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. George Smith and their grandson. One silvery white object hovered at 100' altitude, moved back and forth for 10 minutes and then flew up and away. Note in case file: "No investigation."

June 27, 1950: Texarkana, Texas. 7:50 a.m. Witnesses: Terrell and Yates, employees of Red River Arsenal. One object, bright, shaped like two dishpans face to face, flew straight and level, fast for 4-5 seconds.

July 13, 1950: Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. 5:00 p.m. Witnesses: two skilled Arsenal employees including Mr. Washburn. one object, shaped like a bowtie, and like polished aluminum. Flew straight and level, then one triangle rotated ¼ turn in the opposite direction and returned to its original position. The object then made a right-angle turn and accelerated away after at least 30 seconds.

August 4, 1950: approx. 100 mi. SE of New York City (39 35' N., 72 24.5' W.). 10 a.m. EDT. Witnesses: Master Nils Lewring, Chief Mate Jacob Koelwyn, Third Mate, of M/V Marcala. One 10' cylindrical object at 50-100' altitude, flying with a churning or rotary motion, accelerated at end of 15-second sighting.

August 20, 1950: Nicosia, Cyprus. 1:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF MATS liaison officer Lt. William Ghormley, Col. W. V. Brown, Lt. col. L. W. Brauer. One small, round, bright object flew fast, straight and level for 15-20 seconds.

August 25, 1950: approx. 250 mi. SW of Bermuda (29 40' N., 67 28' W.). 8 p.m. Witness: B-29 radarman S/Sgt. William Shaffer. Radar observation, plus possible blue streak 3 minutes later. B-29 followed unidentified target, then passed it at ¼ mile distance, target followed for 5 minutes, then passed B-29 and sped away. Total time of tracking: 20 minutes.

August 30, 1950*: Sandy Point, Newfoundland, Canada. 1:30 p.m. Witnesses: three local employees, including Kaeel and Alexander, of the Air Force Base. A dark, barrel-shaped object with a pole down from it into the water, flew at 3-5 m.p.h. and 15-20' altitude for 5 minutes.

September 3, 1950: Spokane, Washington. 2:00 p.m. Witnesses: Maj. R.J. Gardiner, Mrs. Gardiner and neighbor (former saw three objects, others saw one). Metallic bronze discs, 20-30' long, 2-6' thick. Moved independently and erratically for 5 minutes.

September 20, 1950: Kit Carson, Colorado. 10:49 a.m. Witness identified only as a "reliable source". Two large, round, glowing objects and three smaller, internally-lit objects. Two hovered for 1 minute, moved, and three smaller ones came from behind or within the two larger objects, and all sped upward and away.

September 21, 1950: Provincetown, Massachusetts. 9:52 a.m. Witness: M.I.T. research associate and Air National Guard Maj. M. H. Ligda. Radar tracking of one object during M.I.T tracking of USAF flight of F-84 or F-86 jet fighters. Object speed was 22 miles/minute (1,200 m.p.h.), made turn of 11-12 Gs acceleration during 1-minute observation.

October 15, 1950: Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 3:20 p.m. Witnesses: Atomic Energy Commission Trooper Rymer, J. Moneymaker, Capt. Zarzecki. Two shiny silver objects shaped like bullet or bladder. They dove with a smoke trail and one vanished. The other hovered at 5-6' altitude, 50' away, left and returned several times somewhat further away.

October 15, 1950: Pope AFB, North Carolina. Witness: Daniel. Listed as "unidentified" in folder index, but no supporting data could be found.

October 15, 1950: Pope AFB, North Carolina. Witness: Woodward. Same as previous observation.

October 23, 1950: Bonlee, North Carolina. 12:42 p.m. Witness: ex USAF pilot Frank Risher. One aluminum object shaped like a dirigible or Convair C-99 cargo plane, with 3 portholes, arrived from southeast, hovered 3-5 seconds and flew away to the south south east at end of 40-second sighting.

November 5, 1950: Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 11:55 a.m. Witness: Fairchild Aircraft illustrator Don Patrick. One translucent object, light grey with dark core, shaped like a pear or bean. Flew for 5-10 minutes with rapid, darting movements.

December 2, 1950: Nanyika, Kenya. 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott. One pearly, iridescent object with a flattened top, spun while hovering and made a sound like bees buzzing. Only data in files was from East African "Standard" newspaper.

December 6, 1950: Ft. Myers, Florida. 5:00 p.m. Witnesses: former aircraft purchasing agent Harry Lamp and four boys, using 10x binoculars. One 75' object, 3-4' thick, bubble on top, silver with a red rim having two white and two orange jets along it. The center revolved when the object hovered; then it flew away very fast.

December 11, 1950: 10 miles NW of Gulcana, Alaska. 10:13 p.m. Witnesses: crew of Northwest Air Lines flight 802. Two white flashes, followed by a dark cloud which rose and split in two.

January 8, 1951: South of Ft. Worth, Texas. 10:45 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Boggus, plus unidentified drivers and passengers in other cars stopped to watch. Two groups of red and green lights in triangular formations were stationary and then moved.

January 12, 1951: Ft. Benning, Georgia. 10:00 p.m. Witness: U.S. Army 2nd Lt. A. C. Hale. One light with a fan-shaped wake remained motionless like a star about 20 minutes and then sped away.

January 16, 1951: Artesia, New Mexico. Time unknown. Witnesses: Two members of a balloon project from the General Mills Aeronautical Research Laboratory, the manger of the Artesia Airport, and three pilots. The balloon crew was observing their 110' balloon at an altitude of 112,000' when a dull white, round object was spotted. It appeared larger than the balloon, but made no movement. Later, the balloon crew and the others saw two objects from the airport, flying side by side; they circled the balloon and flew away to the northeast. The second observation lasted about 40 seconds. Note: there is confusion over the date of this case, with some USAF records showing it as 1952; however, 1951 appears to be correct.

February 1, 1951: Johnson Air Base, Japan. 5:10 p.m. Witnesses: pilot and radar operator of F-82 night fighter. One amber light made three or four 360° turns to the right, reversed toward the F-82 and then climbed out of sight.

February 21, 1951: Durban, South Africa. 4:55 a.m. Witnesses: three men in a truck, several other persons, none named. A dark red, torpedo-shaped object with darker center, flew straight and level.

February 26, 1951: Ladd AFB, Alaska. 7:10 a.m. Witness: USAF Sgt. J. B. Sells. One dull grey, metallic object, estimated to be 120' long and 10-12' thick, hovered, puffed smoke and sped away after 1-1.5 minutes. Note: may have been February 25.

March 10, 1951: Chinnampo, Korea. 9:51 a.m. Witnesses: crew of USAF B-29 bomber, including scanners and tail gunner. A large red yellow glow burst and became blue white. No further information in files.

March 13, 1951: McClellan AFB, California. 3:20 p.m. Witnesses: USAF 1st Lt. B. J. Hastie, Mrs. Rafferty. A cylinder with twin tails, 200' long and 90' wide, turned north and flew at incredible speed. Two minutes.

March 15, 1951: New Delhi, India. 10:20 a.m. Witnesses: 25 members of a flying club, including the chief aerial engineer and his two assistants. One metallic cigar-shaped object with white exhaust which turned black when it accelerated to an estimated 1,000 m.p.h. and made a large loop. Seven minutes.

June 1, 1951: Niagara Falls, New York. 4:20 a.m. Witnesses: M/Sgt H.E. Sweeney, 2 enlisted men. One glowing yellow orange, saucer-shaped object with arc-shaped wings, flew straight up. Seen for 30-40 seconds.

July 24, 1951: Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 7:10 a.m. Witnesses: Hanscom AFB Operations Officer Capt. Cobb, Cpl. Fein. One 100-200' tubular object, 5 times long as it was wide, with fins at one end, and colored greyish with many black spots. Flew 800-1,000 m.p.h. at 1-2,000' altitude, leaving a faint swath. 20 seconds.

August 25, 1951: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 9:58 p.m. Witnesses: Sandia Base Security Guard Hugh Young and wife. A flying wing-shaped craft passed over their heads at an estimated 800- 1,000' altitude with no sound. Size estimated at 1.5 times wingspan of B-36 bomber, or 350'. Dark, chordwise stripes on underside, and 6-8 pairs of soft, glowing lights on trailing edge of "wing". Speed estimated at 300-400 m.p.h., object seen for about 30 seconds.

August 31, 1951: Matador, Texas. 12:45 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. Tom Tilson, one or two other women, all apparently of excellent reputations. One pear-shaped object with a length of a B-29 fuselage (100'), aluminum or silver with a port or some type of aperture on the side. It moved with smaller end forward, drifting slowly at about 150' altitude, then headed up in a circular fashion and out of sight after a few seconds.

September 6, 1951: Claremont, California. 7:20 p.m. (not really clear). Witnesses: S/Sgt W. T. Smith, M/Sgt L. L. Duel (?). Six orange lights in an irregular formation, flew straight and level into a coastal fog bank after 3-4 minutes.

September 14, 1951*: Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. 9:30 p.m. Witnesses: T/Sgt W. B. Maupin, Cpl. J. W. Green. Three objects tracked on radar. Two were on a collision course, then one evaded to the right upon the request, by radio, of one of the radar operators! No aircraft were known to be in the area. A third unidentified track then joined the first two. More than 15 minutes.

October 2, 1951: Columbus, Ohio. 6:00 p.m. Witness: Battelle Memorial Institute graduate physicist Howard Cross. One bright oval with a clipped tail flew straight and level, fading into the distance after 1 minute.

October 3, 1951: Kadena, Okinawa. 10:27 p.m. Witnesses: radar operators Sgt. M. W. Watson and Pvt. Gonzales and one other Sergeant. One large, sausage-shaped blip tracked at an estimated 4,800 m.p.h.

October 9, 1951: Terre Haute, Indiana. 1:42 p.m. Witness: CAA Chief Aircraft Communicator Roy Messmore at Hulman Municipal Airport. One round silver object flew directly overhead, reaching the horizon in 15 seconds. Note: a very similar incident happened 3 minutes later near Paris, Illinois (15 miles NW) and was also listed as "unidentified" for several years, but was eventually reclassified.

October 11, 1951: Minneapolis, Minnesota. 6:30 a.m. Witnesses: General Mills balloon researchers, including aeronautical engineer J. J. Kaliszewski, aerologist C. B. Moore, pilot Dick Reilly in the air, and Doug Smith on the ground. The flight crew saw the first object, a brightly glowing one with a dark underside and a halo around it. The object arrived high and fast, then slowed and made slow climbing circles for about two minutes, and finally sped away to the east. Soon they saw another one, confirmed by ground observers using a theodolite, which sped across the sky. Total time first object was seen was 5 minutes, second was a few seconds.

November 18, 1951: Washington, D.C. 3:20 a.m. Witnesses: Crew of Capital Airlines DC-4 Fliqht 610, Andrews AFB Senior air traffic controller Tom Selby. One object with several lights, followed the DC-4 for about 20 minutes and then turned back.

November 24, 1951: Mankato, Minnesota. 3:53 p.m. Witnesses: USAF or ANG pilots W. H. Fairbrother and D. E. Stewart in P-51 Mustangs. One milky white object shaped like Northrop flying wing (broad, slightly swept back wing with no fuselage or tail). Estimated 8' span. Flew straight and level for 5 seconds.

December 7, 1951: Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 8:15 a.m. Witness: Atomic Energy Commission guard J. H. Collins. One 20' square object, white grey but not shiny flew above ridge to clouds and back again twice, taking 30-40 seconds each time.

December 7, 1951: Sunbury, Ohio. 4:30 p.m. Witness: amateur astronomer Carl Loar. One silvery sphere seen through telescope. Two specks sighted at sides, object seemed to explode and was replaced by a dark cloud and many specks. 30 minutes.

February 11, 1952: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 3:00 a.m. Witnesses: Capt. G. P. Arns and Maj. R. J. Gedson flying a Beech AT-II trainer. One yellow orange comet-shaped object pulsed flame for 1-2 seconds of a 1-minute straight and level flight.

February 23, 1952: over North Korea. 11:15 p.m. Witness: Captain/B-29 navigator. One bluish cylinder, three times long as wide, with a tail and rapid pulsations, came in high and fast, made several turns and levelled out under B-29 which was evading mild antiaircraft fire. 45-second sighting.

March 20, 1952: Centreville, Maryland. 10:42 p.m. Witnesses: WW1/WW2 veteran A. D. Hutchinson and son. One dull orange yellow saucer-shaped light flew straight and level very fast for 30 seconds.

March 23, 1952: Yakima, Washington. 6:56 and 7:00 p.m. Witnesses: pilot and radar operator of F-94 jet interceptor. On either occasion, a red fireball increased in brightness and then faded over 45 second span. Stationary both times. Note: Project Blue Book Status Report #7 (May 31, 1952) says target was also tracked by ground radar at 78 knots (90 m.p.h.) at 22,500' and 25,000' altitude.

March 24, 1952: 60 miles west of Pt. Concepcion, California. 8:45 a.m. Witnesses: B-29 navigator and radar operator. One target tracked for 20-30 seconds at estimated 3,000 m.p.h.

March 29, 1952: 20 miles north of Misawa AFB, Japan. 11:20 a.m. Witness: Brigham, pilot of AT-6 trainer. One small, very thin, shiny metallic disc flew alongside the AT-6, then made a pass at an F-84 jet fighter, flipped on edge, fluttered 20' from the F-84's fuselage and flipped in the slipstream...all in 10 seconds.

April 4, 1952: Duncanville, Texas. 7:30 p.m. Witnesses: two radar operators of the 147th AC&W Squadron. One object was tracked for one minute by radar at an estimated 2,160 m.p.h.

April 5, 1952: Phoenix, Arizona. 10:40 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Ryan, R. L. Stokes, D. Schook. One large, dull grey circular object, followed by two more, flew straight and level at high speed.

April 5, 1952: Miami, Florida. 9:15 p.m. Witnesses: L. E. VanDercar and 9 year old son. Four dark circular objects with mostly fuzzy edges, crossed face of Moon; each was half the apparent diameter of Moon.

April 6, 1952: Temple, Texas. 2:59 p.m. Witness: H. L. Russell. 50-75 grey white discs changed position within formation continually, tilted in unison every 12-15 seconds during 3.8 minute sighting.

April 12, 1952*: North Bay, Ontario, Canada. 9:30 p.m. Witnesses: Royal Canadian Air Force Warrant Officer E. H. Rossell, Flight Sgt. R. McRae. One round amber object flew fast, stopped, reversed direction, climbed away at 30° angle during a 2-minute observation.

April 14, 1952: LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 12:35 p.m. Witness: unidentified CAL airline pilot. Several light colored objects flew in V formation. No further details in files.

April 14, 1952: Memphis, Tennessee. 6:34 p.m. Witnesses: U.S. Navy pilots Lt. jg. Blacky, Lt. jg. O'Neil. One inverted bowl, 3' long and 1' high, with vertical slots, flew fast, straight and level, 100 yards from observers' aircraft for 45-60 seconds.

April 15, 1952: Santa Cruz, California. 7:40 p.m. Witness: Mr. Hayes, brother of Master Sergeant. Two faint objects observed flying fast along the horizon for 6-8 seconds, using 20x spotting telescope.

April 17, 1952: Yuma, Arizona. 3:05 p.m. Witnesses: group of Army weather observation students, including several graduate engineers. One flat white, circular object flew with an irregular trajectory and a brief trail, for about 7 seconds.

April 17, 1952: Longmeadow, Massachusetts. 8:30 p.m. Witnesses: S. B. Brooks, chemical engineer J. A. Eaton. One round, deep orange object flew fast and erratic, occasionally emitting a shaft of light to the rear during a 40-minute sighting.

April 18, 1952: Yuma, Arizona. Time unknown. Witnesses: two Army weather observation students. One flat white circular object flew for 5-10 seconds in a very erratic manner.

April 18, 1952*: Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. 4:00 a.m. Witness: janitor C. Hamilton. One yellow gold object made a sharp turn and left a short, dark trail during 1-minute sighting.

