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Victoria, Australia - April 6, 1966

At 11:00 am on Wednesday, 6 April 1966, a class of students and a teacher from Westall High School were just completing sports on the main oval when an object, described as being a grey saucer-shaped craft with a slight purple hue and being about twice the size of a family car was spotted. According to the witnesses, the object descended and then crossed and flew over the high school’s south-west corner, travelling in a south-easterly direction before disappearing from sight. It descended behind a group of trees and into a paddock at The Grange which was in front of the Westall State School.

During the incident, a young student, Victor Zakruzny, stood to the left close to the object; three other students stood around in close proximity to the second object. A teacher and at least a dozen other students crowded along the high fence to get a view. The two objects rose up from the grass and took off, one to the west and the other flew up and orbited a small plane before flying off to the south west, with students in pursuit. The UFOs were described as about 1.5 metres in height and approximately 5.4 metres in width. Also described as being a “grey saucer-shaped craft with a slight purple hue”. It was twice the size of a family car, very round and large at the base but thinner at the top. Like an upside down saucer from a tea cup.

It was also reported that there were two other smaller craft of similar design that hovered over the dirt roadway at the front of the school; they did not land but just hovered above. Additional reports suggest that the larger main craft which had landed in the paddock may have had some sort of problem and that the two smaller craft were there to assist it. One of the students, a girl, ran towards the craft that had landed and reached it before the other students had arrived. She was found in a collapsed and dazed state. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital. This student that was taken to hospital never returned to Westall High school. Her family moved out of the family home that night, never to return.

Victor Zakruzny’s sketch of the UFO:


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