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Cross-shaped object hovers above car in Australia

Date: August 27, 1998
Location: Echuca, Australia

"It was about 75 to 150 feet above us and completely still... I got out of the car to have a closer look... It was large and had what appeared to be four wings like in a cross. I estimate the size at about 60 feet across. Each wing would be 20 feet and the centre canopy was also about 20 feet and glowing red."

Source: James Owen, VUFORS (Victorian UFO Research Society), Australia
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This report came via Melbourne, involving witnesses from Lima, a small farming community approximately 20 kilometres South of Benalla. At this point, we had another sighting at Goughs Bay.

After completing this inquiry, I attended at Lima and there conversed with the witness who we will call M.D and his wife T.D.

Précis of the report by M.D goes as follows...

"It was on Thursday the 27th of August, 1998 at about 9 p.m. My wife and I were returning from South Australia and decided to stop at Echuca for a meal at McDonalds. We were parked in the street and I was watching what I thought to be a light plane. It was about 2 kilometres away and descending at a rapid speed. I commented to my wife that there must be an airport nearby or that it was going to crash. Nothing seemed to happen so we forgot about it and ate our meal."

"At about 9.45 p.m., we left Echuca and started heading south until we got to the Murray Valley Highway. This is still within the township. We turned left and commenced to travelled for what I thought was 3 to 5 kilometres. I then looked out to the right and saw a red light." At this point, M.D believed that it was an aircraft or helicopter at a very low altitude. M.D estimated the height between 75 to 150 feet.

"This object was approaching us on a tangent and I believed that it was going to intercept us on the highway about 250 meters in front of us. I still thought it was an aircraft and was going to land. At this point there was a semi trailer approaching us. I was travelling east and the Semi trailer was travelling west. This was still on the Murray Valley Highway and on the outskirts of Echuca."

"At this point, I was worried that an accident was about to happen. I swerved to the left and went into the bush. At the same time, the Semi swerved to its left which put the whole semi trailer onto the gravel verge of the road. I would say that it travelled about 400 meters before regaining control and returning to the bitumen surface. The Semi nearly came to a stop, but kept going."

"I had come to a complete stop and it was then that the object was hovering over us. I still thought that it may be the Police helicopter. It was about 75 to 150 feet above us and completely still. It had no normal navigational lights. It had a red glow on the top and what appeared to be a red flashing light on what I thought to be the rear. It was hovering over us for about 30 to 45 seconds. I was watching it out of the window. At this time, I couldn't discern the shape of the object."

"I got out of the car to have a closer look. My wife wouldn't get out as she was frightened. I watched it for about a minute. It was not a conventional airframe. It was large and had what appeared to be four wings like in a cross. I estimate the size at about 60 feet across. Each wing would be 20 feet and the centre canopy was also about 20 feet and glowing red. The red light on the back of the object didn't appear to have any origin. It was making no noise. No engine noise. It was perfectly still and there was no downward rotor wash that is caused by a helicopter. There was no movement; it was perfectly motionless; it didn't sway on its axis. There was nothing that was sustaining it in the air. I was concerned that if it dropped, it would crush the car and us. I commented several times to my wife that it was not making any noise. There are no engines and it is not a helicopter. A white light appeared on the front and was pointed downwards but had no beam. It was bright. It later went out. Whilst the light was on, it seemed to illuminate the craft and I noticed that the bottom appeared to be hammer beaten and regular in displacement, concave, about 5 to 7 inches in diameter, like beaten copper. It was not a copper colour but a semi satin dull grey but obviously metal. The craft then moved away. No noise and I had a clear view with no interruptions between the craft and myself. As the object moved away, it tilted, allowing me to view the top section. I also noticed that another car had come to a stop, and when the object flew in their direction, they left very quickly."

"After the object left us, it flew for a kilometre and then made a very rapid descent and made me believe that it was going to crash at the rear of the industrial estate. I then got back in my car and did a U turn and drove down a road to the industrial estate. I thought that we would have seen a fire ball because I truly believed that it would have crashed."

"I parked on a level crossing and watched for the object and after about 2 minutes, it reappeared from our right. It was very low, about 50 feet off the ground and I estimated the speed at about 300 to 400 kph. It travelled from right to left across the screen of the car. We would have watched it on and off for about 8 minutes. At this stage, we were travelling along the Murray Valley Highway."

"My wife watched the object and described its behavior. I was also watching as we drove along. I then saw the object pull into a very steep climb and accelerate quickly away, into the stars. It only took a couple of seconds to disappear."

"It is my belief that I saw something that I can't put logic to, at the end of the day, I believe that I have seen something that may be a military prototype that I shouldn't have seen. It was not a conventional aircraft, either rotary or fixed wing. It just defies all known means of air travel."

I then discussed the report in more detail and also interviewed T.D separately. Her recollection differs from her husband slightly but this is only to be expected. At the point of the encounter, T.D was frightened and only watched the object through the windows of the car.

Contact has been made with the local Police who received no report as described. The media were of assistance and as a result of this we located numerous witnesses to objects on the same day along with reports prior too and after the M.D sighting.

Both my wife and I attended Echuca and with the assistance of the local representative, Yvonne CHURCH, commenced interviewing witnesses to the sightings. Two days were spent and the information received corroborated the report given by M.D.

A gentleman who resides in the vicinity of the M.D sighting was able to describe an object approximately 60 feet in length in the area at the same time and date. He was also able to relate information of a semi trailer under heavy braking at the time of the sighting. Further to this, he observed a large object hovering over or in the vicinity of the SEC sub station that is described by M.D as being near to where he had come to a stop.

It is also of interest to note that around that period of time, a small aircraft was also in the sky along with the object. Inquiries are pending as to the identity of the pilot.

Other witnesses have described an object during the evening of the sighting by M.D. At this point, it appears that some activity has been in the area over and around the 27/8/98.

At this point, the investigation is incomplete and is in the early stages. Further inquiries are pending in an attempt to identify the object.

James OWEN.
North East Representative.


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case616.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.