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UFO follows witnesses home, hovers over driveway
Date: August 20, 1984
Location: Mahopac Falls, New York, United States

Mrs. Irene Lunn, the wife of a policeman, and her daughter Erica were driving home when they saw a large object directly over the pond at the Circle A Farm. The object suddenly made a 90-degree left turn and came slowly towards them. It stayed with them as they reached home, until it was directly over their driveway. About one minute after it started hovering, another UFO came out of the west over the driveway.

Object A side view. (Illustration by Norah Bazzurro, based on the witness' drawing)

Bottom view of Object A. (Illustration by Norah Bazzurro, based on the witness' drawing)

Source: APRO Bulletin, Vol. 32 No. 11 (May 1985)

"Multiple Sightings in New York"

Mrs. Irene Lunn, the wife of a policeman, who lives at Mahopac Falls, New York, has had several sightings of UFOs in her area. Field Investigator Gerry Arena interviewed Mrs. Lunn, and the following report in Mrs. Lunn's own words, with illustrations by Norah Bazzurro, based an Mrs. Lunn's own drawings, comprise a very startling case.

"On August 20, 1984 at 9 p.m., daylight savings time, my daughter Erica and I were driving home from the store. As we approached Deer Trail Drive, I looked to my west and saw a large object directly over the pond at the Circle A Farm on Austin Road in Mahopac. I stopped the car at the corner and noted the time. The object was triangle-shaped with an L-shaped tail piece with one red light, one green light and eight white lights (see drawing). The object was traveling south when suddenly it made a 90-degree left turn and came slowly towards us. I drove home (around the corner) and parked at the top of my driveway. The object stayed with us, however, and I had approximately 25-30 seconds to run into the house and get the binoculars. As I ran out the object was clearing the end of my house and was directly over my driveway. I looked through the binoculars (10X50) and saw it appeared solid and appeared to be metal which was a very dark grey to almost black in color. It maneuvered left again and went across the street over my neighbor's house and hovered for three minutes just before her tree line. I would say it hovered over her back yard."

"About one minute after it started hovering, another UFO came out of the west over my driveway. It traveled slowly and was rectangular in shape with four white lights in each corner. I looked through the binoculars and verified in my mind that it, too, was solid with the same coloring as the UFO (a). It traveled from west to east towards UFO (a) and as it got closer it blocked (a) from my view for approximately five seconds. Then UFO(b) just vanished from sight and UFO(a) was still hovering. Neither UFO made noise —in fact, you could hear the crickets. However, I noticed they seemed to be quieter as this incident took place. In fact, everything seemed to be quieter like there was nothing else except Erica, me and these two objects. After three minutes of hovering UFO came back. Before it started to move, hoever, all its lights went from green to all red - to the original pattern."

"It came back over the driveway traveling east and as it approached I observed through the binoculars a windshield similar to an airplane except you couldn't see in. As it came closer, I was totally permeated with this feeling that it was letting me know that it knew I was watching it. As it passed over the trees, my daughter went totally hysterical and ran into the house. About 30 seconds later it came back over the trees from the west and made another 90 degree turn to the right and proceeded south out of my sight. I remained motionless, going over in my mind the whole incident, and then I came in the house and immediately called Peter Gersten at approximately 9:20 p.m. to report what had happened."

"I just want to say that while this incident took place, I was anxious but at the same time peaceful. The rest of the night I was very elated but for three days following the incident I was verydepressed and "down" and couldn't stop thinking about the whole thing. In fact, even at the writing of this report (September 3, 1984), I still find myself constantly thinking about it and constantly looking into the sky. I would also like to mention that on August 8, 20 and 27, my two-year-old daughter was extremely restless in bed and very awake although she had been asleep."


Source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case359.htm
No infringement intended. For educational purposes only.