April 18, 1952: Bethesda, Maryland. 11:30 a.m. Witnesses: R. Poerstal and three other men. Seven to nine circular, orange yellow lights in a 40° V formation flew overhead silently for 4-8 seconds, from south to north.

April 18, 1952*: Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. 10:10 p.m. Witness: reporter Chic Shave. One round, yellow gold object flew south and returned during 1.5-minute sighting.

April 18, 1952: 50 miles northwest of Kyushu, Japan (129 51' E., 34 19' N.). Witness: one radar operator. Tracked unidentified target for 1 minute at 2,700 m.p.h.

April 22, 1952: Naha AFB, Okinawa. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: crew of B-29 bomber, on ground. One elliptical object, followed by two and then another two, each with a white light that blinked every 1-2 seconds as they performed erratic maneuvers for 10 minutes.

April 24, 1952: Bellevue Hill, Vermont. 5:00 a.m. Witnesses: crew of USAF C-124 transport plane. Three circular, bluish objects in loose "fingertip" formation twice flew parallel to airplane during 3-4 minute period.

April 24, 1952: Milton, Massachusetts. 2:30 p.m. Witnesses: three Cambridge Research Center electronics engineers, one named Buruish. Two flat, red squares flew wobbly in level flight, climbed, levelled out during 1.5-minute observation.

April 24, 1952: Clovis, New Mexico. 8:10 p.m. Witness: USAF light Surgeon Maj. E. L. Ellis. Many orange amber lights, sometimes separate, sometimes fused, behaved erratically. Speed varied from motionless to very fast during 5-minute sighting.

April 27, 1952: Roseville, Michigan. 4:15 p.m. Witnesses: H. A. Freytag and three male relatives, including a minister. One silver oval rolled, descended and stopped. Two silver cigar-shaped objects appeared, one departing to the east and one to the west. A third silver cigar-shaped object flew by at high speed. Sightings lasted 45 minutes.

April 27, 1952: Yuma, Arizona. 8:30 p.m. Witnesses: M/Sgt. and Mrs. G. S. Porter (he was off duty control tower operator). Bright red or flame-colored discs, appearing as large as fighter planes. Seven sightings of one disc, one of two in formation during 2 hours. All seen below 11,000' overcast.

April 29, 1952: Marshall, Texas. 3:30 p.m. Witness: private pilot R. R. Weidman. One round, white object which flew straight, with a side to side oscillation for 1.5 minutes.

April 29, 1952: Goodland, Kansas. 10:00 p.m. Witness: B-29 bombardier Lt. R. H. Bauer. One white fan-shaped light pulsed 3-4 times per second for 2 seconds.

May 1, 1952: Moses Lake, Washington. 5:32 a.m. Witnesses: Two Atomic Energy Commission employees, Eggan and Shipley. One silver object without wings flew straight and level for 1.5 minutes.

May 1, 1952: George AFB, California. 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: three men on the arms range, plus one Lt. Colonel 4 miles away. Five flat white discs about the diameter of a C-47's wingspan (95') flew fast, made a 90° turn in a formation of three in front and two behind, and darted around, for 15-30 seconds.

May 5, 1952: Tenafly, New Jersey. 10:45 p.m. Witness: Mrs. M. M. Judson. Six or seven translucent, cream yellow objects. One moved in an ellipse, while the others moved in and out.

May 7, 1952: Keesler AFB, Mississippi. 12:15 p.m. Witnesses: Capt. Morris, a Master Sergeant, a Staff Sergeant, and an Airman First Class. Ten times, an aluminum or silver cylindrical object was seen to dart in and out of the clouds during a 5-10 minute period.

May 9, 1952: George AFB, California. 5:20 p.m. Witness: A/1c G. C. Grindeland. One dull white, arrowhead-shaped object flew straight and level for 10 seconds.

May 10, 1952: Ellenton, South Carolina. 10:45 p.m. Witnesses: four DuPont employees at the Savannah River nuclear plant. Up to four yellow, disc-shaped objects were seen on five occasions between 10:45 and shortly after 11:15.

May 14, 1952: Mayaquez, Puerto Rico. 7:00 p.m. Witnesses: Attorney and ex-USAF pilot Mr. Stipes, Sr. Garcia Mendez. Two shining orange spheres: one was stationary, while the other darted away and back for 30 minutes.

May 20, 1952: Houston, Texas. 10:10 p.m. Witnesses: USAF pilots Capt. J. Spurgin and Capt. B. B. Stephan. One bright or white oval object moved from side to side while making a gradual turn for 90 seconds.

May 25, 1952: Walnut Lake, Michigan. 9:15 p.m. Witnesses: seven persons, including John Hoffman, his family and friends. One large white circular object having dark sections on its rim, flew straight and level for 30 minutes, appearing red when behind a cloud.

May 28, 1952: Saigon, French Indo China. 10:30 a.m. Witnesses: many in crowd watching a ceremony. One white silver, disc-shaped object flew straight and fast for 2 minutes.

May 28, 1952: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1:45 2:40 p.m. Witnesses: two city fire department employees. Two circular objects, one shiny silver and the other orange or light brown, were seen three times performing fast maneuvers.

May 29, 1952: San Antonio, Texas. 7:00 p.m. Witness: USAF pilot Maj. D. W. Feuerstein, on ground. One bright tubular object tilted from horizontal to vertical for 8 minutes, then slowly returned to horizontal, again tilted vertical, accelerated, appeared to lengthen and turned red. The entire sighting lasted 14 minutes.

June 1, 1952: Walla, Washington. 1:00 p.m. Witness: ex-military pilot Reserve Maj. W. C. Vollendorf. One oval object with a "definite airfoil" performed a fast climb for 7 seconds.

June l, 1952: Soap Lake, Washington. 3:00+ p.m. Witness: Ray Lottman. Three glimmering objects flew straight and level for 10 minutes.

June 1, 1952: Rapid City, South Dakota. 6:00 p.m. Witnesses: A/1c Beatty and two civilians. At least five long silver objects flew in a neat box formation with a leader for 15-20 seconds.

June 2, 1952: Bayview, Washington. 5:02 p.m. Witness: Larry McWade. One purple object seen for unknown length of time. No further information in files.

June 2, 1952: Fulda, West Germany. Time unknown. Witness: 1st Lt. John Hendry, photo navigator on an RB-26C reconnaissance bomber. One porcelain white object flew very fast for an unknown length of time.

June 5, 1952: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 6:45 p.m. Witness: S/Sgt T. H. Shorey. One shiny round object flew 5-6 times as fast as an F-86 jet fighter for 6 seconds.

June 5, 1952: Lubbock, Texas. 11:00 p.m. Witnesses: Dan Benson, Mr. Bacon. A total of eight yellow circular objects, like large stars, were seen during 45 minutes. The first two were in a trail formation, the others were seen singly.

June 5, 1952: Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska. 11:00 p.m. Witnesses: 2nd Lt. W.R. Soper, a Strategic Air Command top secret control officer and former OSI agent; and two other persons. One bright red object remained stationary for 4.5 minutes before speeding away with a short tail.

June 6, 1952: Kimpo AFB, Korea. Case missing from official files.

June 7, 1952: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 11:18 a.m. Witnesses: crew of B-25 bomber #8840 at 11,500'. One rectangular aluminum object, about 6' x 4', flew 250-300' below the B 25.

June 8, 1952: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Markland. Four shiny objects flew straight and level in a diamond formation.

June 9, 1952: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Case missing from official files.

June 12, 1952: Marakesch, Morocco. 11:26 a.m. Witness: T/Sgt. H. D. Adams, operating an SCR 584 radar set. One unidentified blip tracked at 650 kts. (750 m.p.h.) at greater than 60,000' altitude.

June 12, 1952: Ft. Smith, Arkansas. 7:30 p.m. Witnesses: U.S. Army Major and Lt. Colonel, using binoculars. One orange ball with a tail flew with a low angular velocity.

June 13, 1952: Middletown, Pennsylvania. 8:45 p.m. Witness: R. S. Thomas, Olmstead AFB employee and former control tower operator. One round, orange object travelled south, stopped for 1 second, turned east, stopped 1 second, and went down.

June 15, 1952: Louisville, Kentucky. 11:50 p.m. Witness: Edward Duke, ex-U.S. Navy radar technician. One large, cigar-shaped object with a blunt front, lit sides and a red stern, maneuvered in a leisurely fashion for 15 minutes.

June 16, 1952: Walker AFB, New Mexico. 8:30 p.m. Witness: USAF maintenance specialist S/Sgt. Sparks. Five or six greyish discs, in a half moon formation, flew at 500-600 m.p.h. for 1 minute.

June 17, 1952: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 1:28 a.m. Witness: pilot of USAF F-94 jet interceptor. A light like a bright star crossed the nose of the airplane while being observed for 15 seconds. No further information in the files.

June 17, 1952: McChord AFB, Washington. Between 7:30 and 10:20 p.m. Witnesses: many and varied. From one to five large silver yellow objects flew erratically, stopped and started for about 15 minutes.

June 18, 1952: Columbus, Wisconsin. 9:00 a.m. Witness: R. A. Finger. One crescent-shaped object hovered for several seconds and then sped away.

June 18, 1952: Walnut Lake, Michigan. 10:00 p.m. Witnesses: Marron Hoffman and four relatives, using 4x binoculars. One orange light was observed zigzagging and then hovering for an unspecified length of time.

June 19, 1952*: Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. 2:37 a.m. Witness: 2nd Lt. A. Gostino and unidentified radar operator. One red light turned white while wobbling. Radar tracked a stationary target during the 1-minute sighting.

June 19, 1952: Yuma, Arizona. 2:00 p.m. Witness: USAF pilot John Lane. One round, white object flew straight and level for 10 seconds.

June 20, 1952: Central Korea. 3:03 p.m. Witnesses: four Marine Corps Captains and pilots of F4U-4B Corsair fighter planes. One 10-20' white or silver oval object made a left-hand orbit at terrific speed for 60 seconds.

June 21, 1952: Kelly AFB, Texas. 12:30 p.m. Witness: T/Sgt. Howard Davis, flight engineer of B-29 bomber at 8,000' altitude. One flat object with a sharply pointed front and rounded rear, white with a dark blue center and red rim, trailed sparks as it dove past the B-29 at a distance of 500', in 1 second.

June 22, 1952: Pyungthek, Korea. 10:45 p.m. Witnesses: Two Marine Corps Sergeants. One 4-foot diameter object dove at a runway shooting red flames, hovered briefly over a hill, turned 180°, flashed twice and was gone.

June 23, 1952: Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 3:30 a.m. Witness: secretary Martha Milligan. One bullet-shaped object with burnt orange exhaust flew straight and level for 30-60 seconds.

June 23, 1952: Location unknown, but information came via Japan Hq. "CV 4359". 6:08 a.m. Witness: USAF pilot of the 18th Fighter Bomber Group. One black coin-shaped object, 15-20' in diameter, made an irregular descent.

June 23, 1952: Owensboro, Kentucky. 10:00 a.m. Witness: National Guard Lt. Col. O. L. Depp. Two objects looking like "giant soap bubbles", reflecting yellow and lavender colors, flew in trail for 5 seconds.

June 23, 1952: Spokane, Washington. 4:05 p.m. Witness: Airport weather observer Rex Thompson. One round disc with a metallic shine flashed, and fluttered like a flipped coin for 5-7 minutes.

June 23, 1952: McChord AFB, Washington. 9:00 p.m. Witness: 2nd Lt. K. Thompson. One very large light flew straight and level for 10 minutes. No further information.

June 23, 1952: Kirksville, Missouri. Case missing from official files.

June 25, 1952: Chicago, Illinois. 8:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. Norbury, Mr. Matheis. One bright yellow white, egg-shaped object which sometimes had a red tail, made seven circles in 1½ hours.

June 25, 1952: Japan Korea area. Case missing from official files.

June 26, 1952: Terre Haute, Indiana. 2:45 a.m. Witness: USAF 2nd Lt. C. W. Povelites. Undescribed object flew at 600 m.p.h. and then stopped. No further information in files.

June 26, 1952: Pottstown, Pennsylvania. 11:50 p.m. Witness: assistant manager of airport. Three sightings of flashing lights: two lights separated by 2 miles, with the leader flashing steadily and the other irregularly; two similarly flashing lights, but with 1 mile separation; finally a single light. Speed estimated at 150-250 m.p.h. Total of ½ hour.

June 27, 1952: Topeka, Kansas. 6:50 p.m. Witnesses: USAF pilot 2nd Lt. K. P. Kelly and wife. One pulsating red object which changed shape from a circular to a vertical oval as it pulsed. Was stationary for about 5 minutes, then went out.

June 28, 1952: Nagoya, Japan. 4:10 p.m. Witness: Capt. T. W. Barger, USAF electronics counter-measures officer. One dark blue elliptical-shaped object with a pulsing border flew straight and level at 700-800 m.p.h..

June 28, 1952: Lake Kishkanoug, Wisconsin. 6:00 p.m. Witness: G. Metcalfe. One silver white sphere became an ellipse as it turned and climbed away very fast. 10 seconds.

June 29, 1952: O'Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois. 5:45 p.m. Witnesses: three USAF air policemen. One bright silver, flat oval object surrounded by a blue haze, hovered, then moved very fast to the right and to the left, and up and down for 45 minutes.

July 3, 1952: Selfridge AFB, Michigan. 4:15 a.m. Witnesses not identified. Two big lights, estimated at 20' diameter, flew straight and level at tremendous speed.

July 3, 1952: Chicago, Illinois. 11:50 p.m. Witness: Mrs. J. D. Arbuckle. Two bright pastel green discs flew straight and level very fast for 6 seconds.

July 5, 1952: Norman, Oklahoma. 7:58 p.m. Witness: Oklahoma State Patrolman Hamilton in State Patrol airplane. Three dark discs hovered and then flew away, silhouetted against a dark cloud. 15 seconds.

July 6-12, 1952: Elizabeth, New Jersey. 11:00 p.m. Witness: Charles Muhr. Four pictures taken of some indistinct light which was admittedly not seen visually, but which appeared on the negatives.

July 9, 1952: Colorado Springs, Colorado. 12:45 p.m. Witness: USAF pilot Maj. C. K. Griffin. One object shaped like an airfoil less its trailing edge, luminous white, moved slowly and erratically for 12 minutes.

July 9, 1952: Rapid City AFB, South Dakota. 3:35 p.m. Witnesses: S/Sgt. D. P. Foster and three other persons. Three times, a single white, disc-shaped object sped by, straight and level, in 5 seconds.

July 9, 1952: Kutztown, Pennsylvania. 6:30 p.m. Witness: farmer John Mittl. One aluminum, oval-shaped object changed direction and attitude, finally tipping on end and departing after 20 seconds. Case file includes three vague photographs.

July 12, 1952: Annapolis, Maryland. 3:30 p.m. Witness: insurance company president William Washburn. Four large, elliptical-shaped objects were seen to fly very fast, stop, turn 90° and fly away in 7-8 seconds.

July 12, 1952: Kirksville, Missouri. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: many radar controllers who were military officers. Several big blips tracked on radar at 1,500 kts. (1,700 m.p.h.). There was no visual sighting.

July 14, 1952: Norfolk, Virginia. 8:12 p.m. Witnesses: Pan American Airways First Officer William Nash, Second Officer William Fortenberry. Eight large, round, glowing red objects maneuvered below their airliner, in formation.

July 15, 1952: West Palm Beach, Florida. 10:10 p.m. Witnesses: J. Antoneff and two other persons. One discus-shaped object, greyish, except when hovering, when it appeared muddy. Hovered over Palm Beach International Airport, then followed an SA-16 twin engined amphibian and flew away after 40-60 seconds.

July 16, 1952: Beverly, Massachusetts. 9:35 a.m. Witness: U.S. Coast Guard photographer Shell Alpert. Four roughly elliptical blobs of light in formation photographed through window of photo lab.

July 17, 1952: Lockbourne, Ohio. 11:00 a.m. Witness: Air National Guard employees. One light like a big star was seen for 3 hours, but disappeared when an aircraft approached. Also seen the night of July 20, 22 and 23.

