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UFO Sightings Across Canada

Sudbury, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 3 July 1947, page 1


Halifax, July 3 (CP) - Whether men of Mars are lobbing some sort of missiles hasn't been determined, but the appearance nearby of the "flying saucer" has resulted in speculation.

Dr. C. K. Gunn, superintendent of the Dominion Experimental Fox Farm, at Summerside, P.E.I., his wife and Roland Phillipson, manager of the Prices Board office in that town, and his daughter, had a 30-cent view of the airborne wafer they couldn't identify. All four said they had seen the object "quite plainly" and described it variously as "a shapeless object that glistened and gleamed in the bright sun." It was travelling at a high rate of speed.

At Ottawa, air force experts offered to advance a theory if somebody would catch a flying saucer and show it to them. Officials said they knew of no experiments being carried on.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 3 July 1947, Page 2

Speculation Over Flying Saucers

HALIFAX - (CP) - Whether the men of Mars are lobbing some sort of missiles at us or whether the stars are scattering big hunks of dust hasn't been determined but the appearance of the "flying saucer" in the maritimes has resulted in considerable speculation.

Dr. C. K. Gunn, superintendent of the dominion experimental fox farm at Summerside, P.E.I., his wife and Roland Philipson, manager of the prices board office in that town, and his daughter, yesterday had a 30-second view of an airborne wafer they couldn't identify.

They had read stories of the appearance of flying saucers on the west coast and wondered if there was any connection.

At Ottawa, air force experts were without clues but offered to advance a theory if somebody would catch a flying saucer and show it to them. Officials said they know of no experiments being carried on either at R.C.A.F. bases in the area or at nearby fields in the United States.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 5 September 1947, Page 1


LAC DU BONNET, MAN. - (CP) - A bomb-shaped, all-metal, balloon-like airship, 30 - 40 feet long and with steel cables trailing, drifted over this Manitoba town 50 miles northeast of Winnipeg yesterday. It bore no identification marks and an airplane pilot who inspected it said it was at an elevation of 10,800 feet.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 18 October 1947, Page 4

Green, Fiery Ball Reported By Judge North of Winnipeg

WINNIPEG - (CP) - Several members of Winnipeg's legal fraternity, together with a larger number of laymen, are prepared to swear that there's something strange swishing through the skies over the Dauphin marshlands 160 miles northwest of here.

First person to report seeing the missile was Judge E. J. Heaney of Winnipeg's juvenile court. He said that while squatting in a swamp, his eyes searching the still-grey early morning sky for ducks, he suddenly saw a fiery ball, green in color and travelling at terrific speed, approach through the air until it neared the size of a football.

Abruptly it whizzed low to the east, exploded in a shower of green sparks, and left the sky free for ducks.

The incident also was reported by four Winnipeg lawyers.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 11 March 1950, Page 1

See Queer Objects Over Edmonton

EDMONTON - (CP) - More residents have reported seeing mysterious pear-shaped objects streaking through Edmonton's evening sky.

F. Arnold Richards, a civic employee, Friday, was the first person to report seeing the flying objects. He said they appeared to travel faster than jet-propelled airplanes and "a whitish-bluish" flame, which he "took to be the exhaust," spurted out from the wide end of the objects.

Accounts of other observers tallied with Mr. Richards' description in time, general appearance and flight direction, but differed in the number of objects sighted. Mr. Richards said he saw three; several others said they saw one.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 23 April 1952, page 3

Colored "Saucer" Observed Again

WINNIPEG - (CP) - A mysterious light, first reported over Manitoba Monday, was seen whirling across Winnipeg last night.

Newspaper offices received numerous calls from citizens who said the sparkling disc kept changing color as it moved across the evening sky.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 4 December 1952, Page 8


MONTREAL (CP) - Adults might call them flying saucers but children will probably believe it was Santa Claus on a rehearsal visit.

Two adults and a number of children in different parts of the city said they saw "four or five" bright shining objects flitting across the sky, Tuesday.

W. F. Garnahm said he was in central Montreal when he saw two young boys looking up at the sky. He looked too, and said "four shiny objects flashed in and out of sight as they turned in the sunlight."

Garnahm said he has 6,000 flying hours.

