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Additional Recordings of UFO Witnesses
This secondary page contains the audio recordings I did with additional UFO eyewitnesses from Canada and elsewhere. The information and details given by these observers is sometimes riveting and fascinating as it demonstrates the high level of performance and maneuverability of UFOs, indicating technology that is not produced on Earth. These accounts are historically valuable and they need to be preserved for future generations.

On June 20, I received a call from a British Columbia resident by the name of Suzanne Landry who related to me a UFO sighting she experienced in 1994 while living in North Bay, Ontario.

Sketch of the UFO Suzanne saw in 1994

Suzanne Landry - June 20, 2017.mp3

On June 1st, 2017, I contacted a Burlington resident by the name of Patrick Cross who had shared the stage with me while we were on The Camilla Scott Show, back in March 1998. I recorded him over the phone as he related the UFO encounter he had while camping out with some friends at Rice Lake, which is located in Algonquin Park. This event took place in the early 1990s.

On Monday, June 19, I subsequently recorded additional stories and reports that Patrick had mentioned earlier, including some interesting information about his father and the fascinating life he led.

His website is: http://www.burlingtonghostwalks.ca/

Patrick Cross - June 1, 2017.mp3

Patrick Cross - June 19, 2017.mp3

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, I recorded the eyewitness report of UFOs made by a pilot from North Carolina. His name is Gary Travis and he graciously agreed to tell his story. He was also featured in an episode of Chasing UFOs during which he related his observations of unknow lights seen during some of his flights. The segment featuring Gary and his sightings can be viewed here.

Gary Travis and his Piper Cub


Date: From 1981 to 1997
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On March 15, I interviewed a local Falconbridge retiree who related some of the UFO sightings he witnessed during the past twenty years or so. He also told me that there were other witnesses with him during his observations.

Shoe-shaped object that Gerry saw from 50 feet away
as it followed the Hydro lines on the 69 bypass in 1997.


Date: April 22, 2015
Location: East of Hayward, California

On June 12, I received the following message via my NOUFORS Forum page from a California pilot:

"If there is any way I can send some screen shots of the video I captured on April 22, 2015 flying a cargo run from Van Nuys to Hayward Ca @ 0330am. I have tried to contact a few people and I am not getting anything. This is not a hoax. I was in contact with norcal ATC and on an IFR flght plan. If Mr. Courant can accept an email from me, I will send the pictures to him.

This is probably the closest contact ever recorded. There will be no one that can give any explanation other than not of this planet. I had objects that appeared as green/red orbs and there were 6-9 of them. I was paced for 10 minutes while indicating 160kts and they hovered; paced me; did very, very, very high speed passes within feet of me, and were constanly in my view."


Billy Van Horn
Redding Ca

Date: 1973
Location: Kukagami Lake Road, near Highway 17, Ontario

On July 28, I interviewed one of two area residents who, in 1973, witnessed a UFO as it was taking power from the high tension wires on a pole line that intersects Kukagami Lake Road, near Highway 17. He showed me a sketch he made of the incident and a sketch of something his mother had seen,many years ago.

A. L._July28_2015.mp3

Date: November 28, 2013
Location: From Sudbury to Naughton, Ontario

On Saturday August 8, I recorded an interview with a Sudbury resident who, along with her sister and her nephew, noticed a stange light on November 28th, 2013:

"In November 2013, I, along with my sister and nephew, experienced a sighting that began in New Sudbury and continued all the way in to Naughton. Around 5:30 that evening I was getting gas at Pioneer and noticed (it was more of a pull, like something was telling me to look in that direction) over the roof of the little house across the road this really large, bright, what I thought was a star. Except it was really big; bigger and brighter than any star I have ever seen. I made a note of it then left and went west on Lasalle, heading toward the Lasalle extension. While waiting for the lights at Frood, I saw directly in front of me, off in the distance, what looked like the same exact thing I just saw at the gas station and pointed it out to my sister. At first we thought it may be a light off one of the towers so she watched while I drove. But no matter which direction the car headed, around every turn (with the exception of the under pass/on-ramp part as we could not see it), it stayed exactly in front of us in the same position, as if it was moving with us, trying to get our attention. When we got to Copper Cliff, we pulled over behind the town houses that burned down a few years ago and started to take a couple of pictures. While we were doing that, it moved quickly to the left, and then stopped dead. Then went up quickly, stopped dead. It did that in a few directions, then stopped moving altogether again. We continued towards Naughton and the same thing started happening as before. It was directly in front of us, no matter which way we turned. When we pulled in to Naughton we couldn't see anything because of all the trees, and when we got back out to the highway and continued west toward Espanola, it was gone.

Since then I have been looking in to UFOs, other beings, etc., trying to find out as much information as I can and have kind of reached a block (for lack of a better term) in my path. I have all of this information but it is all sort of blurring together and I could really use another person who actually knows what they are talking about to help me figure some things out, and possibly answer questions that I have not been able to find credible answers to. I was wondering, if you have time, if you would be willing to help me try to make sense of all of this? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated."

Top left: Photo showing the Moon for comparison. Top right: photo of the object that followed the witnesses.
Bottom left and right: photos of the object the witnesses said they saw.


Dates: August 10 - September 3, 2015
Location: Fort Frances, Ontario

On Friday, September 4, I interviewed a resident of Fort Frances, Brian Godin, who reported to me that for the past 17 nights, he has been witrness to several odd sightings in the sky, sometimes in the company of a friend. He also reported power outages that occurred in the town of Dryden and elsewhere.


Date: September 13, 2015
Location: Near Halfway Lake, Ontario

In late September, I received a phone call from a Michigan resident who reported that while he and his family were coming back from a hockey game in Iroquois Falls, they had a close encounter with an object of unknown origin. While their young son was sleeping in the back seat, the couple witnessed a UFO within 20 feet of their vehicle, and while the man was anxious and curious as to what this was, his wife was terrified and urged him not to stop and drive away from the area as fast as they could. Because of the fear of being ridiculed, they wish to remain anonymous. On October 11, I recorded the following:


Date: July 12, 2014
Location: Hanmer, Ontario

On November 28, I recorded an account given by a Hanmer resident who, along with his wife, had witnessed a series of V formations of red lights flying across the sky, in a westerly direction. Below are the three photographs they took of the objects.


Date: 1963 and 1973
Location: Skokie and Evanston, Illinois

On Thursday, August 7, I interviewed a lady from North Carolina who related to me a couple of UFO sightings she had had when she was younger, along with a sighting made by one of her friends. She is one of a very few witnesses who claim to have been in close proximity to a UFO for an extended period of time.

She also went on to relate a couple of really interesting incidents that involved having computer work done at two military installations, including Area 51 and a secret military facility in Virginia.


Date: June 26, 2014
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

On Monday, June 30, I recorded an interview I had over the phone with a female resident of Ottawa, who described to me a sighting she had on June 26 of four separate objects while walking. What follows is the recording I made of that report:


Date: May 19, 2014
Location: Sudbury, Ontario

On May 20, I found a phone message left on my answering machine by a friend of mine who reported that he has seen the unusual object depicted below. He said he watched a bright reddish-orange triangle-shaped UFO on the evening of May 19 (Victoria Day), at around 9:48 p.m., near Cambrian theater located on Eyre street. He said that there were at least four other witnesses who also saw it. He was understandably excited about it since he had not witnessed anything unusual for the past few years. What follows is the recording of his sighting which was done on May 21:


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