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'Arrowhead triangle' with lights during night launch of Space Shuttle

Date: November 22, 1989
Location: Cooper City, Florida, United States

"My wife and I observed a very large, dark triangle (arrowhead shaped) flying low from east to west. It was completely silent. We counted seven (7) circular white lights on the underside. The triangle craft was moving at a high rate of speed, surrounded by a white haze."

Source: NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center), Peter Davenport, Director
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NUFORC recently received a report from a gentleman in Florida, who, together with his wife, experienced a very dramatic sighting of a large triangular craft that streaked overhead, as the two of them sat outside awaiting the launch of the Space Shuttle from Cape Canaveral. Given the background of the witnesses, and the distinct similarity between the object they report, and the many triangular craft reported from other locations, we feel that the case deserves special attention here. The husband served as a senior law enforcement official for several decades.


Occurred : 11/22/1989 21:00
Reported: 6/20/2005
Location: Cooper City, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 sec.

Couple witness arrowhead triangle, with 7 lights, streak overhead during night launch of Space Shuttle.

Mailed Report: "My wife and I observed a very large, dark triangle (arrowhead shaped) flying low from east to west. It was completely silent. We counted seven (7) circular white lights on the underside. The triangle craft was moving at a high rate of speed, surrounded by a white haze.

The lights on the underside were NOT flashing or pulsating. The craft was darker than the night sky. It appeared to be heading from east to southwest from the ocean, i.e. from Fort Lauderdale area towards the Everglades.

The altitude appeared to be no more than one mile. What impressed us both was the speed, shape, lights, haze, and silence of this craft.

It was observed from our rear yard at night."

((END TEXT OF WRITTEN REPORT)) ((ADDENDUM FROM LETTER, WRITTEN BY WITNESS)) "Prior to contacting you, I watched the Peter Jennings Special on television and your Reporting Center was shown. My reason for calling was to learn if others had observed the craft similar to the one my wife and I observed in 1989. I have agreed to submit the sighting forms, as you suggested, and I would appreciate a telephone response as promised. After all these years, I really desire an answer as to the question of were we the only persons to observe this type of unidentified craft.

One evening in 1989 (month not remembered), my wife and I were sitting in our open back yard patio hoping to observe the fire trail of a launching at Cape Kennedy, which could be visible unobstructed, as we reside on a lake. For reasons unknown, we did not see the flame tail and were returning to the house. Suddenly, my wife became very excited and pointed towards the Eastern sky.

Approaching us east to west from the ocean/Fort Lauderdale area, was a strange flying vehicle. It was moving very quickly at a low altitude and turning southwest directly towards our home. We both observed a very large triangle, or arrowhead shaped craft, surrounded by a haze at approximately 3/4, or a mile, altitude. As it passed above us, it made no sound. It was completely silent. Clearly visible were circular white lights, seven in number, on the underside, beginning at the nose, and evenly spaced towards the rear. It disappeared from view, going towards the Everglades. I build model aircraft as a hobby, and this vehicle was not shaped like anything I have ever seen, including the stealth F-117, or the B2 Bomber.

My wife and I mentioned this incident to several of our friends and neighbors immediately; however, they expressed no interest. We did not contact any official agency for obvious reasons. I hope that this information will be useful.

Please keep our identities confidential, as my former work in Law enforcement raised certain hostilities.

I would appreciate a short collect telephone response. I now have great interest in determining whether my wife and I were the only persons that observed this triangle type of UFO. Thank you in advance."


((NUFORC Note: We have spoken with the source of this report on several occasions, and he appears to us to be an exceptionally qualified observer. He served as a senior law enforcement officer in several positions over the course of several decades. He writes that neither he, nor his wife, is a UFO "buff," although he enjoys watching television programs on the subject. The party who submitted the report, we suspect, is an exceptionally good witness, and exceptionally reliable. We express our gratitude to this witness for sharing the report, given his initial hesitancy to come forward with it. PD))


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case577.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.