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The Ridicule Factor

The one factor that may prohibit someone from wanting to report their sighting or close encounter is the curtain of ridicule that surrounds the UFO phenomenon and the effects it has on those who wish to report their experiences.

The fear of being called crazy or a crackpot is a major motivating factor for people wanting to keep their mouths shut if they were to see or experience something out of the ordinary.

Fear of losing their job and career position, or even their high standings in society will prevent an individual from reporting anything that might make them look bad in the eyes of their family members, friends, co-workers and especially employers.


In some instances, marriages have ended up in divorce.

And in rare cases, some witnesses have been pushed into suicide because of their Alien encounters.

Military witnesses

Here's a good explanation as to why military people and former military people do not speak out about their classified experiences with UFOs:

"When a person working in a security field leaves the field, he's reminded of his oaths. And he's sworn not to reveal information handled officially during the time of his tenure in that particular security thing. And he's warned of the penalties: it's a $10,000 dollar fine and 10 years in prison, and in extreme cases, forfeiture of all pay and allowances due or ever to become due. And so, it's hard to find people who are not vulnerable; who don't have something to lose by telling what happened to them."

- Colonel Wendelle Stevens

The Manipulation of the Press

For several years, it's been suspected that the print media, including The New York Times and The Washington Post were part of the UFO cover-up, having been pressured by the powers-that-be to look the other way!

The book entitled "Missing Times" by Terry Hanson illustrates how this all began.

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