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UFO sighting actually Jupiter

I received the following reports as a result of my letter which appeared in the March 19 issue of Northern Life. They include a report which turned out to be a natural phenomenon.

For the past two weeks, a Sudbury resident has seen what appeared to him to be a UFO in the western sky, after 7:30 pm. It is visible for about three quarters of an hour, then drifts off to the west which seems to be at a very slow rate of speed. He said it is very bright nd he can't tell the shape of it.

I called a friend of mine about it, we went out and shot it on video, and within seconds it was determined that what the witness had been looking at was the planet Jupiter, which is very bright at this time of year. If you look at a planet or a star long enough, it will move or shift position.

Other sightings:

• At around 3:40 pm, March 10, a man driving from Elliot Lake on Highway 108 toward Highway 17, reported seeing a cone-shaped object moving across the sky from west to east. The front end of it was squared off. There was no vapour trail behind it and it was as white as a cloud. He watched it for a minute, lost sight of it, then saw it again for three minutes before disappearing from view.

• A little after 10 pm on March 12, a boy was trying to go to sleep when he looked out his window and saw a triangular object in the night sky. It had three coloured lights; one at each corner. One light was red and the other two were white. He also noticed a fourth light in the center of the craft; a smaller red light which was moving around in a circular motion. He said that the triangular craft was about as big as an aspirin held at arm's length. The witness said it was too high to be a plane and jets can't stop and go like it did. It stopped again way off in the east and sped up and went south.

• A Garson resident reported that at around 1:05 am March 13, he saw a big, round object moving across the sky in a northwesterly direction. He said it blinked four times before disappearing and described it as being lime-green in colour, oval-shaped and as large as a garbage can cover held at a distance of 15 feet.

• At around 3 am on March 20, two women driving back from Sault, Michigan, saw what first looked like a bright star in the sky, that suddenly came down at tremendous speed and flew past their car. The witness reporting the incident was in the passenger seat and said that as the large ball of light flew past the car, sparks were shooting off from end to end. She looked back through the rear window of the car to see the object as it stopped and hovered above the road. She wanted to go back, but the other woman driving the car didn't want to stop because she was afraid she'd get abducted.

Again, if you or anyone you know has had a sighting of any kind, please don't hesitate to contact me by dialling 670-2759 or e-mailing me at: ufoman@ican.net. Confidentiality is assured.

Michel M. Deschamps
UFO researcher/historian

The Northern Life - April 23, 1999
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