"I'm sure they weren't planes."

Mrs. Donald MacCallum, shopping with her seven-year-old son, said she also saw the objects.

Sudbury, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 7 October 1957, page 1

'Round Objects in Sky' Sighted With Naked Eye
(By the Canadian Press)

Canadians hopefully scanned the skies for satellites Sunday and enthusiastically reported sighting yellow balls, an orange-gold substance, round objects, streaks and a flitting sphere.

But as Russia's two-foot space satellite whizzed monotonously round and round the earth, there were no confirmed sightings by scientific bodies anywhere in the nation.

Radiomonitoring was a different proposition. There were scores of reports from ham operators whose short wave sets picked up the intermittent "beep" of the baby moon's transmitter as it sped through its orbit at 18,000 miles an hour at a height of 560 miles.

Capt. Roger Desgagnes, 30-year-old skipper of a St. Lawrence River freighter, spotted "a round object high in the air" off Sorel, Que., and said he was sure it was "the Russian satellite."

Desgagnes said the object was visible with the naked eye. He and his brother gazed at it through binoculars but it disappeared within nine minutes "as it entered a cloud formation."

Muriel Low, a housewife standing near Hedley, said she saw "a bright spherical ball about 10 minutes to 11." Others nearby said they saw nothing.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 5 November 1957, Pages 1 & 2

Mysterious Flying Object Seen in Quebec Province

QUEBEC (CP) - Duck hunters of nearby Lauzon, Que., today reported having seen a red spherical object falling from the sky, Saturday.

They said it appeared to have fallen into the St. Lawrence River off Quebec harbor.

The sightings were similar to those of Jacques Hebert, physics professor of Ottawa University, who reported seeing a rocket-shaped object falling near Quebec, during the weekend.

Mr. Hebert described the thing as rocket-shaped, with a long blue body and a red head.

LUBBOCK, Tex. (AP) - A missile engineer reported seeing a "brilliant colored egg-shaped object" which stalled autos in New Mexico Monday at about the same time the U.S. Air Force started an investigation into similar reports in this and other areas.

Witnesses say a mystery object skipped about the countryside here and near scientific military bases in New Mexico during the weekend. The reported sighting startled citizens, peace officers and servicemen but apparently left no concrete trace.

James Stokes, 45, an engineer from the USAF missile development centre at Alamogordo, N.M., said 10 autos were stopped on an isolated desert highway, U.S. 54, between White Sands proving grounds and Alamogordo Monday.


His description was similar to ones reporting a big ball of fire in this Texas area during the weekend. A huge, oval object "nearly as bright as the sun" was reported Sunday, hovering near bunkers used in the first A-bomb explosion.

Strange lights were also reported near Chicago and in Virginia.

Stokes said occupants of cars saw a strange object flying toward them from the northeast. He said his auto radio faded and died, then his engine stopped. Several other cars also stalled.

He told a newsman: "It turned and made a pass at the highway and crossed not more than two miles ahead. As it passed . . . I could feel a kind of heat wave, like radiation from a giant sun lamp. But there was no sound. It had no visible portholes and there was no vapor trail."


"When I got back to my car and checked the engine, I found it intact but the battery was steaming. But the engine started with no difficulty. I called the air force and notified them."

The object moved very rapidly and its surface looked like "glowing mother of pearl."

Allan D. Baker of Las Cruces, N.M., reportedly shot pictures of the object.

Col. Barney Oldfield of the air defence command said "The object . . . was not picked up by radar. It did not seem to be traceable."

In Washington Monday, the U.S. Air Force undertook an investigation of a huge and strangely-lighted mystery object reported to have flashed over west Texas.

Reports of strange flying objects have been popping up for years, but this one had the support of a variety of witnesses, including a sheriff and one of his deputies.

It was variously described as a burning mass, a big light and an egg-shaped object 200 feet long.

Meanwhile, there were reports on strange things elsewhere.

Three policemen and a fireman in Chicago's suburban Elmwood Park said they saw a peculiar round glowing thing in the early-morning sky Monday. They said their car lights appeared to dim as they kept the prowl car spotlight focused on the thing.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The coast guard cutter Sebago sighted an unidentified flying object over the Gulf of Mexico at 5:21 a.m. CST today. The object, seen for about three seconds, resembled a brilliant planet moving at tremendous speed.

