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What Is Known About Certain Alien Species...

Reptilian Alien

Ancient Alien
A Hostile Alien Species...
• Lizard-like appearance, very fine scales.
• Large eyes with snake-like pupils.
• Clawed hands and feet.
• 5 to 6 feet in height.
Alien Species also referred to as "Praying Mantis Eyes"...
• Performs supervisory role in abduction experiences.
• Very large insect-like eyes.
• Yellowish green skin color.
• 5 to 6 feet in height.

Grey Alien

Nordic Alien
The Most Frequently Encountered Alien Species...
• Multiple race variations and characteristics.
• Classic black almond-shaped eyes.
• Very thin build, light blue/grey skin color.
• 3.5 to 7 feet in height, depending on race variation.
An Alien Species in Human Form...
• Also referred to as "Blondes" or "Talls"...
• Reported to possess a variety of supernatural abilities.
• Most often reported having fair skin, blonde hair and athletic build.
• Males - 5.5 to 7 feet/Females - 5 to 6 feet in height.

The Men in Black

Neonate Alien
The Alien Evidence Suppressors...
• Always dressed in black, sometimes believed to be government agents.
• Often reported driving classic vehicles in pristine condition.
• Pale skin color, awkward and menacing appearance.
• Telepathic ability.
• Most often reported to be 5.5 to 6.5 feet in height.
An Alien Species of Extreme Intelligence...
• Fetus-like appearance.
• Large, oversized cranium.
• Telepathic ability.
• 3 to 4 feet in height.

The Roswell Alien
The Most Controversial Alien Species...
• Child-like appearance, hairless head and body.
• Deep set, slanted eyes.
• Four-fingered hands, two extremely long fingers.
• 3.5 to 4.5 feet in height.

The Scientist

The Grey

In 1993, just before the release of the movie Fire in the Sky, I had the opportunity to speak to Travis Walton on three occasions, asking him about his UFO experience. I also made a point of asking him about the skin texture of the creature he had pushed back during his abduction experience.

Left: Book cover. Right: Travis Walton

He described the skin as being very soft, and that it felt just like a marshmellow or fresh bread dough...but chalky white in appearance. It was smooth to the touch when he ran his hand down its arm, but felt like scales when his hand went up the other way...just like a snake's skin.

What was not mentioned or shown in the movie was the fact that Travis also saw human-looking beings onboard the spacecraft.

Travis was gone for 5 days, but only remembers about 20 minutes of his encounter, he said to me.

For more information on this particular case, please go to Travis Walton UFO Abduction Case

What is known about their purpose here...

The following excerpts is taken from Linda Moulton Howe's paper entitled Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Lifeforms, written in April 1991, and presented at the July 1991 MUFON International Symposium in Chicago, Illinois:

I would like to read to you some excerpts in a recent letter to me from a woman in Missouri who has been taken repeatedly by insect-like beings since her childhood. She was even shown infant creatures that were said to be part human, including two she felt she had unwittingly "mothered." In her physical abductions, she understood that the creatures' "need to survive was greater than our concern about what they do here." After her physical abductions, she has had urges to write down "their" communications which sometimes follow her thinking about questions that bother her.

This is a message she received to a question about the purpose for the animal mutilations:

"Increase in tissue sample collection of bovine species. Similarities in genetic makeup of human tissue. Samples extracted for varied uses. Polluants registered in areas selected for study. Absorption of harmful substances revealed in tissue of mucous membranes. DNA uses also to be increased in collected data. The cellular tissue and organs extracted by concentrated beam of photon energy. Fluids extracted and circulatory system infused with hydrostatic substitute."

Another message about the mutilations was expressed this way:

"Tissue from selected bioplasms are collected, stored and processed for many uses. Bovine tissue most easily processed for replication. Tissue synthesized and expanded in symbiotic culture. Pollution levels in mucous membranes registered and analyzed for signs of genetic deviation caused by increased radiation bombardment. Continued sampling will increase as the need increases.

Polymorphic indoctrination will continue. Speciation is necessary to guarantee continuation in the event of catastrophic annihilation. Necessity supercedes diplomacy."

A third message concerned the aliens' focus on genetic material:

"Intricate design of molecular substructures of DNA composition relays inherited deficiencies as well as positive traits and physical type. Genetic splicing of individual chromosomes within DNA matrix can be used to eliminate unfavorable traits and physical flaws which make a stronger race. The improved product can then pass on advanced biological systems to future generations which effectively evolves the species."

From her contact with what she calls the "praying mantis" types, the woman has expressed the following:

"The 'greys' are variable. They are manufactured replicates which serve as workers, decoys, lab keepers and envoys. There are also communicators who assist in the calming of the test subjects as well as attempts in communication with the individual.

The 'praying mantis' type are the ancients. They are a rare branch of the same species. The 'Great Mother' of many species. Supervisor of exploration and research. Purity of the species is extinct. The genetic ancestry is passed on in hybridization of compatible bipeds."


Lizard-type creatures, small white beings, "praying mantis" types -- different alien life form descriptions, but always involving some kind of physical examination and removal of tissues in both animals and humans. In spite of government denials, there is mounting evidence and human testimony that alien life forms are intruding on this planet now and have been for decades, perhaps centuries. Is earth life used as a crop, harvested for unknown alien needs? Does the harvest link directly to an alien survival problem? Some female abductees have reported lost pregnancies and later describe introductions to "baby things" or larger "hybrids" which the abductees describe as being "half human and half something else." The implications of genetic harvesting and manipulations of earth life DNA to produce another species should demand the world's attention and questions.

For more information, please read AN ALIEN HARVEST by Linda Moulton Howe.

What is known about where they're from...

Although there are many worldwide reports of humanoid sightings on record, their origins is still a mystery to UFO researchers.

But it is believed that one possible place where one particular race of beings may originate is located in the constellation of Reticulum, which is only observable from the southern hemisphere.

Starmap indicating location of Zeta Reticuli in reference to our own Sun

Zeta I and Zeta II Reticuli have come up in conversation on several occasions, not just in Ufological circles, but also amongst military insiders who have revealed a great deal about the Reticulans and their way of life.

During the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case of September 19, 1961, Betty had been shown a 3-dimensional map of our galactic neighbourhood. The star map consisted of dots or points of lights connected by solid and broken lines.

In a documentary interview, Betty described it this way: "The solid lines indicated where the alien beings travelled frequently, and the broken lines indicated where they occasionally went while exploring.

For a more in-depth look at the story behind this starmap, please go to Whitefield, New Hampshire - September 19, 1961 and read about the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Case.

What is known about how they get here...
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