July 17, 1952: White Plains, New York. 3:10 p.m. Witness: Mrs. Florence Daley. Two round objects, bluish white with brighter rims, flew in formation, making a sound like bombers, only softer. Note: Later, the witness stated she heard many feminine voices coming from the objects.

July 18, 1952: Miami, Florida. 11:00 a.m. Witnesses: E. R. Raymer and daughter. One opaque, silvery bubble flew very fast at a right angle to the wind direction for 10 seconds.

July 18, 1952: Lockbourne, Ohio. 9:10 p.m. Witnesses: T/Sgt. Mahone, A/3c Jennings. One amber-colored, elliptical-shaped object with a small flame at the rear, periodically increased in brightness. It moved very fast for 1½ minutes, giving off a resonant beat sound.

July 18, 1952: Patrick AFB, Florida. 9:45 p.m. Witnesses: three USAF officers and four enlisted men. Over an hour period, a series of hovering and maneuvering red orange lights were observed moving in a variety of directions.

July 19, 1952: Williston, North Dakota. 2:55 a.m. Witness: one experienced civilian pilot. One elliptical-shaped object with a light fringe, travelled down fast, made a 360° and then a 180° turn in 5 minutes.

July 19, 1952: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. 11:35 p.m. Witnesses: USAF pilot Capt. C. J. powley and wife. Two star-like lights maneuvered, hovered and sped for 5-7 minutes.

July 20, 1952: Lavalette, New Jersey. 12:20 a.m. Witness: Seton Hall Univ. chemistry professor Dr. A. B. Spooner. Two large orange yellow lights with some dull red coloring flew in trail, turned and circled for 5-6 minutes.

July 21, 1952: Converse, Texas. 4:30 p.m. Witness: wife of USAF Capt. J. B. Neal. One elongated, fuselage-shaped object flew straight and level, made a right-angle turn and went out of sight at more than 300 m.p.h., all in 3-5 seconds.

July 21, 1952: Weisbaden, West Germany. 6:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF pilot Capt. E. E. Dougher, WAF Lt. J. J. Stong, situated miles apart. Four bright yellowish lights were seen by Dougher to separate, with two climbing and two flying away level in the opposite direction. Stong watched two reddish lights fly in opposite directions. Sightings lasted about 10-15 minutes.

July 21, 1952: Rockville, Indiana. 8:10 p.m. Witnesses: one military officer, two enlisted men. One aluminum, delta-shaped object with a vertical fin, flew straight and level, and then hovered during a 3-minute sighting.

July 21, 1952: San Marcos AFB, Texas. 10:40 p.m. Witnesses: one Lieutenant, two Staff Sergeants, three airmen. One blue circle with a blue trail was seen to hover and then accelerate to near sonic speed (700+ m.p.h.) after 1 minute.

July 22, 1952: Holyoke, Massachusetts. After midnight. Witness: Mrs. A. Burgess. One round, yellow, flashing light went downward. No further information in files.

July 22, 1952: Los Alamos, New Mexico. 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: control tower operator Don Weins, and two pilots for Carco. Eight large, round, bright aluminum objects flew straight and level, then darted around erratically during 25 minutes.

July 22, 1952: Uvalde, Texas. 2:46 p.m. Witness: Don Epperly, Trans Texas Airlines station manager and weather observer. One large, round, silver object flew at more than 1,000 m.p.h. for 45 seconds, while gyrating.

July 22, 1952: between Boston and Provincetown, Massachusetts. 10:47 p.m. Witnesses: pilot and radar operator of USAF F-94 jet interceptor. One round blue light passed F-94, spinning.

July 22, 1952: Trenton, New Jersey. 10:50 p.m. to 12:45 a.m., July 23. Witnesses: crews of several USAF F-94 jet interceptors from Dover AFB, Del. Thirteen visual sightings and one radar tracking of blue white lights during two hours.

July 23, 1952: Pottstown, Pennsylvania. 8:40 a.m. Witnesses: the two man crews of three USAF F-94 jet interceptors. One large silver object, shaped like a long pear with two or three squares beneath it, flew at 150-180 kts. (170-210 m.p.h.), while a smaller object, delta-shaped or swept back, flew around it at 1,000-1,500 kts. (1,150-1,700 m.p.h.). Seen by crews for 1-4 minutes.

July 23, 1952: Altoona, Pennsylvania. 12:50 p.m. Witnesses: two man crews of two USAF F-94 jet interceptors at 35-46,000' altitude. Three cylindrical objects in a vertical stack formation flew at an altitude of 50-80,000'. Seen for 20 minutes.

July 23, 1952: South Bend, Indiana. 11:35 p.m. Witness: USAF pilot Capt. H. W. Kloth. Two bright blue-white objects flew together, then the rear one veered off after about 9 minutes.

July 24, 1952: Carson Sink, Nevada. 3:40 p.m. Witnesses: two USAF Lt. Colonels McGinn and Barton in a B-25 bomber. Three silver, delta-shaped objects, each with a ridge along the top, crossed in front of and above the B-25 at high speed, in 3-4 seconds.

July 26, 1952: Kirtland AFB, New Mexico. 12:05 a.m. Witness: Airman 1st Class J. M. Donaldson. Eight to ten orange balls in a triangular or V formation flew very fast for 3-4 seconds.

July 26, 1952: Kansas City, Missouri. 12:15 a.m. Witnesses: USAF Capt. H. A. Stone, men in control towers at Fairfax Field and Municipal Airport. One greenish light with red orange flashes was seen for 1 hour as it descended in the northwest from 40° elevation to 10° elevation.

July 26, 1952: Washington, D.C. 8:00 p.m. until after midnight. Witnesses: radar operators at several airports, airline pilots. Many unidentified blips tracked by radar all over Washington area, at varying speeds. Pilots spotted unidentified lights.

July 26, 1952: Andrews AFB, Maryland. This was a continuation of the extensive sightings and radar tracking reports reported throughout the Washington, D.C. area, all night long.

July 26, 1952: Williams, California. Case missing from official files.

July 27, 1952: Selfridge AFB, Michigan. 10:05 a.m. Witnesses: three B-29 bomber crewmen on ground. Many round, white objects flew straight and level, very fast. Two at 10:05, one at 10:10, one at 10:15, one at 10:20. Each was seen for about 30 seconds.

July 27, 1952: Wichita Falls, Texas. 8:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Ellis. Two disc-shaped objects, illuminated by a phosphorus light, flew at an estimated 1,000 m.p.h. for 15 seconds.

July 28, 1952: McChord AFB, Washington. 2:15 a.m. Witnesses: T/Sgt. Walstead, S/Sgt. Calkins of the 635th AC&W Squadron. One dull, glowing, blue green ball, the size of a dime at arms' length, flew very fast, straight and level.

July 28, 1952: McGuire AFB, New Jersey. 6:00 a.m. Witness: Ground Control Approach radar operator M/Sgt. W.F. Dees, and persons in the base control tower. Radar tracked a large cluster of very distinct blips. Visual observation was of oblong objects having neither wings nor tail, which made a very fast turn and at one time were in echelon formation. Entire episode lasted 55 minutes.

July 28, 1952: Heidelberg, West Germany. 10:20 p.m. Witnesses: Sgt. B.C. Grassmoen, WAC P1c. A. P. Turner. One saucer-shaped object having an appearance of light metal and giving off shafts of white light, flew slow, made a 90° turn and climbed away fast after 4-5 minutes.

July 29, 1952: Osceola, Wisconsin. 1:30 a.m. Witnesses: radar operators on ground, pilot of F-51 Mustang in flight. Several clusters of up to 10 small radar targets and one large target. Small targets moved from southwest to east at 50-60 kts. (60-70 m.p.h.), following each other. The large one moved at 600 kts. (700 m.p.h.). One hour total time. Pilot confirmed one target.

July 29, 1952: Ennis, Montana. 12:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF persons, alerted that UFOs were coming from the direction of Seattle, Washington. Two to five flat disc-shaped objects: one hovered 3-4 minutes, while the others circled it. Sighting length of 30 minutes not explained further.

July 29, 1952: Wichita, Kansas. 12:35 p.m. Witnesses: USAF shop employees Douglas and Hess at Municipal Airport. One bright white circular object with a flat bottom flew very fast, and then hovered 10-15 seconds over the Cessna Aircraft Co. plant, during the 5-minute sighting.

July 29, 1952: Langley AFB, Virginia. 2:30 p.m. Witness: USAF Capt. D. G. Moore, of military air traffic control system. One undescribed object flew at an estimated 2,600 m.p.h., below 5,000' altitude, toward the air base for about 2 minutes.

July 29, 1952: Langley AFB, Virginia. 2:50 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. Moore, Gilfillan electronics representative W. Yhope. One radar target tracked moving away, stopped for 2 minutes, again moved very, very fast. 4 minutes.

July 29, 1952: Merced, California. 3:44 or 4:35 p.m. Witnesses: Herbert Mitchell and one employee. One dark, discus-shaped object, trailed by a silvery light 2 lengths behind, tipped on its side, dove, hesitated and then circled very fast during the 2-minute sighting.

July 30, 1952: San Antonio, Texas. 10:00 a.m. Witnesses: E. E. Nye and one other person. One round, white object flew slow and then sped away after 20-30 minutes.

July 30, 1952: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 11:02 p.m. Witness: USAF 1st Lt. George Funk. One orange light remained stationary for 10 minutes. No further details in files.

August 1, 1952: Lancaster, California. 1:14 a.m. Witnesses: sheriff's deputies and other persons, one named Mallette. Two brilliant red lights hovered and maneuvered for 5 minutes.

August 2, 1952: Lake Charles, Louisiana. 3:00 a.m. Witnesses: USAF 1st Lt. W. A. Theil, one enlisted man. One red ball with a blue flame tail flew straight and level for 3-4 seconds.

August 4, 1952: Phoenix, Arizona. 2:20 a.m. Witness: USAF A/3c W.F. Vain. One yellow ball which lengthened and narrowed to plate shape, flew straight and level for 5 minutes.

August 4, 1952: Mt. Vernon, New York. 11:37 a.m. Witnesses: one woman, two children. One object, shaped like a lifesaver or donut, emitted black smoke from its top and made a 15° arc in 1.5 minutes. Observed for 2 hours.

August 5. 1952: Haneda AFB, Japan. 11:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF F-94 jet interceptor pilots 1st Lt. W. R. Holder and 1st Lt. A. M. Jones, and Haneda control tower operators. Airborne radar tracked a target for 90 seconds. Control tower operators watched 50-60 minutes while a dark shape with a light flew as fast as 330 kts. (380 m.p.h.), hovered, flew curves and performed a variety of maneuvers.

August 6, 1952: Tokyo, Japan. This is a continuation of the Haneda AFB sightings.

August 6, 1952: Port Austin, Michigan. Case missing from official files.

August 7. 1952: San Antonio, Texas. 9:08 a.m. Witness: Mrs. Susan Pfuhl. Four glowing white discs: one made a 180° turn, one flew straight and level, one veered off, and one circled during the 70-minute sighting.

August 9, 1952: Lake Charles, Louisiana. 10:50 a.m. Witness: USAF A/3c J. P. Raley. One disc-shaped object flew very fast and then hovered for 2 seconds during a 5-6 minute sighting.

August 13, 1952: Tokyo, Japan. 9:45 p.m. Witness: USAF Marine Corps pilot Maj. D. McGough. One orange light flew a left orbit at 8,000' and 230 m.p.h., spiralled down to no more than 1,500', remained stationary for 2-3 minutes and went out. An attempted interception was unsuccessful.

August 18, 1952: Fairfield, California. 12:50 a.m. Witnesses: three policemen. One object changed color like a diamond, and changed directions during the 30-minute sighting.

August 19, 1952: Red Bluff, California. 2:38 p.m. Witness: Ground Observer Corps observer Albert Lathrop. Two objects, shaped like fat bullets, flew straight and level, very fast for 25 seconds.

August 20, 1952: Neffesville, Pennsylvania. 3:10 a.m. Witnesses: Bill Ford and two others. An undescribed object flew at 500' altitude for several minutes. No further data in files.

August 21, 1952: Dallas, Texas. 11:54 p.m. Witness: Jack Rossen, ex artillery observer. Three blue white lights hovered then descended; 1.5 minutes later, one of them descended more.

August 23, 1952: Akron, Ohio. 4:10 a.m. Witnesses: USAF 2nd Lt. H.K. Funseth, a ground radar observer, and two U.S. Navy men. One pulsing amber light was seen to fly straight and level for 7 minutes.

August 24, 1952: Hermanas, Mexico. 10:15 a.m. Witness: Georgia Air National Guard F-84G jet fighter pilot Col. G.W. Johnson. Two 6' silver balls in abreast formation, one turned grey rapidly, the other slowly. One changed to long grey shape during a turn. Sighting lasted about 10 minutes.

August 24, 1952: Tucson, Arizona. 5:40 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. George White. One large round, metallic, white light with a vague lower surface, flew slowly, then fast with a dancing, wavering motion, for about 1 minute.

August 24, 1952: Levelland, Texas. 9:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sharp. One object, shaped like a spinning top, changing color from red to yellow to blue, and with a fiery tail, hovered for 20 minutes, whistling, then flew away. It, or another like it, returned an hour later.

August 25, 1952: Pittsburg, Kansas. 5:35 a.m. Witness: radio station musician William Squyres. One dull aluminum object, shaped like two meat platters, face to face, estimated at 75' long, 45' wide, and 15' thick. Through a window in the front section shone a blue light; the head and shoulders of a man could be seen. The mid-section had numerous windows through which could be seen some kind of regular movement. A series of small propellers were spaced close together along the outer edge of the object, revolving at high speed. The object was hovering about 10' above the ground, 100 yards off the road, with a slight rocking motion. It then ascended vertically with a sound like a large covey of quail starting to fly at the same time. Vegetation showed signs of having been disturbed under the object.

August 25, 1952: Holloman AFB, New Mexico. 3:40 p.m. Witnesses: civilian supervisor Fred Lee, foreman L. A. Aquilar. One round silver object flew south, turned and flew north, made a 360° turn and flew away vertically after 3-5 minutes.

August 26, 1952: Lathrop Wells, Nevada. 12:10 a.m. Witness: USAF Capt. D. A. Woods. One large, round, very bright object with a V-shaped contrail having a dark cone in the center, flew very fast, hovered, made an instantaneous 90° turn, followed by a gentle climb and finally sudden acceleration.

August 28, 1952: Chickasaw and Brookley AFB, Alabama. 9:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF control tower operators, officer from USAF Office of Special Investigations, and others. Six objects, varying from fiery red to sparkling diamond appearance, hovered, flew erratically up and down for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

August 29, 1952: west of Thule, Greenland (77 N., 75 15' W.). 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: two U.S. Navy pilots flying a P4Y-2 patrol plane. Three white disc-shaped or spherical objects hovered, then flew very fast in a triangular formation, in 2-3 minutes.

August 29, 1952: Colorado Springs, Colorado. 8:35 p.m. Witness: pilot C. A. Magruder. Three objects, 50' in diameter, 10' high, aluminum with red-yellow exhaust, flew in trail at estimated 1,500 m.p.h. for 4-5 seconds.

September 1, 1952: Yaak, Montana. 4:45 a.m. Witnesses: Visual sighting by two USAF enlisted men, radar tracking seen by three men using AN/FPS 3 radar set. Two small, vari-colored lights became black silhouettes at dawn; flew erratically. One hour.

September 1, 1952: Atlanta, Georgia. 9:43 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. William Davis and nine other persons. One light, similar to the evening star, moved up and down for a long period of time.

September 1, 1952: Marietta, Georgia. 10:30 p.m. Witness: one unidentified person using binoculars. Two large objects shaped like spinning tops and displaying red, blue and green colors, flew side by side, leaving a sparkling trail for 30 minutes.

September 1, 1952: Marietta, Georgia. 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. Bowman (ex-artillery officer) and 24 others. A red, white, and blue green object which spun and shot off sparks for 15 minutes.

September 1, 1952: Marietta, Georgia. 10:50 p.m. Witness: ex-AAF B 25 gunner. Two large white disc-shaped objects with green vapor trails flew in trail formation, merged, flew away very fast.

