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Cylindrical object with lights hovers over city park in Seattle, WA

Date: February 10, 2006
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

A cylindrical object, with 3-4 rows of extremely bright spotlights around its perimeter and approximately 50 feet in diameter, only about 500-1000 ft above the ground, with a medium-density, white vapor trail underneath. It was completely silent, and hovered for at least one minute....Seen from a distance of approximately 750 feet.

Source: UFOEvidence.org

Summary: A cylindrical object, with 3-4 rows of extremely bright spotlights around its perimeter, only about 500-1000 ft above the ground, with a medium-density, white vapor trail underneath. It was completely silent, and hovered for at least one minute....Seen from a distance of approximately 750 feet.

Date Reported: 2/11/2006

Sighting Time: Between 5:25 and 5:30 p.m.
Day/Night: Daytime
No. of Witnesses: 1
Duration: Approxmately 1 minute

Appearance/Description of Object(s)

"Cylindrical in shape -- possibly 50' in diameter -- 3 to 4 rows of extremely bright spotlights around its perimeter -- strong vapor trail underneath it (between it and the ground) -- approximately 500-1000 feet above ground level -- hovering without noise -- gone in minutes."

Size of Object(s)

"Possibly 50 feet in diameter....as observed from a distance of about 1000 feet. Height of object obscured by brightness of lights on perimeter."

Description of Area/Surroundings

"This is in a large urban area (Seattle, WA), in the NE area of the city. It was above a small park in this area. We are relative close (approx. 2 miles) from Sandpoint Naval Base, but it is not an active or major base."

Full Description and Details

"This sighting occured at approximately 5:55 p.m. [this has been corrected to between 5:25 and 5:30 p.m.] on February 10, 2006. The object, which appeared to be cylindrical in shape, hovered somewhere between 500 and 1,000 feet above the ground, and for at least one minute. The lights around its perimeter (which were very bright, even in the pre-dusk light) obsured its height, and beneath it was a medium density vapor trail. The trail contained no darkness; it was completely white, as though it was only water vapor (hydrogen fuel?). This was reported to me by my spouse, who is as reliable a witness as anyone, and who called me over to where she had been observing. We went to investigate (perhaps 1-2 minutes after sighting) and it was gone, including the vapor."

"Asking around today, I have spoken to others who saw this object from a great distance (no one saw it as close as my spouse, who was returning home after work, and since it was directly over a park close to our home). Another person saw it from a distance of about 1.8 miles SE of its location. Another person saw a security/military helicopter hurrying toward this location (from closer to downtown Seattle) about 5 minutes after we saw the object. Therefore, I can only guess that others saw it, reported it (probably called 911), and it was immediately investigated by military aircraft, who have a constant presence in our city in recent years. The person I know who saw the military helicopter hurrying in the direction of the object said that the helicopter was black, was a very modern helicopter, and was moving extremely quickly, as though it was rushing somewhere or pursuing something."


I know that the time of its occurance was not at 5:55 p.m., as I had [originally] reported. I talked to my wife about it and we pinpointed it to between 5:25 and 5:30 p.m.

"I saw a neighbor on Saturday whose house is next to the park (and almost directly under) where the object was located. She and another friend were talking, but she did not see the object, because she was in the house. But her friend, who had been walking her dog with her daughter at Warren Magnuson Park, saw an object in the sky to the west of where she was (which is where we are located)."

"The object was seen specifically above the Pinehurst Park (that is located on 14th Ave NE between NE 120th and NE 123rd Streets) in N. Seattle."

"My wife had just gotten off the bus (after coming home from work) and saw it hovering over the park, at what she estimates as 500-1,000' above the ground."

"She could not see the top of the object, or how tall it was, because at such a close distance, the bright lights around the perimeter of the object obscured her vision. However, she did say the lights were like a clear glass, not a cloudy or colored glass, similar to spotlights."

"Between the ground and the object was a strong vapor (like exhaust) trail...which was white (even at that close distance) and appeared to have no exhaust-like, carbon particles. It looked like water vapor, which incidentally is the product of burning hydrogen."

"My wife describes the object as being (from this distance) round (cylindrical), but possibly like saucer-like (again, she could not see the upper part), and appearing to be anywhere from 40-60 feet in diameter. As for color, it seemed to have been silvery-gray, but the lights were the predominant feature for her at such a close distance."

"I saw my wife standing on the corner of 14th Ave NE and NE 120th, looking up in the sky to her right (the north) and I wondered what she was looking at, but I was in an area surrounded by trees, so I couldn't see anything. She came down the hill (about a minute) and told me about it (another minute), and then I ran up the hill (possible 20 seconds) and it was gone. I did not look for remnants of a vapor trail, nor did I see any."

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

"I know of nothing that can hover at that low height with no noise. I know of no aircraft of that shape, or with parallel rows of such powerful spotlights. I know of no aircraft that would have a vapor trail between itself and the ground, white, with absolutely no signs of carbon exhaust."

Witness Background

"My spouse (the witness) is a tax accountant. I am a musician and martial arts instructor, and an author."

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

"I have never really denied nor believed in many of the sightings. My spouse saw this object and she was asking me about all the possible alternative explanations of its appearance and behavior."

Other Comments

"Other people have seen this.....see above....it appears as though military/security (Homeland Security) aircraft may have responded to this, but we have heard nothing."

Reported Sighting? No
Name: Eric Madis
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Age: 52


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case1006.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.