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UFO researcher seeks info on sightings

During the past three weeks or so, I've received several phone calls about UFO sightings in the area, including Manitoulin Island.

One of the reports dealt with a sighting that took place about 18 months ago near the Four Corners in Sudbury's South End.

In that case, a man looked out the window at a coffee shop and noticed a large, diamond-shaped object, dull black in colour, maneuvering in the afternoon sky around a large single dark cloud before eventually leaving the area.

Another report was about a light seen on Manitoulin Island Wednesday, July 22 between 3 am and 4:15 am, over the same general area where, in mid-September 1990, an object of unknown origin landed and left marks on the gravel-covered limestone.

The most recent report was about a young couple who were followed by a moving light flying low in the sky, as they drove from Whitefish to Sudbury. The object was then observed at a relative's house, and later, behind their apartment building.

In Dowling, a retired Falconbridge worker looked straight up at 90 degrees and saw three coloured lights, each flashing once in sequence: one white light at one end, a red light in the middle and a blue light at the other end, all three moving in tandem, but flashing one at a time. They were moving faster than a jet and there was no sound.

I, myself, had a sighting of short duration as I spent my first night in my new apartment Aug. 13. As I was tuning my television set, I looked up through the window and saw a light that was as bright as Jupiter.

At first, that's all I thought it was. But then, it moved away to the east-southeast and faded out within seconds. It was 10:06 pm when it disappeared.

The funny thing about it was that it did not dip below the horizon. It wasn't even that low...it looked to be about 35 degrees above the horizon. The sky was so clear because at 45 degrees (slightly above where I saw the light), there was a star in plain sight. The way the light moved away, I should have been able to see it go on, just like a plane would, at that distance. But it just "blinked out."

A friend of mine has been seeing similar objects for the past three years. The objects did all kinds of things such as form triangles in the night sky or fly in formation about the city. I even captured one of them on video tape.

So please, all you skywatchers out there - keep your eyes to the sky.

If you think you saw something unexplainable, mark down the date, time, location, directions of flight, duration and appearance of the object(s) and report it. Confidential is assured. I can be reached at 670-2759. My e-mail address is 739411@ican.net

Michel M. Deschamps
UFO researcher/historian

The Northern Life - September 4, 1998
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