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What's New - Alien Abductions

Steve Boucher is an AutoCAD Draftsman who lives in St.Catharines, Ontario. Steve has had experiences with non-terrestrial beings since he was a baby. The bulk of his experiences were buried in his subconscious for many years until he began to have brief flashes of conscious memory after reading Budd Hopkins’ book ‘Missing Time’.

Steve then wrote to Budd Hopkins and informed him of the memories he was having. Budd then contacted Steve and invited him to come to New York and stay at his art studio in Manhattan for a week. Steve accepted the invitation and during that week in 1984, he underwent 3 hypnosis sessions which revealed that he had experienced repeated visitations from short greyish beings approximately 4 feet tall with large eyes and large heads.

After Steve returned to Canada, he went to a UFO Symposium in Toronto and met up with some people from a group known as CUFORN (The Canadian UFO Research Network). CUFORN has since disbanded, but they took over the case and did a thorough investigation of Steve’s recalled incidents. They scheduled several more hypnosis sessions for him, at which they were present and published the results of the investigation in their CUFORN Journal. The case was also reported in the MUFON Journal and another publication known as Flying Saucer Review.

To protect his identity at the time, CUFORN gave him a pseudonym (Jack T.) However, he has decided that now is the time to reveal his identity to the public because he feels that the story needs to be told. Steve has remembered many more details and more experiences have surfaced since the initial investigation took place.

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Actual alien abduction cought by security cam.mp4


Hi there,

My name is Nicole and I'm just looking to share my recent experience to further expand Alien and UFO research. First, here is a little about myself. I am a 22-year-old female, living in Alberta, Canada. I am a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers and married to a great man. I am passionate about health, yoga, meditating, and art. Basically anything creative. I love expanding my mind, body, and spirit to its full potential. I'm sharing this because I have heard that people that are more open tend to have more experiences with UFOs and aliens. Some may believe it's because of our open mind that we "create" this experience, but I believe different. I have always been sensitive to energies, and have been an empath as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood, I have awoke to a white, glowing rod about the size of a pen in front of me. I was frozen with fear every time, hoping it wouldn't move closer but it always did. Slowly floated to my body and once making contact, sent the most intense shock of energy through me, causing me to feel weird for days after.

Since those experiences, not much has happened other than feelings of being watched, often occurrences of sleep paralysis, and just contact with beings of a spiritual nature. Maybe they go hand in hand with ET encounters also. Perhaps the ETs are curious about people with enhanced psychic abilities? Who knows! That's how I feel and what makes sense to me about why I have always had experiences with being somewhat psychic and always having ET experiences.
Two nights ago, I had the most intense experience yet. After falling into a deep sleep, I awoke to me standing beside my own body. I have had out of body experiences before but not this intense. My room was darker than usual; we left the hallway light on before bed that usually shines through our room all night but it was off, everything was off. I faintly saw my husband sleeping beside me as usual. I wasn't shocked to see my own body sleeping as this is not the first time, as crazy as it sounds. I started getting a weird feeling through my body. I started walking away from the bed to a chair on the other side of the room but before even making it to the foot of my bed, I felt a weird shock through my right shoulder. My arm then went limp; every step I tried to take, the paralysis shifted from one body part to the next. I felt heavy, trying to drag myself to the chair. I kept collapsing, then the last time I collapsed to the floor, I felt this huge energy pick me up. I tried to force myself to stay on my floor but it was far too strong. I was still trying to walk as this thing picked me up. I was about two feet off the floor when I went completely paralyzed. I knew there was ETs in the room that were the cause of this, just deep in my gut, I knew. After becoming fully paralyzed, I began to straighten out instead of being a wobbly, floating body. I went stiff, and straight as a board. I was shifted until my body was laying flat, facing the ceiling, floating a few feet above the floor now. I began to rise, completely terrified as to what would happen, knowing I was completely helpless. My stiff body rose up to about half way between the roof and the floor. I went a little higher until about window height and floated above the bed, right beside our big bedroom window. I don't remember seeing anything, just feeling the craziest amount of energy rushing through me and the room. They made their presence very known even if I couldn't see them. I lay there above our bed, just floating like something out of a horror movie. I tried to scream for my husband to wake up and help, but nothing came out; this energy completely incapacitated me. I felt the presence get closer and closer, then was shocked with an even stronger energy and moved closer to the window. I then woke up, completely shaken with fear. I then had an abrupt, intensely vivid vision of me laying in grass beside my two year old son, the grass turned into a cemetery scene and a powerful voice said.. "you have until March 6th with him" and the vision stopped. I have has premonitions about others death (which came true) but this one was more vivid than ever since I was fully awake. I layed there in bed still feeling energy rushing through the room, still feeling watched. Needless to say I didn't sleep until early morning came. I awoke, still feeling strange. I was confused, but knew this was something big. I felt sick the next day, not just from being exhausted. I just felt like the energy was sucked out of me. As I was getting ready, I noticed weird spots on my right shoulder, the spot that was first zapped and paralyzed. After researching the skin abbraisions, they look eerily similar to other "abductees". Since then, I often feel a presence watching me and weird energy around our home. I have had encounters with the paranormal before, often spirits just looking to give me messages but this was completely different. I know it was an ET just unsure where it will lead, especially with the date I was given. Well, for now I just have to go on with life as always and hope nothing more dramatic will come of this. Maybe you can use my story, if not, just nice to share it with someone who is open as well.

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Scholze

P.S., my skin lesions are still present and have pictures if your curious about documenting another abduction story. Take care!
Sent from my iPad

Cambridge ON Contact Report PDF Print E-mail

Location. Cambridge, Ontario
Date: November 18 1980 Time: 1930

The main witness and her son were traveling on Pinebush Road when she spotted some bright lights approaching from the east. The witness pulled over and stopped the car thinking that it was an airplane in distress. The lights now approached and stopped nearby, the witness could now see a dark metallic dome shaped craft behind the light. Now more lights turned on, on top of the hovering craft.
The witness now felt hypnotized by the lights, she then had a floating sensation and felt drawn towards the craft. Here next recollection was of seeing the craft shoot straight up and disappear. Later under hypnosis she recalled being taken into a small craft that was cold inside, then into a larger object. She was then surrounded by numerous short ugly beings with large bright eyes that were somewhat insect like. She was then taken through a long tunnel with rough edges. She then entered a room with bright lights, there her clothes were removed, and she was medically examined.
The beings communicated by using telepathy and told the witness she had been "rejected." Another being with three eyes was apparently in charge and commanded the others. She was finally released. The witness suffered many painful after effects similar to some type of radiation damage. Her son was apparently not abducted.
HC addition # 1145
Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research
Group, Ontario Canada

Compiled by Albert S Rosales
Albert is currently compiling similar cases world-wide, he may be contacted via email at: Garuda79@aol.com

No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.