September 2, 1952: Chicago, Illinois. 3:00 a.m. Witness: radar tracker Turason (ground controlled approach) at Midway Airport. 40 targets flew in miscellaneous directions, up to 175 m.p.h. Two seemed to fly in formation with DC-6 airliner. Total of 8 hours.

September 3, 1952: Tucson, Arizona. 9:00 a.m. Witnesses: civilian pilots McCraven and Thomas. One shiny, dark ellipse made three broad, curving sweeps in 1.5 minutes.

September 6, 1952: Lake Charles AFB, Louisiana. 1:30 a.m. Witnesses: T/Sgt. J. E. Wilson and two enlisted men. One bright star-like light moved about the sky for 2 hours.

September 6, 1952: Tucson, Arizona. 4:55 p.m. Witnesses: ex-Congresswoman Mrs. Isabella King and Bill McClain. One orange teardrop-shaped object whirled on its vertical axis, descended very fast, stopped, retraced its path upwards, while whirling in the opposite direction. 1.5 minutes.

September 7, 1952: San Antonio, Texas. 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: chemist J. W. Gibson and others. One orange object or light (the color of 2,000' F.) exploded into view. Seen for from 3-20 seconds by various observers.

September 9, 1952: Rabat, French Morocco. 9:00 p.m. Witness: E. J. Colisimo, a civilian illustrator with USAF Intelligence. One disc with lights along part of its circumference, flew twice as fast as a T-33 jet trainer, in a slightly curved path for 5 seconds.

September 12, 1952: Allen, Maryland. 9:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. David Kolb, of the Ground Observer Corps, using binoculars. One white light with a red trim and streamers flew northeast for 35 minutes.

September 13, 1952: Allentown, Pennsylvania. 7:40 p.m. Witness: private pilot W. A. Hobler, flying a Beech Bonanza. One object, shaped like a fat football, flaming orange-red color, descended and then pulled up in front of the witness' airplane. Seen for 2 seconds.

September 14, 1952: North Atlantic, between Ireland and Iceland. Witnesses: military persons from several countries aboard ships in the NATO "Operation Mainbrace" exercise. Among the sightings: one blue-green triangle was observed flying 1,500 m.p.h.; three objects in a triangular formation gave off white light exhaust at 1,500 m.p.h.

September 14, 1952: White Lake, South Dakota. 7:00 p.m. Witness: Ground Observer Corps observer L. W. Barnes, using binoculars. One red, cigar-shaped object, with three puffs behind it, flew west, then south, and then was gone. Seen 30-40 minutes.

September 14, 1952: Santa Barbara, California. 8:40 p.m. Witness: USAF C-54 transport pilot Tarbutton. One blue-white light travelled straight and level, then went up. Seen for 30 seconds.

September 14, 1952: Ciudad Jaurez, Mexico. 11:30 p.m. to 1:20 a.m., September 15. Witnesses: consulting engineer R. J. Portis and three others. Six groups of 12-15 luminous spheres or discs, which flew in formations varying from arcs to inverted Y's, very fast.

September 14, 1952: Olmstead AFB, Pennsylvania. Time not known. Witness: pilot of Flying Tiger Airlines airplane N67977. One blue light flew very fast on a collision course with the airliner. Note: the summary card attached to the file showed completely different information.

September 16, 1952: Portland, Maine. 6:22 p.m. Witnesses: crew of U.S. Navy P2V Neptune patrol plane, visually and via radar. A group of five lights was seen at the same time a long, thin blip was being tracked on radar. Note: consideration was given to this being USAF KC-97 airplanes involved in a refuelling operation. The sighting involved 20 minutes.

September 16, 1952: Warner-Robbins AFB, Georgia. 7:30 p.m. Witnesses: three USAF officers, two civilians. Two white lights flew abreast, at 100 m.p.h., for 15 minutes.

September 17, 1952: Tucson, Arizona. 11:40 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hollingsworth. Two groups of three large, flat, shiny objects flew in tight formations: the first group slow, the second faster. Seen for 2 minutes.

September 23, 1952 *: Gander Lake, Newfoundland, Canada. No time shown. Witnesses: Pepperell AFB operations officer and seven other campers. One bright white light, which reflected on the lake, flew straight and level at 100 m.p.h. for 10 minutes.

September 24, 1952: Charleston, West Virginia. 3:30 p.m. Witnesses: crew of USAF B-29 bomber. A lot of bright, metallic particles or flashes, up to 3' in length, streamed past the B-29 for 15 minutes.

September 26, 1952: 400 miles NNW of Azores Islands. 11:16 p.m. Witnesses: pilot, co-pilot, engineer and aircraft commander of USAF C-124 transport plane. Two distinct green lights were seen to the right and slightly above the C-124, and at one time seemed to turn toward it. The lights alternated leading each other during more than 1 hour of observation.

September 27, 1952: Inyokern, California. 10:00 p.m. Witnesses: two couples, using a 5x telescope. One large, round object, which went through the color spectrum every 2 seconds, was seen to fly straight and level for 15 minutes.

September 29, 1952: Aurora, Colorado. 3:15 p.m. Witness: USAF T/Sgt. B. R. Hughes. Five or six circular objects, bright white but not shiny, circled in trail formation for 5-6 minutes.

September 29, 1952: Rochester, England. 3:55 p.m. Witnesses: unknown, but report came via the Rochester Police Dept. Two flat objects hovered for 3 minutes, and then sped away.

September 29, 1952: Southern Pines, North Carolina. 8:15 p.m. Witnesses: U.S. Army Res. 1st Lt. C. H. Stevens and two others. One green ellipse with a long tail orbited for 15 minutes.

October 1, 1952: Shaw AFB, South Carolina. 6:57 p.m. Witness: USAF 1st Lt. T. J. Pointek, pilot of RF-80 reconnaissance jet. One bright white light flew straight, then vertical, then hovered, and then made an abrupt turn during a 23-minute attempted intercept.

October 1, 1952: Pascagoula, Mississippi. 7:40 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. C. C. McLean and one other person. One round, milky white object, shaped like a powder puff, hovered for 5-10 minutes then flew away very fast in an arc. A loud blast was heard at the start of the 22-minute sighting.

October 7, 1952: Alamagordo, New Mexico. 8:30 p.m. Witness: USAF Lt. Bagnell. One pale blue oval, with its long axis vertical, flew straight and level for 4-5 seconds, covering 30 miles in that time.

October 10, 1952: Otis AFB, Massachusetts. 6:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF S/Sgt., two other enlisted men. One blinking white light moved like a pendulum for 20 minutes, and then shot straight up.

October 17, 1952: Taos, New Mexico. 9:15 p.m. Witnesses: Four USAF officers. One round, bright blue light moved from north to northeast at an elevation of 45° for 2-3 seconds and then burned out.

October 17, 1952: Killeen, Texas. 10:15 p.m. Witnesses: Ministers Greenwalt and Kluck. Ten lights, or a rectangle of lights, moved more or less straight and level for 5 seconds.

October 17, 1952: Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. 11:00 p.m. Witness: one military person (no detail). One white streamer moved at an estimated 3,000 m.p.h. in an arc for 20 seconds. No further details in files.

October 19, 1952: San Antonio, Texas. 1:30 p.m. Witness: one ex-USAF aircrew-man Woolsey. Three circular aluminum objects, one of which was olive drab colored on the side, flew in a rough V formation. One object flipped slowly, another object stopped, during the 3-4 minute sighting.

October 19, 1952: 500 miles south of Hawaii. 6:58 p.m. Witnesses: crew of USAF C-50 transport plane. One round yellow light, with a red glowing edge, estimated at 100' in diameter, flew at 300-400 kts. (350-450 m.p.h.) for 20 seconds.

October 21, 1952: Knoxville, Tennessee. No time given. Witnesses: persons at airport weather station. Six white lights flew in a loose formation for 1-2 minutes, and made a shallow dive at a weather balloon.

October 24, 1952: Elberton, Alabama. 8:26 p.m. Witnesses: USAF Lt. Rau, Capt. Marcinko, flying a Beech T-II trainer. One object, shaped like a plate, with a brilliant front and vague trail, flew with its concave surface forward for 5 seconds.

October 29, 1952: Erding Air Depot, West Germany. 7:50 a.m. Witnesses: USAF S/Sgt. Anderson, A/2c Max Handy. One round object, silhouetted against a cloud, flew straight and level and smooth at 400 m.p.h. for 20 seconds.

October 31, 1952: Fayetteville, Georgia. 7:40 p.m. Witness: USAF Lt. James Allen. One orange, blimp-shaped object, 80' long and 20' high, flew at treetop level, crossed over Allen's car (at which time his radio stopped playing), then climbed out at 45° and tremendous speed at the end of a 1-minute sighting.

November 3, 1952: Laredo AFB, Texas. 6:29 p.m. Witnesses: two control tower operators, including Lemaster. One long, elliptical, white-grey light flew very fast, paused, and then increased speed during a 3-4 second observation.

November 4, 1952: Vineland, New Jersey. 5:40 p.m. Witness: housewife Mrs. Sprague. Two groups of 2-3 whirling discs of light flew toward the southeast over a period of 30 seconds.

November 12, 1952: Los Alamos, New Mexico. 10:23 p.m. Witness: security inspector. Four red-white-green lights flew slowly over a prohibited area for 15 minutes.

November 13, 1952: Opheim, Montana. 2:20 a.m. Witness: radar tracking by USAF 779th AC&W station. An unexplained track was followed for 1 hour, 28 minutes, at 158,000' altitude (30 miles) and a speed of 240 m.p.h. Radar was FPS/3 (PPI).

November 13, 1952: Glasgow, Montana. 2:43 a.m. Witness: U.S. Weather Bureau observer Earl Oksendahl. Five oval-shaped objects, with lights all around them, flew in a V formation for about 20 seconds. Each object seemed to be changing position vertically by climbing or diving as if to hold formation. Formation came from the northwest, made a 90° overhead, and flew away to the southwest.

November 15, 1952: Wichita, Kansas. 7:02 a.m. Witnesses: USAF Maj. R. L. Wallander, Capt. Belleman, A/3c Phipps. One orange object (a blue streak?) varied in shape, as it made jerky upward sweeps with 10-15 second pauses during a 3-5 minute sighting.

November 24, 1952: Annandale, Virginia. 6:30 p.m. Witness: L. L. Brettner. One round, glowing object flew very fast, made right-angle turns and reversed course during a 1-hour sighting.

November 27, 1952: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 12:10 p.m. Witnesses: pilot and crew chief of UAAF B-26 bomber. A series of black smoke bursts (4-3-3-4-3), similar to antiaircraft fire, was seen over a 20-minute period.

November 30, 1952: Washington, D.C. 12:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Witnesses: radar operators at Washington National Airport. Radar trackings similar to those of July 26, 1952.

December 8, 1952: Ladd AFB, Alaska. 8:16 p.m. Witnesses: pilot 1st Lt. D. Dickman and radar operator 1st Lt. T. Davies in USAF F-94 jet interceptor (s/n 49 2522). One white, oval light which changed to red at higher altitude, flew straight and level for 2 minutes, then climbed at phenomenal speed on an erratic flight path. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

December 9, 1952: Madison, Wisconsin. 5:45 p.m. Witnesses: Capt. Bridges and 1st Lt. Johnson in USAF T-33 jet trainer. Four bright lights, in diamond formation, flew at 400 m.p.h. and were passed by the T-33 at 450 m.p.h. during the 10-minute sighting.

December 28, 1952: Marysville, California. Case missing from official files.

January 1, 1953: Craig, Montana. 8:45 p.m. Witnesses: Warner Anderson and two women. A silver, saucer-shaped object with a red glowing bottom, flew low over a river and then climbed fast in a horizontal attitude. 10-second sighting.

January 8, 1953: Larson AFB, Washington. 7:15 a.m. Witnesses: men from the 82nd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, including the squadron commander; all were on the ground. One green, disc-shaped or round object flew southwest for 15 minutes, with a vertically bobbing motion and sideways movements, below clouds.

January 10, 1953: Sonoma, California. 3:45 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. Witnesses: retired Col. Robert McNab, and Mr. Hunter of the Federal Security Agency. One flat object, like a pinhead, made three 360° right turns in 9 seconds, made abrupt 90° turns to the right and left, stopped, accelerated to original speed and finally flew out of sight vertically after 60-75 seconds.

January 17, 1953: near Guatemala City, Guatemala. 3:55 p.m. Witness: geologist/salesman J. J. Sackett. One brilliant green-gold object, shaped like the Goodyear blimp with its length twice its height, flew 400 m.p.h. straight and level, stopped, then went straight up with one stop. Sighting lasted 22 seconds.

January 28, 1953: Pt. Mugu, California. 1:00 p.m. Witness: R. W. Love, owner of Love Diving Co., engaged in retrieving radio controlled drones. An 18-20' white, flat disc flew straight and level, overhead, for 6 minutes.

January 28, 1953: Corona, California. 6:05 p.m. Witness: USAF T/Sgt. George Beyer. Five 25' green spheres flew in V formation, then changed to trail formation at which time the end objects turned red. Sighting lasted 12 minutes.

January 28, 1953: Albany, Georgia. No time given. Witnesses: radar maintenance personnel. Radar tracked one stationary target for 20 minutes. A visual sighting about the same time was explained. No further information in the files.

February 3, 1953: Keflavik, Iceland. 5:25 p.m. Witnesses: radar operators. Four unidentified targets were tracked for 24 minutes. No further data.

February 4, 1953: Yuma, Arizona. 1:50 p.m. Witness: U.S. Weather Bureau observer Stanley Brown, using a theodolite. One white, oblong object was tracked flying straight up, levelling off and being joined by a second, similar, object. The second twice flew away and returned to the first. After 5 minutes, both were lost to sight behind clouds.

February 17, 1953: Port Austin, Michigan. 10:04 p.m. Witnesses: two officers and three airmen of USAF AC&W squadron, visually and by radar. Visual object appeared to larger and brighter than a star and changed color; it was seen to move slowly for 5 minutes until 10:09 p.m. Radar picked up a target at 10:08 p.m. moving in a similar direction for 17 minutes, at similar speed.

February 20, 1953: Pittsburg Stockton, California. #1 time unknown; #2, 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: USAF B-25 bomber pilots. #1 was a bright yellow light seen for 8 minutes. #2 was a bright light which flew on a collision course, dimmed and climbed away fast.

February 24, 1953: Sherman, Texas. 7:43 p.m. Witnesses: Warrant Officer and Mrs. Alden. Two bright red, round objects with big halos flew in small circles, climbed and faded during a 3-7 second sighting.

February 27, 1953: Shreveport, Louisiana. 11:58 a.m. Witness: USAF airman/private pilot. Five yellow discs made circular turns, fluttered, three of them vanished, the other two flew erratic square turns for a total of 4 minutes.

March 11, 1953: Hackettstown, New Jersey. 4:00 a.m. Witness: Mrs. Nina Cook, an experienced private pilot and wife of a Pan Am flight engineer. A large light, blinking at 10-15 times per minute, moved up and down along a mountain range.

March 14, 1953: north of Hiroshima, Japan. 11:45 p.m. Witnesses: radar and visual observation by 10 crew members of U.S. Navy P2V-5 patrol plane. Groups of 5-10 colored lights, totalling 90-100, slowly moved aft off the left side of the airplane, as detected visually and by airborne radar for 5 minutes.

March 21, 1953: Elmira, New York. 3:05 p.m. Witness: Ground Observer Corps observation post. Six discs in a group flew high and fast for a few seconds.

March 25, 1953: San Antonio, Texas. 3:05 p.m. Witnesses: USAF Capt. and Mrs. D. E. Cox. Several lights, some of which moved straight, others which made 360° turns for 1.5 hours.

March 27, 1953: Mt. Taylor, New Mexico. 7:25 p.m. Witness: pilot of USAF F-86 jet fighter at 600 kts. (700 m.p.h.). One bright orange circle flew at 800 kts. (900 m.p.h.), and executed three fast rolls. Pilot chased object for 4 minutes.

March 29, 1953: Spooner, Wisconsin. 3:45 p.m. Witness: L. C. Gillette. One aluminum, circular object flew high and fast, twice reversing its course. Note: Mr. Gillette saw a similar object in 1938. Fifteen second sighting.

