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Date: October 2016
Location: Collingwood, Ontario

On Sunday, February 19, I received an e-mail from an Ontario resident who described having a UFO sighting while on a construction job:

"It was in October of 2016, daytime, mostly blue sky, about 4:30 pm, over Collingwood, Ontario. I was in construction and we were installing trusses with a crane so I was looking up all day. Something moving caught me eye and I looked to see a small silver dot moving at high speed in a southerly direction., No sound, no trail, much faster than an airliner would be moving untill it disappeared behind a cloud.

I could not relate it to anything until I saw the image on your website under "Personal Sightings". A silver ball! That was it! That was what I saw ...... same time of day .....clear blue sky.

Thanks for the confirmation.


Date: Monday, January 30
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On Sunday, February 5, I received the following e-mail from a Sudbury resident who was reporting her first UFO sighting, in addition to experiences witnessed by other family members:

"Hi Michel:

My name is _______ & I live here in Sudbury.

While on a Sudbury transit bus this past Monday Jan 30, I saw what I believe was a flying saucer. It was approx 4:20 pm. Still had lots of daylight so easy to see the craft.

I was on the LaSalle/Madison bus moving down Notre Same Ave when I spotted a grey object in the sky. This object was parallel to my bus & was flying really low. Object was probably 1/2 between me & Adanac ski-hill. I couldn't believe how slow it was going, almost like it was checking me out too.

I remember thinking, 'boy, that thing is slow' & just then, the craft picked up speed & was gone. It had to be going 600 miles an hr. It was gone so quickly, it defied logic. It made no sound. Object was oblong & grey in colour.

I looked around the bus to see if anyone else had seen the object but nobody seemed aware as to what had just happened. I wanted to tell someone about this so I googled "UFO sightings in Sudbury, Ontario", & that's where I got your name.

I didn't have enough time to get a picture of this thing before it took off. The whole thing from seeing object to its departure was all a matter of seconds.

My sister had a strange experience years ago while driving home really late, 2 am. As she drove out of the city to head home (Capreol), she spotted this thing in the sky. She drove past Tracks & Wheels on the hwy & it appeared to be following her. My sister never believed in UFOs.

She told me there was nobody else on the hwy due to the time. As she drove past McRae Heights, the object did the same. If she turned right, object turned right. If she turned left, the object turned left.

She turned onto Dominion Drive hoping object now gone when she spotted object again. She told me it followed her home. She got out of her car & ran in her house.

By this point, she is really scared. She changed into her sleepwear but did so without putting any lights on in her house. She went over to look out her kitchen window & spotted object hovering over in the distance by the hills. It seemed to be watching her.

She locked her doors & tried to go to bed but did not sleep well due to the circumstances. This incident never happened again but sure left her feeling scared.

Our dad took a picture of 2 flying objects while driving home with co-worker from the mine north of Capreol, years ago. He had seen some strange things in the sky while either going to work or heading home at shift end. This mine was about a 20-minute drive from Capreol & was way out in the bush.

There were at least 4 occurrences that I can recall where my dad witnessed strange objects in the sky.

I have the photo that my dad took.

Anyway, since you encourage people to let you know if anything strange happens, I thought I'd advise you of these incidents.

Should you wish to discuss these weird occurrences, please let me know."




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