Coast guard headquarters in New Orleans received a radio message about the sighting. The message did not say exactly who on board the cutter had seen the object.

But the message said the object had been tracked on the Sebago's radar screen for 11 minutes before the visual contact and for 16 minutes afterward. During these periods, the object darted off the screen every few minutes but soon returned.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, DAILY STAR, 13 April 1959, Page 1

'Mystery Object' Baffles Montreal

MONTREAL (CP) - A mysterious object sighted Sunday night over the RCAF base at nearby St. Hubert, was reported today to have hovered for several minutes over a playing field in Montreal=s north end.

Claude Mercier said that he and about 10 of his neighbors saw the object hovering over a park area, at the intersection of De Fleurimont and Garnier streets.

"It looked like a big round balloon, about 10 feet in diameter, with a yellow light inside," said Mercier in an interview. "Fiery sparks came from the underside of the object as it hovered over the field."

"It was very low and it appeared as though it was going to land. But after hanging in the air a few minutes, it took off, rising not vertically, but at a slant and at a terrific speed. Within two or three minutes, we had lost sight of it on the horizon."


"As it rose," he said, "the yellow light inside the balloon seemed to go out. All that could be seen was a slight mauvish glow from the object."

He said the sighting was made about 8 p.m., approximately at the same time as people in suburbs on the south shore opposite Montreal were reporting a mysterious red light over the RCAF base.

A spokesman at Air Defence Command in St. Hubert said the control tower operator there did not see the object. It did not show on the base's radar.

"Our switchboard operator said she saw a black ball with a red light on it," said the spokesman. "She said the ball appeared to be sitting on the moon."

"We have no official explanation for these phenomena," said the spokesman.

Information was gathered on them and forwarded to the Transport Department in Ottawa. The Department, in turn, passed the information on to Washington, and from there, it was circulated to all parts of the world.

The spokesman said that an object similar to the one reported Sunday night, had been sighted over the base a couple of months ago. When it was checked out, it was found that what people had seen was an aircraft with a red light on its underside.

North Bay, Ontario, DAILY NUGGET, 14 April 1959, page 1

Was It Space Craft?

OTTAWA (CP) - A federal radio engineer says an unidentified object sighted in the sky near St. Hubert, Que., could have been a space craft.

W. B. Smith, superintendent of radio regulations engineering for the Transport Department, said Monday, there is no other explanation for the type of object sighted Sunday night by Air Force personnel at the St. Hubert Air Station.

The sightings apparently were limited to the Montreal area, a spokesman at Air Defence Command at nearby St. Hubert said.

A report on the sightings was to be forwarded to the Transport Department in Ottawa. From there it would go to Washington and all parts of the world.

Claude Mercier said he and about 10 of his neighbors saw it hovering over a park area near their homes in the northeast end of Montreal.

"It looked like a big round balloon, about 10 feet in diameter, with a yellow light inside," he said. "Fiery sparks came from the underside of the object as it hovered over the field."

He said that after a few minutes it took off "at a slant and at terrific speed" and disappeared over the horizon.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 18 November 1966, page 3

Says 'Fireball' Over Calgary Flying Object

CALGARY (CP) - The director of Calgary's Centennial Planetarium said today an unidentified flying object seen over the city Wednesday may have been a fireball or a large meteorite.

Seig Wiser said either might appear to hover - as reported by persons who sighted the object - depending on the position in relation to the observer.

He said the sightings Wednesday night came at the height of a meteor shower.

Harry Scott, 38, spotted a red object about 10 p.m. and called a neighbor, Albert Bromley. The two men, their wives and children all watched the object.

"It came toward us, stopped and hovered for three or four minutes, then ejected a spurt of flame and moved away out of sight," said Mr. Bromley.

"I don't believe in flying saucers and anyone who does is nuts," he said. "But I definitely saw this and God alone knows what it was."

Less than an hour later, the object was seen again. About a dozen people in the street watched as it moved toward them. It hovered briefly before shooting away to the south.

"It was visible for 15 to 20 minutes the second time it appeared," Mr. Scott said. "It looked about as big as a football about 20 yards away."