April 8, 1953: Fukuoka, Japan. 7:55 p.m. Witness: 1st Lt. D. J. Pichon, pilot of USAF F-94B jet interceptor. One bright blue light descended, accelerated, flew parallel to the F-94, increased its speed and blinked out after 45 seconds.

April 15, 1953: Tucson, Arizona. 5:45 p.m. Witness: S/Sgt. V. A. Locey. Three orange lights were seen for 3 minutes, 30 seconds, and a few seconds.

May 1, 1953 *: Goose AFB, Labrador, Canada. 11:35 p.m. Witnesses: pilot and radar operator of USAF F-94 jet interceptor, and control tower operator. One white light evaded interception attempt by F-94 during 30-minute sighting.

May 27, 1953: San Antonio, Texas. 8:30 p.m. Witnesses: many unidentified civilians, including Jacobson. Nine separate meandering lights were seen during 15-minute sighting.

June 21, 1953: Naha, Okinawa. 7:00 p.m. Witnesses: Nine Japanese and Okinawan weather observers. One unidentified light moved slowly for 20 minutes. No further data in files.

June 22, 1953 *: Goose AFB, Labrador, Canada. 2:10 a.m. Witnesses: pilot and radar operator of USAF F-94 jet interceptor. One red light, flying at an estimated 1,000 kts. (1,100 m.p.h.) eluded the chasing F-94 after 5 minutes.

June 24, 1953: Simiutak, Greenland. 11:30 a.m. Witness: weather observer A/2c R. A. Hill. One red triangle hovered and rotated for 15 seconds, then climbed for 5 minutes.

June 24, 1953: Iwo Jima, Bonin Islands. 11:30 p.m. Witnesses: crew of USAF KB-29 aerial tanker plane. Radar tracked an unidentified target which twice approached to within 5 miles of the airplane, and once to within 6 miles, during a 2-minute observation.

August 3, 1953: Amarillo, Texas. 12:04 p.m. Witness: Airport control tower chief C. S. Brown. One round and reflective or translucent object flew straight, stopped for 7 seconds, sped along, stopped again, was joined by a similar object and they flew off in different directions, after a total of 56 minutes.

August 20, 1953: near Castle AFB, California. 9:05 p.m. Witnesses: crew of TB-29 bomber/trainer plane. One greyish oval object made four passes at the airplane (three times at 10-20 miles distance), then dived vertically as if two objects.

August 27, 1953: Greenville, Mississippi. 9:45 p.m. Witnesses: USAF pilot, M/Sgt., others, all on the ground. One meandering light was observed for 50 minutes. No further details in file.

September 2, 1953: Sidi Slimane AFB, French Morocco. 9:14 p.m. Witnesses: Lt. Col. William Moore and 1st Lt. J. H. McInnis.

December 24, 1953: El Cajon, California. 8:04 a.m. Witnesses: U.S. Navy Lts. J. B. Howard and L. D. Linhard, flying F9F-2 jet fighters. Ten silver, oval objects flew at more than 400 kts. (450 m.p.h.), straight and level, for 5 minutes.

December 28, 1953: Marysville, California. 11:55 a.m. Witness: Yuba County Airport Manager Dick Brandt. One saucer, with a brilliant blue light, reflecting on a nearby building, hovered briefly during the 1.5-minute observation.

January 28, 1954: Rangeley, Maine. 10:00 - 10:15 a.m. Witness: Wilhelm Reich. Two bright lights moved into valley, and were seen against the mountain background, for 15 minutes.

February 26, 1954: Newburyport, Massachusetts. 2:30 p.m. Witnesses: architect R. M. Pierce, marine engineer George Avery and one other person. One silver disc, with a white trail, made a loud roar for 30-60 seconds.

March 2, 1954: vicinity of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 10:00 p.m. Witness: research engineer R. C. Swengel. Three objects, each with two lights, flew straight and level at medium speed for an unknown length of time.

March 5, 1954: Nouasseur, French Morocco. 8:00 p.m. Witnesses: crews of USAF KC-97 aerial tanker planes. One object or light made passes at KC-97s, the other flew straight and level. Sighting duration unknown.

March 12, 1954: Nouasseur, French Morocco. 9:35 a.m. Witness: USAF 1st Lt. Robert Johnson, flying an F-86 jet fighter. He chased an object at more than 530 m.p.h. for 30 seconds, but was unable to catch it. It appeared to be the size of a fighter plane but had neither tanks nor trails.

April 8, 1954: Chicago, Illinois. 4:30 p.m. Witness: Lelah Stoker. One white round-topped disc, with a humanoid suspended beneath it, skimmed over the water, landed, and an occupant in a green suit walked around. It then took off very, very fast. Sighting lasted 30 minutes.

April 23, 1954: Pittsfield, Maine. 9:30 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Robinson. One silver dollar-shaped object with a dome and a flashing light made a sound like a swarm of bees. It hovered and tilted, flew horizontally, then rose vertically without tilting. Stones underneath it moved. 4-minute sighting.

April 24, 1954: Hartland, Maine. 6:10 p.m. Witness: D. Robinson. One large, silver, oblong object with a dome and a flashing light flew straight and level and then straight up. Total of 15 minutes under observation.

April 26, 1954: Athens, Georgia. 7:35 p.m. Witnesses: C. Cartey, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hopkins and their daughter. Fifteen to twenty yellow objects in a V formation, flew from south to north for 10 seconds.

May 10, 1954: Elsinore, California. 12:40 p.m. Witness: U.S. Marine Corps Squadron Leader D. R. Higgin, flying an F3D-2 jet fighter. One dark gunmetal delta-shaped object, 22' long and 10' wide, with a fin on the top, descended at a 25-30° angle under the lead airplane of a formation, and over the airplane of Higgin. Sighting lasted a few seconds.

May 11, 1954: Washington, D.C. 10:45 p.m. Witnesses: three USAF air policemen at Washington National Airport. Two bright lights were seen on three occasions to fly straight and level, make 90° turns and fade. Each sighting lasted about 45 seconds.

May 22, 1954: LaPorte, Indiana. 9:15 p.m. Witnesses: highway engineer R. W. Dring, engineer Geert Tibma. One bright light made a shallow climb for 45 seconds.

May 31, 1954: Concord, New Hampshire. 10:15 a.m. Witness: Mrs. L. K. Stevens. One very white, elongated object flew very, very fast, and then blinked out after 8-10 seconds.

June 1, 1954: 400 miles south to Minneapolis, Minnesota. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: crew of USAF B-47 jet bomber at 34,000' altitude. One object with running lights flew at 24-44,000' altitude for 1 hour.

June 8, 1954: Texarkana, Texas. 1:00 a.m. or 2:30 a.m. (file not clear). Witness: L. T. Prewitt, employee of Red River Arsenal. One golden yellow light flew over his house, making a "shhh" or buzzing sound for 2 minutes.

June 10, 1954: Estacado, Texas. 9:09 p.m. Witness: USAF pilot Capt. Bill McDonald, in flight. One white light descended at 45° from great altitude, passed under his aircraft, made two 360° turns and went out after 30 seconds.

June 22, 1954: Miami Beach, Florida. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: U.S. Marine Corps Maj. E. Buchser and Maj. J. V. Wilkins. One meteor-like object descended, stopped, and became extremely bright. Sighting lasted 7 minutes.

June 24, 1954: Danvers, Massachusetts. 12:45 p.m. Witness: R. B. Tomer, director of commercial engineering for CBS Hytron. One white, elliptical-shaped object covered 45° of sky in 30 seconds.

June 25, 1954: Indian Lake, Ohio. 5:05 p.m. Witnesses: experienced private pilot John Mark, flying Navion lightplane; radar at Dayton, Ohio airport, tracked very fast target at same location. One silver or aluminum round object with a flat bottom, raised front edge, inverted cone on top, and a diameter of about 60'. Flew horizontally, hovered, made a high-G pull up and then a steep climb into an overcast. Sighting lasted 3-5 minutes.

July 18, 1954: Normandy, Missouri. 8:40 p.m. Witness: A. T. Chamblin. One greenish-white disc was seen for 30 minutes.

July 25, 1954: Middle Sister Island, on U.S. Canadian border in western Lake Erie. 7:12 p.m. Witness: attorney L. B. Tussing. One black cylinder, 12 times long as wide, moved fast along the surface of the lake.

July 30, 1954: Los Angeles, California. 10:15 a.m. Witness: Hughes Aircraft test pilots Englert and Peterson, flying a B-25 bomber. One metallic, pencil-shaped object flew slowly or hovered for an unstated length of time.

August 2, 1954: Westlake, Ohio. 5:17 p.m. Witness: ex-AAF B-17 gunner (19 missions) N. E. Schroeder. One thin, bright ellipse, like polished metal, hovered for 5-8 seconds, dropped down 3,000' in 3 seconds, hovered again and faded out after a total of 20 seconds in view.

August 6, 1954: San Antonio, Texas. 6:00 p.m. Witness: mechanical engineer L. H. Hormer. One intensely white elliptical light changed to yellow, then orange, then pink, four or five times while flying straight and level for 5 minutes.

August 11, 1954: Yoron Jima, near Okinawa. 8:55 p.m. Witness: P. L. Percharde, electrical engineer and assistant manager of Moeller Shipwrecker Co., of Okinawa. A line of blue lights underneath a blue circle with a black center flew over ship and climbed, illuminating and agitating the clouds.

August 15, 1954: San Marcos, Texas. 10:20 p.m. Witnesses: USAF Maj. W. J. Davis, Capt. R. D. Sauers, flying a C-47 transport plane. One dark blue oblong object paced the C-47, veered away, then crossed in front of it. 5-minute sighting.

August 24, 1954: Egilstadir, Iceland. 8:30 p.m. Witness: one unnamed farmer. A cylinder, 2-2½' long, 4-5' in diameter, made a loud whizzing sound, flew straight and level fast, then slow, then fell into sandbar.

August 26, 1954: Danville, Virginia. 6:15 a.m. Witness: Rev. W. L. Shelton. Two domed ellipses, 20' long, 8' thick, 10' at ends; glowing silver or orange. Hovered, then climbed side by side while getting brighter. Observed for 2 minutes.

August 27, 1954: Dorchester, Massachusetts. 1:00 p.m. Witness: E. A. Srazdes. Seven large, white, teardrop-shaped objects turned blue. Flew in line formation and increased speed during the 2-minute sighting.

August 29, 1954: Prince Christian, Greenland. 11:05 a.m. Witnesses: 1st Officer H. G. Gardner, engineer J. V. D. Whitisy, flying Royal Dutch Airlines DC-4 (PH-DBZ). Three or four dark, lens-shaped objects veered north and changed position in formation during the 10-minute sighting.

September 4, 1954: Butler, Missouri. 3:00 a.m. Witness: J. Faltemeier, CAA communications specialist. 20-30 lights, as if on a string, flew straight and level for 1.5 minutes.

September 5, 1954: Butler, Missouri. 12:23 a.m. Witness: J. Faltemeier, CAA communications specialist. One silver or white object with a slightly swept back leading edge and a following exhaust, flew straight and level, then veered southwest to south after 30 seconds.

September 18, 1954: Kimpo Air Base, Japan. 5:55 a.m. Witnesses: two control tower operators, a weather forecaster and a weather observer. One round object, like polished aluminum, flew straight and level for 11-13 minutes.

September 21, 1954: Barstow, California. 1:00 a.m. Witnesses: two local policemen, four U.S. Marine Corps police, one highway patrolman. One red-orange ball giving off sparks, and a smaller light, made a zigzag descent and then hovered. Total of 20 minutes.

September 21, 1954: Santa Maria, Azores Islands. 9:45 p.m. Witness: airport guard. One 10' x 5' light metallic blue, pecan-shaped object with a clear glass or plastic nose having a door, and with poles or aerials on the nose. Humming or whining, it hovered, landed vertically, 50' away. A blond man, 5' 10" tall appeared, spoke in a strange language, patted the guard on the shoulder, got in the object, hooked up his harness, pushed a button, took off with the object's nose pointed up, then levelled off and climbed vertically. Sighting lasted 2-3 minutes.

September 22, 1954: Marshfield, Missouri. 9:00 a.m. Witnesses: private pilot J. N. Williams, E. J. Ash. A thin, translucent, tan, asymmetrical boomerang-shaped object revolved, then tumbled down behind some trees. Marks were found in the dirt. Sighting lasted 15 minutes.

September 23, 1954: Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 9:45 a.m. Witness: Dave Owenby. Two bright silver, wheel-shaped objects flew from north to south in trail for 2 minutes.

October 13, 1954: Nouasseur, French Morocco. 10:05 a.m. Witness: weather observer, following a balloon with his theodolite. One round, flat, silver object flew straight and level for 30 seconds.

October 15, 16 and 17, 1954: Kingfisher, Oklahoma. 8:45 p.m. Fifty objects with illuminated bottoms were seen flying in a V formation, very fast, on successive nights. Only data is on summary card.

October 28, 1954: Miho Air Base, Japan. 5:32 p.m. Witnesses: USAF pilots Lt. Col. O. C. Cook and Lt. J. W. Brown, on ground using 7 x 50 binoculars. One brilliant white, round-oval object climbed in front of clouds, brightened, turned 90° to the north. Seen for 45 seconds.

October 29, 1954: Terciera Islands, Azores. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: four Portuguese nationals. One object, shaped like a stovepipe with a center bulge and short wings (10' long, 3' in diameter, 3' wings) having concave wingtips, and grey colored. Made a gargling sound when hovering, then disappeared in the glare of airplane landing lights. Sighting lasted 4-5 minutes.

November 15, 1954: Augusta, Maine. 4:00 p.m. Witness: N. Gallant, manager of radio station WFAV. Ten gold, circular objects flew in vertical V formation, straight and level for 3 minutes.

November 19, 1954: Corvallis, Oregon. 4:15 p.m. Witness: P. J. Gunn, assistant professor of art at Oregon State University and ex-U.S. Navy aviation cadet. One bright white light hovered 8.5-9 minutes, then crossed 20° of sky in 3-3.5 minutes.

November 28, 1954: Manilla, Phillipine Islands. 10:50 a.m. Witness: one anonymous medical doctor. One flat-bottomed, domed object (65-70' across, 18-20' high), bright orange with yellow discs attached and an exhaust trail. Flew north, stopped, reversed its course during 4-minute sighting.

December 3, 1954: Gulfport, Mississippi. 12:12 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Mellen. One translucent grey, round, flat object rotated on its vertical axis at high r.p.m. for 30 seconds.

December 7, 1954: Cape Province, South Africa. 1:15 p.m. Witness: weather officer, using a theodolite. One white, semi-circular, flat object with a dome flew from west to east, then turned north. Sighting lasted 7 minutes.

January 1, 1955: Cochise, New Mexico. 6:44 a.m. Witnesses: instructor and student pilot in USAF B-25 bomber/trainer. A metallic disc, shaped like two pie pans face to face, and 120-130' in diameter, paced the B-25, showing both its edge and its face, for 5-7 minutes. Only item in case file was summary form.

January 26, 1955: Lakeland, Florida. 6:15 p.m. Witness: J. M. Holland. A black smoke trail made a circle. There was an explosion and some objects fell. No further information in file.

February 1, 1955: 20 miles east of Cochise, New Mexico. 7:55 p.m. Witnesses: Instructor Capt. D. F. Ritzdorf, aviation cadet F. W. Miller in TB-25 bomber/trainer. One red and white ball hovered off the left wing of the TB-25 for 5 minutes, then made a very fast climb. Total time of sighting was 8 minutes.

February 2, 1955: Miramar Naval Air Station, California. 11:50 a.m. Witness: USN Cmdr. J. L. Ingersoll. One highly polished sphere, with reddish brown coloring, fell, then instantly accelerated to 1,000-1,500 m.p.h.

February 10, 1955: Bethesda, Maryland. 10:03 p.m. Witness: E. J. Stein, model maker at U.S. Navy ship design facility. One object, shaped like a small portion of the bottom of the Moon, with a radiant yellow color, hovered for 30 seconds. Its bottom changed to a funnel shape. Total sighting lasted 1.5-2 minutes.

