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Police officer witnesses UFO Chase

According to Pickaway County resident Glen Howard, Circleville has had one of their own UFO chases. Glenn is a retired Circleville police officer. He states that in the fall of 1980, he was driving to the local police station to work the night shift. It was about 10:40 p.m. when Glenn was driving into town on Route 22 from the west. He turned south at the interchange to go toward the west end of Mound Street. When he stopped at the stop sign, he was looking directly south toward Route 23. At that time, he observed an egg-shaped, orange glowing object heading north, approximately 10 feet above Route 23. The object was estimated to be seven to eight feet in length. There were two cruisers chasing the object with their lights flashing. One was a County Sheriff's car and the other was from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. They went past the witness at about 25 feet away, while he waited at the stop sign. The object and cars were traveling at about 60 miles an hour. Startled, Glenn continued on to the police station where he found several police officers (it was shift change) listening to the chase on the police radio. Glenn added confirmation to the chase by telling his fellow officers that he had just observed the incident. Unlike the Ravenna chase, this local one never got the publicity.


Source: http://roundtownufosociety.com/Articles/policechasedufos.htm
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