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Large object with windows cruises by house

Date: 1982
Location: National Park Road, Canungra, Australia

"I saw this huge object slowly crusing towards us then past us at eye level. It was very close, about 200 meters away... The part that I could see was like the brim of hat with a row of glowing windows on top of it... It cruised past at the equivalent pace of a car going 15 to 20 kph. It's length was longer than a semi-trailer."

"I decided to draw what we had witnessed." -- witness

Source: AUFORN (Australian UFO Research Network), Australia

National Park Road Canungra, Qld UFO
AUFORN Report - Phyl and Jim Ahearn - 1982

Phyl and Jim Ahearn's sighting at National Park Road, Canungra, Qld
Date: 1982

Time: DUSK The sun had just set behind MT Wetheren but its bright glow was still well above the skyline.

Place of sighting:

"From the verandah for our house, situated on the Eastern range of Canungra Valley. The house is about 300 meters up the slope from the road. It overlooks Canungra creek and National Park Road, with a clear view of approximately three or four kilometers up the valley towards O'Reilly's. Our house faces Mount Wetheren which forms part of the great Western Range of Canungra valley. There is only a limited view looking towards Canungra township because of trees."

The sighting:

"Jim was on the verandah when he noticed bright lights coming down the valley from the direction of O'Reilly's. He watched the lights slowly approaching, thinking it was a plane, until he realized there was no sound. He called to me 'Phyl come quick and have a look at this.' The urgency in his voice made me hurry onto the verandah. From our elevated position on the slop of the hill, I saw this huge object slowly cruising towards us, then passed us at eye level. It was very close, about 200 meters away. It was eerie, because there was no sound, just this huge thing gliding past. I had never seen anything like it. The lower section was well defined but the top was impossible to see because of the glare; it was blinding. I thought at the time, that the glow of the setting sun was reflecting on it."

"The part that I could see was like the brim of a hat with a row of glowing windows on top of it. The light in the window was whiter and more brilliant than any fluorescent light I have ever seen. I cast my eyes along each window to see if there was any figures visible, but there was only glare. I thought there was something unusual about the window; they didn't look right. It cruised past at the equivalent pace of a car going 15 to 20 kph. Its length was longer than a semi-trailer. It was moving in the direction of Canungra Army Camp. It seemed to be following the line of the Canungra Creek and the power lines and the road, which are all in close proximity of each other."

"When it was about to go from our view behind trees, I ran to ring my son who lived on the same property, but his wife answered the phone. I told her to 'look out the window, there's a UFO going past'. She said 'oh! don't put that rubbish in our heads'. She would have had a clear view of the 'thing' if only she had looked out the window. I was going to ring Canungra Police, but I thought "Who would believe me'."

"We didn't have a film for our camera, therefore we have no photo of the object, yet we had plenty of time to take a photo. For months, I thought about what we had seen, so in the end, I decided to draw what we had witnessed. I could draw the 'brim' and the glare section quite easy. When it came to draw the window section, I was stumped; I couldn't work out what was so unusual about them, and why I couldn't draw them. It wasn't until I saw an article on UFO's in the Sunday mail dated 11 August, 1996, did I realize what was unusual about the windows. They were not in a straight line like we are used to seeing on a train or a plane. I had never seen circular windows before. I often wonder if anyone else saw the object that evening, but like me, didn't report it. END


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case621.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.