April 30, 1955: Travis County, Texas. 7:30 a.m. Witness: USAF Wing Intelligence Officer Maj. L. J. Pagozalski. Four black objects in a cluster made a whooshing sound like a zephyr. Sighting lasted 2-3 seconds.

May 4, 1955: Keflavik, Iceland. 12:38 p.m. Witnesses: Lt. Col. E. J. Stealy, 1st Lt. J. W. Burt. About 10 round, white objects, one of which left a brief smoke trail, flew in an irregular formation, some of them making erratic movements during the 5-8 second sighting.

May 23, 1955: Cheyenne, Wyoming. Midnight. Witnesses: USAF Airman/Basic I. J. Shapiro and E. C. Ingber. During a 5-minute period, two slender, vertical rectangles were seen low on the horizon, and two ovals with tops (dark, with dark blue illumination) flew higher.

July 29, 1955: Columbus, Nebraska. 10:45 p.m. Witness: Morrice Raymond. Four orange flashing lights and one white flashing light moved up and down like yo-yos for 5-6 minutes.

August 11, 1955: Iceland. 11:45 a.m. Witness: 2nd Lt. E. J. Marlow. Twelve grey objects, from cigar to egg-shaped, varied their formation from elliptical to wavy line to scattered to straight line to trail formation. Speed varied from hover to 1,000 m.p.h. Sighting lasted 3-4 minutes.

August 23, 1955: Arlington, Virginia. 10:45 a.m. Witness: G. M. Park, using a 400x telescope. Several orange lights moved singly or in groups, circling and stopping during 30-minute sighting.

September 3, 1955: Bellingham, Washington. Witness: observer Saunders for Ground Observer Corps. One white pinhead moved slowly across 30° of sky in 15 minutes. No further information.

September 7, 1955: Washington, D.C. Witnesses: two photographers, one plate maker for the Army Map Service (one named Smith). One glowing round object flew an arc for 1 minute.

September 9, 1955: near Alcoa, Tennessee. 12:00 noon. Witness: M. N. Dawkins, using binoculars. One brown, almost square object flew with a circular motion for 10-15 minutes.

October 8, 1955: Loogootee, Indiana. 4:38 p.m. Witnesses: R.D. Prather, H. Ahern. One round, silver or white object flew straight and level at more than 1,000 m.p.h. for an unstated length of time.

October 11, 1955: Pt. Lookout, Maryland. 4:00 p.m. Witnesses: B. Hale, A. Ostrom. One round object which looked white in the daylight and turned red with sparks toward the end of the 2.5 hour sighting, made a deep roar, unlike an aircraft.

November 17, 1955: St. Louis, Missouri. 6:10 a.m. Witness: J. A. Mapes. Twelve round, flat objects, silver on top and dark on the bottom, flew in 4-deep formation, tipping in pitch and roll, for 45 seconds.

November 20, 1955: Lake City, Tennessee. 5:20 p.m. Witnesses: Operations Officer Capt. B. G. Denkler and five men of the USAF 663rd AC&W Sqdn. Two oblong, bright orange, semi-transparent objects flew at terrific speed and erratically, toward and away from each other. Observed by various persons form 4 to 15 minutes.

November 25, 1955: La Veta, Colorado. 10:30 a.m. Witness: State Senator S. T. Taylor. One dirigible-shaped object (fat front, tapered toward the tail) object, which was luminous green blue and jelly-like, appeared overhead diving at a 45° angle, then reduced angle to 30°. Object seen for 5 seconds.

December 21, 1955: Caribou, Maine. 11:00 p.m. Witness: Roberta V. Jacobs. One round, very bright gold, domed disc made a short climb, rotated, hovered and then accelerated during the 6-8 minute sighting.

February 12, 1956 *: Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. 11:25 p.m. Witnesses: F-89 pilot Bowen, radar observer Crawford. One green and red object rapidly circled the aircraft while being tracked on radar during 1-minute sighting. No further details.

February 19, 1956: Houston, Texas. 6:07 a.m. Witnesses: crew of Eastern Airlines Super Constellation. One intense white light, moving 4-5 times the speed of the airplane, was evaded by the pilot.

April 4, 1956: McKinney, Texas. 3:15 p.m. Witnesses: Capt. Roy Hall, U.S. Army, ret.; Charles Anderson and others; some observed through a 6" telescope, others through a 55-200x telescope. One fat, oblong object with two lines around its middle, remained stationary for 6 hours.

June 6, 1956: Banning, California. 5:30 a.m. Witness: Mr. Bierman. One thin disc with a small dome, shimmering silver, hovered about 100 yards away for 8-10 seconds, then zoomed up.

August 8, 1956: 20 miles south of Quartsite, Arizona. 11:00 p.m. Witnesses: attorneys W. B. Buttermore and J. W. Smith. One blue white pulsating light flew fast, straight and level, for 5-7 minutes.

August 27, 1956: Juniata, Pennsylvania. 9:55 p.m. Witness: Mrs. R. S. Pope. One bright disc with a clear dome flew vertically, then north. A very cold breeze seemed to have been originated by the object during the 3-minute sighting.

September 4, 1956: Dallas, Texas. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: U.S. Marine Corps T/Sgt. R. D. Rogers and family. One large star, changing to red color, remained stationary for 20 minutes, then went west at 200 kts. (230 m.p.h.). Sighting lasted 23 minutes.

September 14, 1956: Highland, North Carolina. 1:00 a.m. Witness: Scaly, North Carolina policeman O. S. Gryman. Fourteen yellow to red round objects with tremendous exhaust, flew in a vague formation from southwest to east to northeast and back again, while swooping up and down. Sighting lasted 1.5 hours.

November 1, 1956: 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri, in Illinois. 5:30 p.m. Witness: USAF Capt. W. M. Lyons, Intelligence Division Chief (Aerial Weather Reconnaissance Officer), flying a T-33 jet trainer. One orange light with a blue tinge, flew across the sky for 2 minutes.

November 30, 1956: Charleston AFB, South Carolina. 12:48 p.m. Witness: USAF aerial navigator Maj. D. D. Grimes. One unspecified object flew at an estimated 100' altitude over water for 10 minutes. No further details.

December 31, 1956: Guam. 2:10 a.m. Witness: USAF 1st Lt. Ted Brunson, flying an F-86D jet interceptor. One round, white object flew under the F-86D, which was unable to turn as sharply as the object.

April 25, 1957: Ringgold, Louisiana. Military witness: Robertson. Case missing from official files.

June 12, 1957: Milan, Italy. 7:30 p.m. Witness: G. U. Donadio, translator for export import firm. One object "big as a hen's egg" flew very fast, zigzagged, hovered and revolved, then shot up after 17 minutes.

July 27 or 29, 1957: Longmont, Colorado. Early morning. Witness: J. L. Siverly. One thick disc, ice blue, with a top like honeycomb (interconnected hexagons), hovered and rocked below the hill tops for 10 minutes. Middle band was scalloped, bottom had four kidney-shaped forms.

July 29, 1957: Oldsmar, Florida. 11:45 a.m. Witness: E. E. Henkins. One pale yellow fireball glided into the water and exploded. Viewed for 1 minute.

July 29, 1957: Cleveland, Ohio. 10:31 p.m. Witnesses: Capital Airlines Capt. R. L. Stimley, First Officer F. J. Downing. One large, round, yellow-white object dimmed once, crossed the bow of the airliner, which then gave chase but was unable to catch it. Sighting last 8 minutes.

September 20, 1957: Kadena AFB, Okinawa. 8:00 p.m. Witnesses: S/Sgt. H. T. O'Connor, S/Sgt. H. D. Bridgeman. One object, shaped like a coke bottle without the neck, translucent and fluorescent. Made four 5-10 second passes from north to south, with 4-5 minutes between passes.

October 8, 1957: Seattle, Washington. 9:17 a.m. Witnesses: two U.S. Army sergeants. Two flat, round, white objects flew in trail formation along an irregular path, frequently banking during 25-30 seconds.

November 6, 1957: Radium Springs, New Mexico. 10:50 p.m. Witnesses: one Las Cruces policeman, one Dona Ana County Deputy Sheriff. One round object, changing from red to green to blue to white, rose vertically from a mountain top. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

November 8, 1957: Merrick, Long Island, New York. 10:10 a.m. Witness: Mrs. L. Dinner. One bar-shaped object, 3.5' long, giving off blue flashes, made a swishing sound. No further data.

November 26, 1957: Robins AFB, Georgia. 10:07 a.m. Witnesses: three control tower operators, one weather observer and four others. One silver, cigar-shaped object suddenly vanished after 8 minutes.

November 30, 1957: New Orleans, Louisiana. 2:11 p.m. Witnesses: three U.S. Coast Guardsmen. One round object turned white, then gold, then separated into three parts and turned red. Sighting lasted 20 minutes.

December 13, 1957: Col Anahuac, Mexico. 9:35 a.m. Witness: R. C. Cano. 14-15 circular, tapered discs, very bright, flew in a formation like a stack of coins, then changed to an inverted V-formation. Sighting lasted 20 minutes.

December 17, 1957: near Grand Junction, Colorado. 7:20 p.m. Witness: F. G. Hickman, 17. One round object changed from yellow to white to green to red; red tail was twice as long as the body. It stopped, started, backed up for 45 minutes.

March 14, 1958: Healdsburg, California. 8:45 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cummings and one other. A 3' round, black object touched the ground and then took off. Watched for 2 minutes.

April 14, 1958: Lynchburg, Virginia. 1:00 p.m. Witness: USAF Maj. D. G. Tilley, flying C-47 transport. One grey-black rectangular object rotated very slowly on its horizontal axis for 4 seconds.

May 9, 1958: Bohol Island, Phillipine Islands. 11:05 a.m. Witness: Phillipine Airlines pilot. One object with a shiny, metallic surface was falling and spinning for 1.5 minutes.

June 14, 1958: Pueblo, Colorado. 10:46 a.m. Witness: airport weather observer O. R. Foster, using a theodolite. An object shaped like Saturn, less the bottom part; silver with no metallic luster, flew overhead for 5 minutes.

June 20 ,1958: Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. 11:05 p.m. Witness: Battalion Communication Chief SFC A. Parsley. One silver, circular object, its lower portion seen through a green haze, hovered, then oscillated slightly, then moved at great speed. Watched for 10 minutes.

August 17, 1958: Warren, Michigan. 7:05 p.m. Witness: A. D. Chisholm. One extremely bright object shaped first like a bell, then like a saucer, hovered for 5 minutes, flipped over and sped away to the west south west. Sighting lasted 6-10 minutes.

September 1, 1958: Wheelus AFB, Libya. 12:15 a.m. Witness: Philco technical representative A.M. Slaton. One round, blue-white object flew at varying speeds. First sighting lasted 2 minutes, second lasted 1.5 minutes.

October 2, 1958: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. 2:30 p.m. Witness: naturalist Ivan Sanderson. One dull grey object, shaped like a pickle with a flat bottom, flew erratically and made loops for 15 seconds.

October 27, 1958: Lock Raven Dam, Maryland. 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: Phillip Small, Alvin Cohen. One large, flat egg-shaped object affected a car's electrical system and caused a burning sensation on one of its occupants. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

November 3, 1958: Minot, North Dakota. 2:01 p.m. Witness: M/Sgt. William R. Butler, medic. One bright green object, shaped like a 10 cent piece, and one smaller, silver round object. First object exploded, then second object moved toward the location of the first at high speed. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

March 26 or 27, 1959: Corsica, Pennsylvania. 12:45 p.m. Witness: T. E. Clark. One dark red, barrel-shaped object, 20' long, 6-7' high, descended below some trees during the 3-minute sighting.

June 18, 1959 *: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 9:30 p.m. Witnesses: A. Cavelli and R. Blessin, using 7x binoculars. One brown, cigar-shaped object came from below the horizon (close to the witnesses) ascending to 40-50° above the horizon in 4 minutes.

June 30, 1959: Patuxent River NAS, Maryland. 8:23 p.m. Witness: USN Cdr. D. Connolly. One gold, oblate-shaped object, nine times as wide as it was thick, metallic and with sharp edges, flew straight and level for 20-30 seconds.

July 25, 1959: Irondequoit, New York. 1:00 p.m. Witness: technical illustrator W. D. Neva. One thin, crescent moon-shaped object with a small white dome in the center, flew at tremendous speed for 5-10 seconds.

August 10, 1959 *: Goose AFB, Labrador, Canada. 1:28 a.m. Witness: Royal Canadian Air Force pilot Flt. Lt. M. S. Mowat, on ground. One large star-like light crossed 53° of sky in 25 minutes.

September 13, 1959: Gills Rock, Wisconsin. 1:05 a.m. Witness: R. H. Daubner. One round yellow light, with eight blue lights within it, and then five larger red lights, flew very fast vertically while making a pulsating jet noise. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

September 13, 1959: Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana. 4:00 p.m. Witnesses: at least two control tower operators and the pilot of a Mooney private airplane. One pear-shaped object, colored white, cream, and metallic, with a trail under it. Object showed little movement during 3 hours. Attempted intercept by USAF T-33 jet trainer failed.

October (3rd or 4th week), 1959: Telephone Ridge, Oregon. 9:15 p.m. Witness: department store manager C. A. Cissman. One bright light approached, hovered about 30 minutes, and then was up and gone in 2 seconds.

October 4, 1959: Quezon, Phillipine Islands. 9:25 p.m. Witnesses: USN Lt. C. H. Pogson, CPO K. J. Moore. One large round or oval object, changing from red to red orange, flew straight and level for 15 minutes.

October 6, 1959: Lincoln, Nebraska. 8:15 p.m. Witnesses: Lt. Col. L. Liggett (Selective Service) and wife. One round, white-yellow light made several abrupt turns and flew very fast for 2 minutes.

October 19. 1959: Plainville, Kansas. 9:25 p.m. Witness: Capt. F. A. Henney, engineering instructor at USAF Academy, flying a T-33 jet trainer. One bright yellowish light came head on at the T-33, the pilot avoided it and the light dimmed. Sighting lasted 30 seconds.

November 18, 1959: Crystal Springs, Mississippi. 6:25 p.m. Witness: J. M. Porter. A row of red lights flew slow, then speeded up immensely. Sighting lasted 5-6 minutes.

February 27, 1960: Rome AFB, New York. 6:27 p.m. Witnesses: control tower officer Capt. J. Huey and four other tower operators. One light trailing a white fan shape, made a mild descent for 3-4 minutes.

March 4, 1960: Dubuque, Iowa. 5:55 p.m. Witness: Charles Morris. Three elliptical-shaped objects made a slight climb for 4 minutes. Film exposed during sighting showed no images of the objects.

March 23, 1960: Indianapolis, Indiana. 3:35 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Larsen. A series of balls, arranged like an "X" with one diagonal line, seen for 3/4 of a minute. Note: little data on the case in the files.

April 12, 1960: LaCamp, Louisiana. 9:00 p.m. Witness: Monroe Arnold. One fiery-red disc exploded four or five times. Analysis of paint samples from explosion proved inconclusive. Sighting lasted 2-3 seconds.

April 17, 1960: Richards Gebauer AFB, Missouri. 8:29 p.m. Witnesses: USAF Maj. J. G. Ford and Link representative A. Chapdelaine, using a 48x telescope. One reddish glow made an odd orbit for 2.5 minutes.

April 25, 1960: Shelby, Montana. 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. Witness: Mrs. M. Clark. Five circular objects flew in trail formation, hovered and accelerated and made sharp turns. Case file includes other reports from Mrs. Clark for previous 3 years.

July 19, 1960: St. Louis, Missouri. 8:30 p.m. Witness: T. L. Ochs. One round, bright red light flew overhead, stopped and hovered, and then backed up. Sighting lasted 20 minutes. Note: Ochs reported similar sightings on three following nights.

August 23, 1960: Wichita, Kansas. 3:24 a.m. Witness: Boeing aeronautical engineer C. A. Komiske. One round object with yellow lights coming from what looked like three triangular windows at bottom. Object was dull orange. Flew in an arc for 2 minutes.

