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Cylinder-shaped object with dome flying low at night in Texas

Date: October 6, 2005
Location: Missouri City, Texas, United States

"I sprang to my feet out of astonishment in what I was seeing. It was an object, a ship like I had never seen passing throught the night sky almost directly over my adjacent neighor's back yard, only it was maybe four or six hundred feet high but was of a good size." "This object was... over 100 feet wide. It was a cigar shape... and it had a sphere in the middle of it protruding from the center top."

"I have a sketch I drew up the very next day." This image is the "original hand sketch made
by myself prior to the schematic drawing I first sent you."

The schematic drawing by the witness.

Source: UFOEvidence.org

Summary: "Around 11:30 p.m., my wife and I went out side to enjoy a cool breeze that had just moved in. We sat and talked for about five minutes when, by peripheral vision, I caught a glimpse of an object moving in the skies. It was like nothing I had ever seen before."

Date Reported: 10/11/2005

Sighting Time: 11:35
Day/Night: Nighttime
No. of Witnesses: 1
Duration: 15 to 20 secs.

Appearance/Description of Object(s):

"This highly reflective object was quite large, easily being over 100 feet wide. It was a cigar shape but more oval on the sides than round, being maybe 20 feet in diameter and it had a spere in the middle of it, protruding from the center top. The spere was more a dome on top of the body and was maybe a third of width longwise of this ship. Picture a small ball cut in half placed on the top center of a semi smushed cigar but all dark polished mirror surface. I could see that it was made of sections that, if separated, would have evenly divided it lengthwise into four or five sections. It had no lights whatsoever or at least, they were not lit and it made absolutely no sound and it moved in a perfect straight line and traveled side ways meaning the long side of the body moved forward with the dome sitting on top so there were no visible moving parts; it was solid and looked solid and clean."

Size of Object(s):

"If I stretched out my arm, it would be 6 inches to hold in the view of my widespread fingers. I would have to estimate the length of this cigar-shaped ship to be no less than 100 ft wide, and with an oval cross section of 30 feet wide by 20 feet high with a round half dome of about 30 ft. in diameter sitting on the top and in the middle of it."

Distance to Object(s) and Altitude:

"It was flying as high as I see helicopters fly by. 400' to 600,' plus or minus"

Description of Area/Surroundings:

"We live in suburban town right outside of Houston so while on certain nights, we have clear skies, we are limited somewhat by the light pollution that reflects off the sky. This particular night, it was hazy, cool and somewhat windy. Certain bright stars could still be seen throught the hazy sky; however, there were no clouds. There are no military bases that I'm aware of in this area (Zip Code 77459) only a small airport around 5 miles away which serves Sugar Land mainly for small and private aircraft. It did seem to be moving parallel with some large powerlines that may be a mile from our home."

Full Description and Details:

"The weather had been warm and humid through most of the month of October so when the cool front finally came into our suburb town of Missouri City, located just southwest of Houston, my wife asked me to come outside to our patio to just sit and enjoy the much awaited cool breeze. Well cool it was, somewhere in the upper '60's and breezy just enough to make the tree tops sway, so all that could be heard was the wind passing through the leaves. The skies were hazy, but not cloudy, almost a medium grey tone. This of course is a result from local light pollution reflecting on our skies. A couple dozen or so stars managed to shine through this haze anyhow. Well, we were talking face to face and our patio is open to one end almost in the shape of a U so my right side was facing the open end. Well, I was about to comment on something when out of my right peripheral vision up in the sky, I spotted something moving so naturally I turned to see it. I sprang to my feet out of astonishment in what I was seeing. It was an object, a ship like I had never seen passing throught the night sky almost directly over my adjacent neighor's back yard, only it was maybe four or six hundred feet high but was of a good size. Immediately, I ran to the middle of our backyard dragging my wife by her arm hardly being able to speak. I cried to her to look at up at the sky and bare witness to what I'm seeing here, I pointed at it! It was moving in a perfectly straight heading in a southerly direction and moving slowly, ominously and without any noise nor any lights. It was almost invisible, nearly cloaked but since I caught its movement, I was able to focus on it and clearly see its shape and what its surface looked like. Had it not been for the ambient lighting of city light pollution and the grey lit sky serving as a backdrop, I might have missed it since its surface appeared to be reflective, a mirrored surface but a dark polished mirrored chrome which reflected everything around it, including the grey sky and lights off the ground. I saw it clearly for what seemed a long time but in fact, was more like 15 to 20 seconds. It was utterly fantastic and somewhat frightening to witness this. I could hardly believe it was happening and I was there at the right time. However, much to my disappointment, it went beyond the tree line in our backyard before my wife could see it as well. Well, we ran through our home to the front to hopefully get a second glimpse of this slow moving object but we were unable to spot it again."

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

"The shape of this flying object was one like I have never seen before. I've seen many military experimental craft and am a Sci-fi fan but not even in any movies have I seen such a shape. It was running under power as it took a steady course flying at an even altitude and maybe traveling 100 mph or less. It was moving slowy but steadily and was almost unoticable if you didn't catch its movement. Think Predator from the movie, you can see the outline and that it reflects its environment, practically cloaked. Just amazing in size."

Witness Background:

"Designer for Civil Engineerig Firm, 4 Years College."

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting:

"I'm 39 years old and as a youth always dreamt of journeys to the stars, in make believe of course. I've been a Star Wars fan since youth so yes I looked up many nights, wondering what is out there. Through out my life, I witnessed maybe one other time what seemed to be lights that seemed to dance across the dark sky but they were too high an altitude to see other than what looked like bright stars zipping back and fourth. There were three of them and they traveled back and fourth like no airplane could and finally just zipped off in separate directions. I was a young teenager when I saw these, walking home one night while looking up at the heavens. I never saw them again, only in dreams of course but who doesn't. I'm not one to dismiss the possibility of UFO's and I am intrigued by the whole notion but I have never really seen something so amazingly real with my own two eyes. I believe there are many things with no explanation but I'm a rational average man with a family. I would like to see it again but since that night, a few days ago, I have not had any luck. I am fortunate to have witnessed this and would like to know if any one else might have seen this particular shaped flying object. I have a sketch I drew up the very next day and would be happy to scan it and send it to you. Thanks for your time."

Reported Sighting? No
Name: Daniel
Location: Missouri City, Tx. 77459
Age: 39


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case609.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.