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UFO Occupant Sightings

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 7 July 1954, page 7

Sudbury Miner Claims He Saw 6-Armed, 13-Foot Space Men

SUDBURY (CP) - A nickel miner came out of a dead faint and told a strange story of seeing three 13-foot men with three sets of arms step from a space ship.

Ennio LaSarza, in his 20s, told workers at the Garson Mine first aid station one of the visitors fixed him with a hypnotic stare until he fainted.

He described the space ship as 25 feet in diameter, with two electronic ear-like spurs, and three sets of arms with claws and six legs. He said the men were built in much the same manner.

LaSarza told his story July 2, when the planet Mars was closer to the earth than it has ever been in the past, and later repeated it to police and air force investigators. An air force spokesman said that he conducted an investigation into the report and "actually found it to be fictitious. It just didn't corroborate with anything of what it should be," he commented.

When asked what it should be, he commented that is "classified information."

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 11 May 1957, Page 26

Saucer Tale Comes Again

AMIENS, France (Reuters) - A Hungarian refugee claimed today that he was nearly attacked by "four little men dressed in grey" who landed in a flying saucer.

His story of the men and saucer was backed by six residents of Beaucourt-sur-Lande.

Gendarmes investigated tracks on a road near the village and said they found lumps of a black, lava-like substance.

Michel Sekete, 29-year-old Hungarian refugee, told police he sighted the saucer just after midnight as he was cycling home. He said he was "dazzled by a strange projectile," hid behind a telegraph pole and saw "four little men."

"The four little men came towards me in a threatening manner," Sekete claimed. He climbed on his bicycle and pedalled as fast as he could toward the local railroad station.

"Let me in quickly," he shouted at the watchman. "A flying saucer has landed and I am being attacked."

Six persons, including the station watchman and his wife, said they saw the saucer and the little men. They said the saucer was a reddish color and that after it took off, it hovered for several minutes above the village before disappearing.

Kirkland Lake, Ontario, NORTHERN DAILY NEWS, 9 October 1975, page 1

Alien Almost Run Over After Spaceship Lands

BRACEBRIDGE, Ont. (CP) - Robert Suffern of Three Mile Lake says a spaceship landed about 13 miles northwest of here Tuesday night and he almost ran over one of its occupants with his car.

Mr. Suffern said Wednesday the ship was about 12 to 14 feet across, nine feet high and circular in shape.

Mr. Suffern said he found the ship while driving around to investigate "a glow in the sky" seen by his sister, who lives nearby and telephoned him to say she thought his barn might be on fire.

He said that a few seconds after he saw it, the ship lifted straight up from the road in front of his car.

Mr. Suffern said that, on returning home, he had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting "some sort of creature."

The creature, he said, was the height of the car fender and dressed in silver. It had two legs, two arms, a globe-shaped helmet and walked "sort of like a midget."

The creature turned, took three or four steps, vaulted over a fence and disappeared.

Mr. Suffern said he raced back to his house and arrived in time to see the spaceship hover near his home before crossing the lake.

Mr. Suffern said he was badly shaken by the incident.

"It's all right to think what you would do if you came face to face with a situation like this," he said, "but when it actually happens, you are scared because you are dealing with the unknown."

"I mean what do you do if they come to the door .... offer them a beer?"

Bracebridge is about 30 miles north of Orillia.

News clippings courtesy of The Sault Star, The Kirkland Lake Northern Daily News and The North Bay Nugget.