August 29, 1960: Crete, Illinois. 4:05 p.m. Witness: farmer Ed Schneeweis. One shiny, round, silver object flew straight up very fast for 18 seconds.

September 10, 1960: Ridgecrest, California. 9:50 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Evans. Two light gray glowing objects, saucer or boomerang-shaped, which swished when accelerating. Seen 1-2 seconds each.

October 5, 1960: Mt. Kisko, New York. 7:37 p.m. Witness: E. G. Crossland. One bright, star-like light moved across 120° of sky in 20 seconds.

November 27, 1960: Chula Vista, California. 7:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hart. One orange-red point of light made huge circles and stopped during the 20-30 minute sighting.

November 29, 1960: South of Kyushu, Japan. 6:38 p.m. Witnesses: USAF Lt. Col. R. L. Blwlin (sp?) and Maj. F. B. Brown, flying a T-33 jet trainer. One white light slow and paralleled the course of the T-33 for 10 minutes.

February 27, 1961: Bark River, Michigan. 10:15 p.m. Witness: Mrs. LaPalm. One fiery-red, round object, preceded by light rays, slowed and descended, while her dog howled. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

Spring, 1961: Kemah, Texas. Case missing from official files.

April 24, 1961: 200 miles SW of San Francisco, California (35° 50' N., 125° 40' W.). 3:34 a.m. Witnesses: aircraft commander Capt. H. J. Savoy and navigator 1st Lt. M. W. Rand, on USAF RC-121D patrol plane. One reddish-white, round object or light, similar to satellite. Observed for 8 minutes.

May 22, 1961: Tyndall AFB, Florida. 4:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. A. J. Jones and Mrs. R. F. Davis. One big silver-dollar disc hovered and revolved, then suddenly disappeared after 15 minutes.

June 2, 1961: Miyako Jima, Japan. 10:17 p.m. Witnesses: 1st Lt. R. N. Monahan and Hazeltine Electric Co. technical representative D. W. Mattison. One blue-white light flew erratic course at varying speed, in an arc-like path for 5 minutes.

July 7, 1961: Copemish, Michigan. 11:00 p.m. Witness: waitress Nannette Hilley. One large ball flew slow, split into four after 45 minutes. Four flew close formation, descended and flew away to the west. Total sighting lasted 1 hour.

July 11, 1961: Springfield, Ohio. 7:45 p.m. Witnesses: ex-air navigator G. Scott, Mrs. Scott, and neighbors. One round, bright light like shiny aluminum, passed overhead in 20 minutes.

July 20, 1961: Houston, Texas. 8:00 a.m. Witnesses: Trans-Texas Airlines Capt. A. V. Beather, flying DC-3, plus vague report from ground radar. Two very bright white lights or objects flew in trail formation for 30 minutes.

August 12, 1961: Kansas City, Kansas. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: college seniors J. B. Furkenhoff and Tom Phipps. One very large oval object with a fin extending from one edge to the center; like a sled with lighted car running boards. Hovered at 50' altitude for 3-5 minutes, then flew straight up and east.

November 21, 1961: Oldtown, Florida. 7:30 p.m. Witnesses: C. Locklear and Helen Hatch. One round, red-orange object flew straight up and faded after 3-4 minutes.

November 23, 1961: Sioux City, Iowa. 9:30 p.m. Witness: F. Braunger. One bright red star flew straight and level for 15 minutes.

December 13, 1961: Washington, D.C. 5:05 p.m. Witnesses: C. F. Muncy, ex-U.S. Navy pilot W. J. Myers, and G. Weber. One dark diamond-shaped object with a bright tip flew straight and level for 1-3 minutes.

February 25, 1962: Kotzbue, Alaska. 7:20 p.m. Witnesses: one U.S. Army private, six anonymous civilians. One red light, trailed 30 seconds later by a blue light. Sighting lasted 5 minutes.

March l, 1962: Salem, New York. 10:35 p.m. Witness: Mrs. L. Doxsey, 66. One gold-colored box, 12-14" x 3-4", flew straight and level across the horizon for 3-4 minutes.

March 26, 1962: Ramstein Air Base, West Germany. 1:35 p.m. Witness: USAF Capt. J. M. Lowery, from an unspecified aircraft. One thin, cylindrical object 1/3 snout, 2/3 tail fins flew at an estimated Mach 2.7 (2,000 m.p.h.) for 5-8 seconds.

March 26, 1962: Westfield, Massachusette. 10:45 p.m. Witnesses: many unidentified young people. One large red ball flew or fell down, then went back up during 3-10 minute sighting. Note: May 26?

March 26, 1962: Naperville, Illinois. 11:40 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. D. Wheeler, Claudine Milligan. Six or eight red balls, arranged in a rectangular formation, became two objects with lights by the end of the 15-minute sighting.

April 4, 1962: Wurtland, Kentucky. 0150Z. Witnesses: G. R. Wells and J. Lewis, using 117x telescope. One small object changing brightness, gave off smoke but remained stationary like a comet for 6 minutes. Case missing from official files.

June 21, 1962: Indianapolis, Indiana. 4:00 a.m. Witnesses: Lt. Col. H. King and tail gunner M/Sgt. Roberts, aboard a B-52 heavy jet bomber. Three bright, star-like lights: one seen; 10 seconds later, two more were seen. Total sighting took 3 minutes.

June 30, 1962: Richmond, Virginia. 9:00 a.m. Witness: 13 year old Meadors. One red, star-like light seen for an unspecified length of time. No further details in files.

July 19, 1962: Bayhead, New Jersey. 9:30 p.m. Witnesses: C. T. Loftus, H. Wilbert. Four or five lights darted about the sky for 7-10 minutes.

July 29, 1962: Ocean Springs, Mississippi. 11:20 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Barton. One bright cherry-red, diamond-shaped object flew slow, hovered, made fast 1½ loops for 10 minutes.

August 18, 1962: Bermuda. 5:00 p.m. Witnesses: owner M. Sheppard and chief announcer A. Seymour of radio station. Three dull white, egg-shaped objects wavered as they moved for 20 minutes.

September 21, 1962: WSW of Biloxi, Mississippi, in the Gulf of Mexico. 7:37 p.m. Witness: fishing boat captain S. A. Guthrie. Two objects, red and black with orange streaks, one as big as the Moon, and the other smaller. Arced across the sky for 13 minutes.

October 23, 1962: Farmington, Utah. 3:00 p.m. Witness: R. O. Christensen. One grey and silver ball, trailing what looked like twine with two knots in it, swerved, and climbed away at a 45° angle, making a sound like a flock of ducks (rushing air). Twenty seconds.

November 17, 1962: Tampa, Florida. 9:00 p.m. Witness: F. L. Swindale, college graduate and ex-USMC Capt. Three bright star-like lights approached, hovered and bounced, then faded after 11-15 minutes.

May 18, 1963: New Plymouth, New Zealand. 10:30 p.m. Witness: C. S. Chapman, 15. One white, fuzzy, flashing light hovered and darted around for 4 minutes.

May 22, 1963: Pequannock, New Jersey. 10:45 p.m. Witness: Myra Jackson. Four pink wheels spun or rolled very fast from east to west in succession, each taking about 1 second.

June 15, 1963: 200 miles north of Venezuela (14° 27' N., 69° 57' E.). 10:39 a.m. Witness: 3rd Mate R. C. Chamberlin, of S/Thetis. One luminous disc travelled at 1.5 times the speed of satellite for 3-4 minutes.

Summer, 1963: Middletown, New York. 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. Witness: Grace Dutcher. 8-10 lights moved at random, then in an oval formation, then singly, during the 1-minute sighting.

July 1, 1963: Glen Ellyn, Illinois. 8:00 p.m. Witness: R. B. Stiles, II, using a theodolite. One light, the size of a match head at arm's length, flashed and moved around the sky for 1.5 hours.

August 11, 1963: Warrenville, Illinois. 10:00 p.m. Witness: R. M. Boersma. One light moved around the sky for 20 seconds.

August 13, 1963: St. Gallen, Switzerland. 8:04 p.m. Witness: A. F. Schelling. One fireball became a dark object after 4 minutes, and then a bigger glow, a minute later, and finally exploded. Note: same witness had another, undescribed, sighting on August 14.

September 14, 1963: Susanville, California. 3:15 p.m. Witness: E. A. Grant, veteran of 37 years training forest fire lookouts for the U.S. Forest Service. One round object intercepted a long object and either attached itself to the latter or disappeared. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

September 15, 1963: Vandalia, Ohio. 6:00 p.m. Witness: Mrs. F. E. Roush. Two very bright gold objects - one shaped like a banana and the other like an ear of corn - one remained stationary, the other moved from west to north during 10 minutes.

October 4, 1963: Bedford, Ohio. 3:32 p.m. Witness: R. E. Carpenter, 15. One intense oblong light with tapered ends and surrounded by an aqua haze, flashed and flickered while stationary for 15 seconds.

October 23, 1963: Meridian, Idaho. 8:35 p.m. Witnesses: several unnamed students, including Gordon. One object shaped like a circle from below and like a football from the side, hovered low over the observers, making a deep, pulsating, loud, extremely irritating sound, for 6 minutes.

October 24, 1963: Cupar Fife, Scotland. No time given. Witnesses: A. McLean (12) and G. McLean (8). One light moved for an unspecified length of time. No further details in files. Note: Project Blue Book chief Maj. H. Quintanilla told the youngsters, in a letter, that this was "one of the most complete" of the unexplained cases for the year.

December 11, 1963: McMinnville, Oregon. 7:00 a.m. Witness: W. W. Dolan, professor of mathematics and astronomy, and dean of the faculty of Linfield College. One bright, star-like light hovered, slowed, dimmed and flashed in 1 minute.

December 16, 1963: 800 miles north of Midway Island (40° N., 175° 54' W.). 5:05 p.m. Witness: unspecified persons aboard a military aircraft. One white light blinked 2-3 times per second as it moved very fast across the sky for 15 seconds.

April 3, 1964: Monticello, Wisconsin. 9:00 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. R. Wold (he was a graduate student in anthropology). Four huge red lights in a rectangular formation, with a white light above, were near the ground, tilted and flew away after 3-4 minutes.

April 11, 1964: Homer, New York. 6:30 p.m. Witnesses: physiotherapist W. B. Ochsner and wife. Two cloud-like objects darkened; one shot away and returned during the 30-45 minute sighting.

April 24, 1964: Socorro, New Mexico. 5:45 p.m. Witness: Socorro policeman Lonnie Zamora. Watched object with flame underneath descend toward the desert. Two small humanoids observed near vertical oval on ground. Later watched object take off with a roar, go silent and fly away. Burning and charred brush found at landing sight.

May 9, 1964: Chicago, Illinois. 10:20 p.m. Witness: J. R. Betz, U.S. District Court reporter. Three light green crescent-shaped objects, about half the apparent size of the Moon, flew very fast in tight formation from east to west, oscillating in size and color for 3 seconds.

May 18, 1964: Mt. Vernon, Virginia. 5:15 p.m. Witness: civil engineer F. Meyers. One small, glowing white oval split twice after moving from the right of the Moon around to the left. Sighting lasted 17 minutes.

May 26, 1964: Cambridge, Massachusetts. 7:43 p.m. Witness: P. Wankowicz, RAF pilot and ex-Smithsonian satellite tracker. One thin, white ellipsoid (3.5 times as long as wide) flew straight and level for 3-4 seconds.

May 26, 1964: Pleasantview, Pennsylvania. 11:00 p.m. Witness: Rev. H. C. Shaw. One yellow-orange light, shaped like the bottom of a ball, was spotted in a field and chased down the road for 2 miles.

June 13, 1964: Toledo, Ohio. 9:15 p.m. Witness: B. L. English, announcer for radio station WTOD. Three glowing white spheres, glowing red on their sides, moved slow, hovered and then moved in circles very fast, all the while making a low, rumbling sound.

July 16, 1964: 15 miles south of Houghton Lake, Michigan. 11:15 p.m. Witness: Northern Air Service pilot K. Jannereth. Four white lights in a stepped-up echelon formation, were joined by two more. They closed in on the airplane, then rapidly slowed and flew along with it for a total of 5 minutes.

July 20, 1964: Littleton, Illinois. 4:45 a.m. Witness: J. J. Winkle. One 60' diameter round-topped, flat-bottomed object with a long acetylene-colored flame shooting downward, flew straight and level, made a half loop, then rose up. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

July 27, 1964: Norwich, New York. 7:30 p.m. Witness: Duabert, engineering supervisor. One aluminum sphere with a luminous ring, remained stationary for 4-5 minutes.

July 27, 1964: Denver, Colorado. 8:20 p.m. Witness: A. Borsa. One white ball of fire, the size of a car, climbed slowly, then speeded up. Sighting lasted 2-3 minutes.

August 10, 1964: Wake Island. 5:16 a.m. Witnesses: aircraft commander Capt. B. C. Jones and navigator 1st Lt. H. J. Cavender, in parked USAF C-124 transport plane. One reddish, blinking light approached the runway, stopped and made several reverses during 2 minutes.

August 15, 1964: New York, New York. 1:20 a.m. Witness: S. F. D'Alessandro. One 10' x 5' bullet-shaped object with wavy lines on the rounded front part and six pipes along the straight rear portion, made a "whishhh" sound. Witness' dog growled during sighting.

August 15, 1964: Yosemite National Park, California. 8:15 a.m. Witnesses: E. J. Haug, of the San Francisco Orchestra and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; and C. R. Bubb, a high school mathematics teacher. Three bright silver, round objects, in a stack formation, flew very fast, changing positions within the formation. The sound of rushing air was heard during the 3-4 second sighting.

August 18, 1964: Atlantic Ocean, 200 miles east of Dover, Delaware. 12:35 a.m. Witnesses: Maj. D. W. Thompson and First Pilot 1st Lt. J. F. Jonke, on a USAF C-124 transport plane. One round, blurred, reddish-white object was on a collision course with the C-124 from ahead and below. The airplane evaded the object. Sighting lasted 2 minutes.

September 10, 1964: Cedar Grove, New Jersey. 7:09 p.m. Witness: chemist P. H. DePaolo. Four white lights, 3-4' apart, were seen to the north, going west for 45 seconds.

November 14, 1964: Menominee Falls, Wisconsin. 9:40 p.m. Witnesses: Dr. G. R. Wagner, MD; and two girls. Three dim, reddish lights flew through a 160° arc in 5-6 seconds.

November 19, 1964: 1,400 miles east of Tokyo, Japan (34° 55' N., 164° 05' E.). Witnesses: unidentified military persons. One bright white flashing light was travelling from horizon to horizon in 20 seconds.

January 23, 1965: Williamsburg, Virginia. 8:40 a.m. Witness: Mr. T. F. Mains. One mushroom or lightbulb-shaped object, 75-80' high, 25' diameter on top and 10' bottom diameter; metallic grey with a red-orange glow on the near side and a blue glow on the far side. The object made a sound like a vacuum cleaner. The witness' car electrical system was affected as the object moved away, at an altitude of 4'. The sighting lasted 25 seconds.

March 4, 1965: Corvallis, Oregon. 9:23 p.m. Witness: W. V. Harrison. Three lights rose from the ground, several seconds apart. The next day, an oily spot was found at the site.

March 8, 1965: Mt. Airy, Maryland. 7:40 p.m. Witness: J. H. Martin, instrument maker for U.S. Bureau of Standards. Six lights flew overhead slowly for 3 minutes.

April 4, 1965: Keesler AFB, Mississippi. 4:05 a.m. Witnesses: USAF A/2c Corum, a weather observer; confirmation by college student R. Pittman not clear from available data. One 40' black, oval object with four lights along the bottom, flew in and out of the clouds for 15 seconds.

May 7, 1965: Oxford, Michigan. 7:30 p.m. Witness: M. E. Marshall. One light, like a satellite, split into two parts, one of which was copperish color, then two more joined up. One object may have been tumbling. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

July 6, 1965: Kiel, Wisconsin. 9:30 p.m. Witness: Mrs. E. R. Hayner. One flashing light, like a satellite, was seen for less than 1 minute. No further data was in the files.