He said the object was neither a meteorite nor an aircraft.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 16 October 1967, page 1

Flying Saucer?

Arrowed is an unidentified flying object photographed by prospector Warren Smith of Calgary in July in southern Alberta. The RCAF says this is the best UFO picture in its files and enlargement shows a domed saucer, 40 feet across, with bluish exhaust and "quite large speed." Also in Alberta, a forest lookout, Russ Hill, described as reliable by his colleagues, says he has seen UFOs four times in the last few weeks and several persons have reported sighting in the Calgary area.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 16 October 1967, page 26

RCAF to Launch Calgary Area Search For Object Seen Falling From UFO

CALGARY (CP) - A spokesman says the RCAF may send a helicopter to look for whatever-it-is that fell out of whatever-it-was in July.

Whatever-it-was was seen by three prospectors near Nanton, Alta., and was photographed by one, Warren Smith, 27, of Calgary.

Sqdn. Ldr. E. G. Chase of Calgary says Mr. Smith's photograph is the best one yet of an unidentified flying object in the RCAF files.

Sqdn. Ldr. Chase said enlargement of Mr. Smith's photographs show a domed, saucer-shaped object about 40 feet across with a red light on top and what appeared to be bluish exhaust.

One prospector said he saw something fell from the UFO and the RCAF spokesman said a search may be staged.

The three gold prospectors say the object was seen west of Nanton, about 50 miles south of Calgary, July 3.

The latest in a series of UFO sightings was reported Thursday by Nora Tibbs, a High River, Alta., housewife, who says her car stalled when a UFO circled over it Wednesday night.

She said she was driving on Highway 2 near Aldersyde, 25 miles south of Calgary, when her car lights, radio and motor cut out.


Then, she said, she saw a brilliant light she took for the moon. Then a dark shape, about 1,000 feet up, began to circle the car.

"It circled around the car four or five times and then went away. I was just frozen, a real cold, right-to-the-bone actual chill. I didn't thaw out until noon the next day."

When the UFO disappeared, the car's power returned.

She described the object as oval-shaped with "a kind of a dome shape" on one side. She thought it vaguely resembled a dirigible.

Forestry lookout Russ Hill, described as reliable and trustworthy by his colleagues, has reported four sightings - the latest Tuesday - about 35 miles west of High River.

On Sept. 18, he says he was awakened by a humming sound and from his lookout tower saw a reddish object with a green light which hovered for about three hours before climbing and disappearing.

He said he tried to start his power generators but found it shorted out. Later, Mr. Hill said, he saw the object on a nearby plateau.

On Oct. 7 he heard a "throbbing, pulsating sound" and with field glasses saw a bowl-shaped object, 75 feet in diameter, sweep down a valley below his forest tower.

He said the lights in his cabin seemed to flicker as the object passed. It had two light exhaust flames, a green neon-like ring around it and a dome with a pulsating yellow-green light.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, STAR, 25 October 1967, Page 6

SAUCER SKETCH - Russel Hill, an Alberta forest lookout, drew from memory this sketch of an unidentified flying object which he says hovered near his forest tower earlier this month. Mr. Hill, described as reliable by his colleagues, says he has seen UFOs four times in the last few weeks and several persons have reported sightings in the Calgary area. He said the UFO in this sketch had a green light around the rim and a rotating green light (arrows) in the upper bowl. When it flew off, he said, the rim light went out, the dome light turned white and four blue "exhaust" flames came from the rear (left). (CP Wirephoto)

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 6 November 1967, page 27

UFO Hunter Found

Lorne Grovue, 30, of Calgary, was singing while walking on a highway when found by an RCMP patrol car Sunday morning, ending a three-day search. Grovue had gone into the dense bush 80 miles southwest of Calgary six days earlier hoping to find an object which he said fell from a UFO. Later, he was assumed lost in the bush. He apparently did not find any trace of the fallen object.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 23 January 1969, page 2

UFO Sighting Made in West

EDMONTON (CP) - An unidentified flying object sighted over Valleyview, Alta., Tuesday night may have been a weather balloon, a meteorological officer said Wednesday.

