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Grant Cameron
Grant Cameron became involved in Ufology in May 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Hundreds of other people sighted objects at the same time during a prolonged flap of sightings.

Over the next 18 months, he had many sightings of large objects and small (monitor) objects in the area. He spent countless days in the area, photographing a series of strange objects and interviewing hundreds of witnesses who were involved.

After composing a manuscript about the flap, he moved on to research the work of the late Wilbert B. Smith. Smith headed up the Canadian government flying saucer investigation known as Project Magnet which ran from 1950 to 1954. During two decades of work on Smith, Cameron was able to collect most of Smith’s files and written material. He interviewed most of the associates around Smith who worked on the flying saucer investigation. He has produced a CD-Rom data disk that hold most of the documents from the Smith files, along with 12 hours of audio related to Smith's work.

Years of Smith research led to the discovery of former Penn State University president Dr. Eric Walker, who was identified by Dr. Robert Sarbacher as a key person inside the UFO cover-up. Cameron teamed up with T. Scott Crain to research and write a book titled UFOs, MJ-12, and the Government, published by MUFON. The book summed up their three years of research on Dr. Walker's involvement.

In the past few years, Cameron has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 20+ trips to the National Archives and most of the various Presidential archives looking for presidential UFO material. One highlight of his presidential UFO research was the chance to question Vice-president Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject. Another highlight of the presidential UFO research was a FOIA to the White House Office of Science and Technology which yielded 1,000 pages of UFO documents from the Clinton administration. Many of these findings have been written up on The Presidents UFO Website: www.presidentialufo.com.

At present, Cameron is working on producing monographs for Dr. Walker, Wilbert Smith, the Presidential involvement in the topic of psychic phenomena, and a monograph looking at a possible disclosure pattern to try and explain the many actions of the American government, related to UFOs, during the last 60 years. He is also working on a detailed paper detailing the "64 Reasons the Government is Covering Up the ET Presence".

He has produced a CD-Rom which includes Tales of Charlie-Red-Star, a manuscript that was prepared in the late 70s about a flap of UFO sightings that occurred in Manitoba, Canada, in 1975-76. This is a flap of sightings that was immense in size, but generally unknown outside of Canada. A second item on the CD is UFOs, MJ-12, and The Government, a book published in 1990 by MUFON. The disc contains the paper "Presidential UFO Audio Story" which is an article that contains 60+ embedded UFO audio clips of the presidents, their aides, or people talking about the presidents and UFOs.

Recently Cameron teamed up with Giuliano Marinkovic to produce a DVD called Who Knows which produces audio and video clip of politicians and famous people talking about UFOs.

Cameron completed a collection of hundreds of cartoons about UFOs which was set up to help to tell the 50+ years of this strange phenomena. A PowerPoint collection of these cartoons was shown at the 2003 Ozark convention.

He has lectured widely in Canada and the United States on the 1975 Carman flap, the Canadian government's early investigations into flying saucers, UFO disclosure politics, the Rockefeller UFO Initiative, and the Presidential UFO connection.

In September 2005, he was denied access to the United States to lecture on UFOs. He produced a video lecture for the 2006 Ozark convention and plans to resume lecturing for free in the United States in 2008.

At present, Cameron is awaiting almost 100 FOIA requests from the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, related to the UFO-related actions and policies inside the two Presidential terms of Bill Clinton. So far, 12 UFO-related requests have been released. Their release caused a stir among media outlets around America.

Most recently Grant Cameron teamed up with Paul Robinson to develop a website about the connection between Hillary Clinton and UFOs. See it at



UFOs, MJ-12, and the Government (Work in Progress)
Tales of Charlie Red Star

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Source: http://www.presidentialufo.com/grant-cameron-biography
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