July 25, 1965: Castalia, Ohio. 9:15 p.m. Witness: amateur astronomer M. D. Harris, 16. One bright blue star crossed 90° of sky in 10-15 seconds.

August 4, 1965: Dallas, Texas. 9:30 p.m. Witness: J. A. Carter, 19. One light flew fast, straight and level for 12 seconds. No further data in files.

August 4, 1965: Tinley Park, Illinois. 11:35 p.m. Witnesses: two unnamed 14-year-olds. One light moved around the sky for 16-17 seconds. No further data in files.

August 19, 1965: Cherry Creek, New York. 8:20 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. William Butcher, son Harold, 17, and children. A large elliptical object, with a reddish vapor underneath, came close to the ground, then shot straight up into the clouds a few seconds later. Radio drowned out by static, a tractor engine stopped. When the object was on the ground, a steady beeping sound could be heard. Afterwards, a strange odor was noticed, and the next day, a purplish liquid, 2" x 2" marks and patches of singed grass were found at the site. A bull bellowed and tried to break its bonds.

August 30, 1965: Urbana, Ohio. 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: M. A. Lilly, N. Smith, T. Nastoff. One white ball, 5-8' in diameter and trailed by a 2-3' light, hit the road 100' in front of the witness' car, bounced and flew away. Sighting lasted 3-4 seconds.

September 3, 1965: Exeter, New Hampshire. 2:00 a.m. Witnesses: Exeter Patrolmen Eugene Bertrand, Jr. and David Hunt, and Norman Muscarello. One large, dark, elliptical object with a row of red lights around it, moved slowly and erratically around houses and trees, while lights blinked in sequence. Farm animals were very noisy. Sighting lasted about 1 hour.

September 3, 1965: Damon, Texas. 11:00 p.m. Witnesses: Brazoria County Chief Sheriff's Deputy Billy McCoy and Deputy Robert Goode. One triangular object, 150-200' long, 40-50' thick at middle and dark grey, with a long, bright, pulsing, purple light on the right side and a long blue light on the left side. Came from distance to 150' off highway and 100' in the air. Purple light illuminated ground beneath object and interior of police car. Driver felt heat on his left arm. Initial sighting lasted 5-10 minutes. Second sighting occurred later that night.

September 25, 1965: Chisholm, Minnesota. 9:55 a.m. Witness: Bett Diamon. Five orange lights in a row flew fast and made an abrupt turn during the 1-minute sighting.

September 25, 1965: Rodeo, New Mexico. 10:00 p.m. Witnesses: Dr. George Walton, physical chemist, and wife. Two round white objects flew side by side, at 30-50' altitude, pacing the witnesses' car for 6 minutes.

October 4, 1965: Middletown, Ohio. Witness: Tucker. Case missing from official files.

February 2, 1966: Salisbury, North Carolina. 11:15 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wise. One silver, diamond-shaped object with several balls constantly in very fast motion around it, and much light. Object hovered over the trees for 3-4 minutes, while a dog barked, and then zipped out of sight. Sighting lasted 1 hour.

February 6, 1966: Nederland, Texas. 5:45 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. K. R. Gulley. One yellow, lighted object at 500' altitude and a pulsating red glow on the lawn. The house lights went out, and high frequency bothered the witnesses' ears. Sighting lasted 5-10 minutes.

March 20, 1966: Miami, Florida. 12:15 a.m. Witness: USAF Res. Maj. K. C. Smith, employee of NASA at Cape Kennedy. One pulsating light which varied from white to intense blue made a jerky ascent and then rapidly accelerated away to the north after 5 minutes.

March 22, 1966: Houston, Texas. 1:30 a.m. Witness: S. J. Musachia. White flashing lights, and the air full of smoke. Lit up witness' apartment. Sound of "yen" heard up close during 4-minute sighting.

March 23, 1966: Temple, Oklahoma. 5:05 a.m. Witness: W. E. Laxson. One large object, like a wingless C-124 transport plane; 75' long, 8' high and 12' wide; with a bubble canopy on top. Sat on highway, a man dressed in military work clothes entered, and it rose after about 40 seconds.

March 26, 1966: Texhoma, Oklahoma. Midnight. Witnesses: Mrs. P. N. Beer and Mrs. E. Smith. One flashing light buzzed their car from the front then hovered. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

April 5, 1966: Lycoming, New York. 3:00 a.m. Witness: Lillian Louis. One vapor-like sphere hovered and spun at low altitude, shooting its exhaust onto the ground below. Sighting of 1 minute.

April 5, 1966: Alto, Tennessee. 11:55 p.m. Witness: W. Smith. One oval object with a dark top, appeared cone-shaped when moving. It made a high-frequency noise during the 2.5 hour sighting.

April 30, 1966: Sacramento, California. 3:15 a.m. Witness: Anita Miller. One light moved around the sky for 2.5 hours. No further detail in files.

May 7, 1966: Goodfellow AFB, Texas. 9:55 p.m. Witness: A/3c W. L. Whitehead. One short, cylindrical object with pointed ends and a yellow light at one end and blue light at the other, flew straight and level for 35 seconds.

June 6, 1966: Spooner, Wisconsin. 9:30 p.m. Witness: Dorothy Gray. Two domed discs with sparkling upper surfaces and square windows in their tops, revolved above a lake, apparently causing strange behavior of the lake water during the 25-second sighting.

June 8, 1966: Kansas, Ohio. 6:45 a.m. Witness: Max Baker. One bright silver, cigar-shaped object, as long as an airliner, buzzed the witness' car. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

June 18, 1966: Burnsville, North Carolina. 12:30 a.m. Witnesses: members of a Boy Scout group, including Sterrett. One bell-shaped object with three flashing red lights hovered for 5 hours and was then joined by six others.

June 27, 1966: 400 miles east of Wake Island (19° N., 172° E.). 4:00 a.m. Witness: Radio Officer Steffen Soresen, of the S/Mt. Vernon Victory. One "cloud" expanded with a light inside, and then accelerated away after several minutes.

July 11, 1966: Union, Pennsylvania. 7:45 p.m. Witnesses: Carl Wood and Charles Hawthorne. One large (100' wide, 20' high) bright red object with small windows and yellow lights. The object emitted a humming noise, seemingly from the outside, and a grinding noise which seemed to come from inside. Observed for 1 hour.

July 25, 1966: Vanceboro, North Carolina. 1:00 a.m. Witness: college student James Clark. One object which changed color from orange to red to blue to green and back to orange. Followed witness' car at high speed, then stopped and hovered over the car. Rose and flew up and out of sight in less than 5 seconds. Entire sighting involved about 1 hour.

July 31, 1966: Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania. 7:25 p.m. Witnesses: Douglas Tibbetts, 16; Betty Klem, 16; Anita Haifley, 22; and Gerald Labelle, 29. Square or hexagonal object with edges lit or reflecting light, came tumbling down from right to left. Stopped 5-10' above the beach and settled heavily down; circle of spotlights at top were visible when it was on the ground. Sighting lasted 5 minutes.

August 19, 1966: Donnybrook, North Dakota. 4:50 p.m. Witness: U.S. Border Patrolman Don Flickenger. Round disc with domed top, 30' in diameter and 15' high, colored white, silvery or aluminum. Moved across a valley from the southeast, hovered over a reservoir, appeared to land in a small field, then rose up into clouds very rapidly. Sighting lasted 5 minutes.

August 23, 1966: Columbus, Ohio. 7:00 p.m. Witnesses: Broomall and Gilpin. One circular, luminous white object split into five objects and all streaked away toward the west. Sighting lasted 15 minutes.

August 26, 1966: Gaylesville, Alabama. 8:50 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Funk and their three children. A cluster of four small, glowing, orange yellow lights in a triangular formation, moved from east to west for 4.5 minutes.

September 1, 1966: Willsboro, New York. 2:45 p.m. Witness: T. H. Ridman. One oval object with lights that flashed red and white and occasionally blue, travelled west, then disappeared downward. It returned, several minutes later, at which time a loud noise was heard. The entire sighting lasted 30 minutes.

September 6, 1966: Suffolk County AFB, New York. 6:50 p.m. Witnesses: Stahl and Ladesic. One white cylinder of light came from the east at high speed, stopped and hovered for 3 minutes, and then turned and slowly disappeared. Sighting lasted 8 minutes.

September 9, 1966: Franklin Springs, New York. 9:00 p.m. Witness: Jacobson. One solid object, larger than an army tank, with lights all around it, made a low humming sound and disappeared into woods at the end of the 30-minute sighting.

September 13, 1966: Gwinner, North Dakota. 7:30 a.m. Witness: Rotenberger. One silvery-grey ellipse with a clear bubble protruding from its top, hovered about a mile away, then landed within 300 yards and took off very fast. It made a low-pitched whine during the 5-minute sighting.

September 28, 1966: Wilmington, Ohio. 3:38 p.m. Witness: Clarke. Three round, oval-shaped, aluminum-colored objects with rotating rings around them. Two remained stationary, while the third varied its altitude during the 90-second sighting.

October 5, 1966: Osceola, Wisconsin. No time given. Witnesses: several members of one family. One small, bright orange, moon-shaped object remained stationary in the northeast for about 20 minutes, then suddenly took off very fast to the WNW.

October 23, 1966: Southhampton, Long Island, New York. 6:00 p.m. Witness: Mr. Acquino. One object with arms in front of it which sparkled like an arc light. Traveled south along some power lines, then turned southwest. Made a slight humming sound during the 4-minute sighting.

October 26, 1966: Cold Bay Air Force Station, Alaska. No time given. Witness: civilian control tower operator Ralston. One white object approached runway at 50' altitude. Runway lights were then turned on, and object accelerated and climbed away so fast that witness was unable to use binoculars. Sighting lasted 3 seconds.

November 8, 1966: Saginaw, Michigan. At night. Witness: college graduate Annis. A group of lights that flashed and changed color, hung stationary, almost touching the road, and would abruptly vanish during the 5-minute sighting.

December 25, 1966: Monroe, Oregon. 3:00 a.m. Witnesses: civilians and military persons. Three round objects, as large as cars, gave off vapor, then became three bright reddish-orange lights. Blast at beginning of 90-minute sighting pushed one witness against a car.

February 6, 1967: Odessa, Delaware. 8:45 p.m. Witnesses: Donald and Marie Guseman. One large, Saturn-shaped object, 50' in diameter and 20' high, with two bright lights, a green light on one side and a red light on the other. Hovered motionless over the trees, then slowly moved north and suddenly disappeared after 2 minutes.

February 12, 1967: Grand Rapids, Michigan. 3:40 a.m. Witness: Mr. Lou Atkinson. Four fluorescent, football-shaped objects, a dull, almost grey luminous color; flew northeast in a very rigid formation for 4-10 seconds. Made a chirping noise.

February 16, 1967: Stoughton, Wisconsin. 9:11 p.m. Witness: Miss Lynn Marsh. One light with faded edges seemed to follow observer in her car for 5-6 minutes.

February 20, 1967: Oxford, Wisconsin. 3:10 a.m. Witness: USAF veteran/truck driver Stanton Summer. One orange-red object flew parallel to truck for 2 minutes.

February 27, 1967: Grand Haven, Michigan. 8:19 p.m. Witnesses: Sheriff Grysen, wife and others. Large white light, with smaller red and green lights seen to the sides. Made almost instantaneous 90° turn to left, shot out over road and stopped, moving too fast to follow. Sighting lasted 1 hour, 11 minutes.

March 6, 1967: Benton Harbor, Michigan. 12:01 a.m. Witnesses: Jerome Wolanin, assistant news director of radio station and former policeman, and wife. One round saucer or oval-shaped object with red, green and yellow lights around bottom rim which pulsated red. Flew level, east to west, and was joined by second object from west. First object opened top, second came over and hovered for 30 seconds and disappeared. Sighting lasted more than 40 minutes. Objects made hissing sound.

March 6, 1967: Galesburg Moline, Illinois. 4:25 a.m. Witness: Deputy Sheriff Frank Courson. One object shaped like a rubber cup which is placed under furniture leg, with a dome set in the cup. Bottom of object spun rapidly, rim pulsated red. Approached witness and passed overhead at low altitude, making a hieeing sound.

March 9, 1967: Galesburg, Illinois. 7:10 p.m. Witnesses: two housewives. One object shaped like a pancake with a rounded top; object was pulsating red, with red lights around its rim. Approached witnesses and seemed to explode with a brilliant white light that lasted 10 seconds and almost blinded them. Then it accelerated to the north and disappeared.

March 9, 1967: Onawa, Iowa. 9:05 p.m. Witness: Jack Lindley. One bright white, saucer-shaped object, as big as a jet airliner, flew straight and fast to the east for 2 minutes.

March 22, 1967: Wapello, Iowa. 10:20 p.m. Witness: Douglas Eutsler, 15. Fluorescent, solid, multicolored lights stood still, then flew away at high speed after 1 minute.

March 24, 1967: Belt, Montana. 9:00 p.m. Witness: truck driver Ken Williams. One dome-shaped object, emitting a bright light, landed in a ravine. As the witness approached, it took off and settled back, hidden from the highway. Sighting lasted several minutes.

March 26, 1967: New Winchester, Ohio. 4:00 p.m. Witnesses: man, woman, three boys. One oval object, which looked like copper or brass with the sun shining on it, flew from southeast to northwest with tumbling motion for 30 minutes.

May 17, 1967: Rural Hall, North Carolina. 8:30 p.m. Witness: Red Ledford. One round, orange-colored object, similar in size to a small aircraft, zigzagged back and forth over a jet that was heading northeast for 5 minutes.

June 24, 1967: Austin, Texas. 3:12 a.m. Witness: artist Ray Stanford. One solid, blue-white, elliptical object flew from northwest to northeast and stopped, seemingly in response to flashlight signal, for 1.5 minutes. The object then proceeded along its original path at high speed and disappeared behind clouds. Sighting lasted 9 minutes.

June 29, 1967: Scotch Plains, New Jersey. 1:30 a.m. Witness: truck driver Damon Brown. One oyster-shaped object, 200' wide, and 25-30' thick, with a huge red light at each end and one on the bottom, and a row of blue lights along the bottom. Circled an aircraft, hovering then moving rapidly, and then followed the witness' car for about 500', veered south and departed at great speed after 8-10 minutes.

July 10, 1967: Lizelia, Mississippi. 5:50 p.m. Witness: golf pro Harold Washington (Capt, USMC, ret.). One object with a dome, the top colored gunmetal blue, the bottom the color of old lead. Moved east, crossed the highway tilted upward, moved to the right, accelerated and disappeared into the clouds after 3-5 seconds. Object made a swishing sound.

October 18, 1967: Lake Charles, Louisiana. 9:00 p.m. Witness: John Herbert. One bright, fiery ball flashed four times while moving east, just above the tree tops. Sighting lasted 1 minute.

February 9, 1968: Groveton, Missouri. 4:20 a.m. Witness: Mr. R. W. Bland. One object, 100' in diameter, with concave sides having "portholes" in the center of each gave off yellow green light. Hovered 25' above ground, then moved rapidly toward the southwest. Gave off pulsating sound, like a length of wire whirled at high speed above the head. Sighting lasted 1-5 minutes.

September 15, 1968: near Ocala, Florida. 9:30 p.m. Witness: missionary pilot Jay Cole, flying a Beech C-45 twin engined utility plane. One light performed aerobatics for 15 minutes and then vanished. A second light appeared, heading toward them on a collision course, made a 90° turn and disappeared. Later, ground radar told them a target was following them. Sightings lasted 15 minutes.

November 23, 1968: Newton, Georgia. 8:05 p.m. Witness: Mr. Jones, accountant. One oblong light, 120-150' wide. Hovering 75' above the ground, it emitted a beam that lit the ground. Radio gave off static, then car engine stopped. Light flew away vertically and car engine restarted itself. Sighting lasted 3-4 minutes.

January 17, 1969: Crittenden, Virginia. 3:24 a.m. Witness: Mr. Roman Lupton, test facility mechanic. Several amber lights one of them blinking in an elliptical formation, flew forward slowly while moving up and down, then turned and disappeared after 2 minutes. Made a humming sound.

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