Five persons, including three RCMP officers, made the sighting 160 miles north of here and said the silent, red, round object was visible for about 45 minutes.

"The object didn't have anything to do with us," said a Canadian Forces spokesman. "We had no aircraft in the vicinity, and certainly none that were red and didn't make a sound."

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 28 October 1974, page 1

B.C. boy says 'it took off super fast' of the UFO he saw for three seconds

SURREY, B.C. (CP) - An 11-year-old Surrey boy has taken a picture of what he is convinced is an unidentified flying object (UFO).

"It just went round and round in a circle, up and down and then took off super fast in the sky," David Knutsen said Saturday.

He saw the object Oct. 15 from the kitchen window of his home in this Vancouver suburb after he noticed two RCMP officers standing in a parking lot, pointing in the sky toward the east.

The picture was first on a 20-picture roll and his father, Harold Knutsen, wouldn't let him develop it until the other 19 pictures were developed. David received the negatives Friday.

The picture, taken at 4 p.m. Oct. 15, shows a circular almost-black object with a sharp but narrow glow around its exterior. David said there were no distinguishable markings on the object which he estimates was about 400 feet away.

He said the whole episode lasted about three seconds.

Sgt. Arnold McPherson of the RCMP said Saturday he didn't know the names of the officers David said he saw.

No UFO reports were filed with the police station and no one had mentioned any sightings, he said.

David said he had been reading about UFOs but he said the sighting from his kitchen window was authentic.

"It wasn't no round airplane, I know that," he said.

A blazing white UFO, described as roaring like a jet aircraft was reported by an RCMP officer in Turner Valley, Alta., just two days before David took his picture.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 15 March 1978, page 37


Richard Unot, left, 36, and Jacques Lavoie, 30, both of île Perrot, near Montreal, hold photographs of an unidentified flying object they took during a camping trip in a wooded area 320 kilometres northwest of Montreal Saturday. One of the men managed to take several photographs of the oval-shaped object as it skimmed across the dark surface of a lake in La Verendrye Park before it disappeared. They reported that a brightly glowing object hurtled out of the sky and sent them fleeing through the snow in terror. When it seemed to disappear, they said, they came back and found it near the lake, hovering silently over the water. They said it appeared for about 30 seconds.

Sudbury, Ontario, STAR, 2 August 1993, page B10

UFOs no laughing matter

MONTREAL (CP) - It seems the Just for Laughs comedy festival has provided Montrealers with something more than a few thousand Unidentified Flying Jokes.

Several Montrealers on the streets of suburban St-Laurent Friday night were convinced that the lights they saw dancing in the clouds belonged to an Unidentified Flying Object.

They were likely caused by a group of laser spotlights the festival had set up outside a venue.

But from about 9:30 p.m. Friday until early Saturday morning, Effie Kouzarra and several residents of her quiet, duplex-lined street were convinced they were having a close encounter of the very unusual kind.

"I know it's a UFO," Kouzarra, 38, said as she stared up at three glowing white lights doing a slow, circular dance on the clouds. "I've seen one before, so I believe."

Guillaume St-Sauver, 13, and Tim Brun, 14, were in a nearby park when people started pointing up at three, sometimes four lights in the sky just over the street. They ran and asked Kouzarra to get her Polaroid camera.

"I took her Polaroid and I was running down the train tracks trying to follow the lights," St-Sauver said.

"After a while I was right underneath them. They were all white, then at one point I saw four red lights under one of them."

"I freaked out and I started to run like crazy."

But not before he managed to snap four pictures of what he said were the lights.

Brent Young, 12, said he looked up and "thought it was just an airplane going in circles."

"They were going together, combining, then all of a sudden they'd split apart," said nine-year-old Demo Dritsas.

Funny as it may sound, the Just for Laughs festival may have something to do with the sightings, festival spokeswoman Lorraine Jameson said.

"During the festival, there are searchlights going on St-Denis Street," Jameson said Saturday. Under cloud cover, the lights appear as a bright spot that splits into smaller spots, which circle the sky before reuniting, she said.

News clippings courtesy of The Sault Star, The Timmins Daily Press, The Kirkland Lake Northern Daily News, The North Bay Nugget and The Sudbury Star.